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How To Create And Send Email In Windows Live Mail

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Email has become one of the easiest and fastest ways of sending messages today. You can send and receive email messages at real time. Along with your text message, you can also attach images or other files to make things more convenient. Today there a various email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc, that offer you best-in-class services.

Here we are going to discuss how you can send email using Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is a desktop program with some great new ways to manage your email. It’s part of Windows Live Essentials, a free download that also includes Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and other software that helps you do more with Windows 7. Windows Live Mail lets you read, and reply to, your email even when you’re offline. When you’re back online, new email messages will download to your PC, and any messages in your outbox will be sent. That’s cool, isn’t it?

You might have used several email services before. However, Microsoft Windows Live Mail has its own procedures and protocol which may change the way you send email messages. The following Windows Live help instructions will help you gain confidence on using Windows Live Mail.


Open your web browser and navigate to the Windows Live Sign in page. If you already have Windows Live ID, provide your Windows Live ID and password into the respective fields. After this, click Sign In. If you haven’t created a Windows Live account yet, you can create a new Windows Live ID by clicking on the Sign Up button.

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          How to use Windows Live Mail

Once you have logged in, locate the option New Message in the far left hand corner to create and send emails in Windows Live. You can see this option either in the form of a button or appear as a drop-down menu on Windows Live. If you do not see this option, or the email software fails to maximize, you may proceed to the next Step 3.

If you don’t see the New Message option or if it doesn’t maximize, right-click on the taskbar and click on the option Maximize in the Properties menu.

This will bring the New Message option in Windows Live. Click here. Now you can type your email message into the body field and you may include the optional subject and attachments. After you are done with typing your email message, click the Send button in the upper left-hand corner of your Windows Live email screen.

If you need any assistance on using Windows Live Mail, you can go through the Windows Live Help menu or visit Windows Support Center and get needed help.

How To Make Use Of Windows Live Chat Messenger To Take Remote Assistance?

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What if one day you are out of town and your mom rings and complaints that her computer is giving her lot of troubles like a lot of virus pop ups. How do you fix this trouble from a remote location if you cannot make it to home for a few days? We know that there are many types of software available online that help you to take remote access of a computer. However, what if some programs that you make use of each day help you with this process. Now if you have Windows Live chat messenger, you can take remote access of a computer from a remote location. We will find out the how to connect to a remote computer as per the Windows Live help and support guidelines.

Steps Involved

  • If your computer does not have Windows Live Messenger installed, download and install it. You can navigate to Microsoft website, look for Windows Live chat messenger, and click the option to download. Keep in mind that both the computers require this program in order to initiate the remote access. After installing the Messenger program, sign in to your Messenger program and ask the person on the other end to do the same from his Windows Live account.

    Microsoft website

             Features of windows live

  • Ask the person on the other end to choose ‘Tools’ and then the option ‘Ask For Remote Assistance’. This step will send a request to the other person who is ready to assist.
  • Once you receive the invitation, accept it. A confirmation that grants you access to the other computer is to be given by the other user and once this is done, you can view the desktop of the other person.
  • Now seek the permission from other user to get full control. Once you obtain permission from the other user, you can start working on the remote computer. You can work on the remote computer, access all the files in them and troubleshoot the troubles as if you are working on your own desktop. The other person can end the session at any point of time by closing the Windows Live messenger window.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can successfully gain access to a remote computer and work on it. If you find any troubles during the connection, contact Windows Live help center for further assistance.

How To Install Microsoft Office Live Meeting

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Using Windows Live Meeting

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is subscription based web conferencing service or an online meeting space that your organization hosts internally. Using Office Live Meeting one can communicate with their colleagues online, allowing them to collaborate in real-time, even over long distances. Once you have Microsoft Office Live Meeting installed on your computer, you can easily connect to meetings (whether they are hosted on your organization’s servers or on the Microsoft Office Live Meeting service). One can perform various tasks by using Microsoft Office Live Meeting. The meeting attendees can deliver a presentation, kick off a project, edit files, collaborate on whiteboards, and negotiate deals from their personal computer at a fraction of the cost, and without the hassle of travel.

Office Live Meeting is installed on client PCs and uses a central server to which clients connect. With Live Meeting, you have the ability for file sharing, video support and presentations. This is helpful in companies with many different branches that need to communicate with each other. You can install Live Meeting in a few short steps.

The following Windows Live Help instructions will help you to install Office Live Meeting successfully on you r computer.


  • Launch Internet Explorer or any other web browser on your computer and navigate to the Microsoft Office Live Meeting website.
  • Look for the option to download and install the Live Meeting client.

    Live Meeting client

                Microsoft Office suite

  • From the website, locate the button Accept Terms and Install Client and click on it. You will get the File Download dialog box as you click on it.
  • Click the Save File button and select to save the file to your desktop. Click the LMSetup.exe icon on your desktop to start the installation process. Installing Microsoft Live Meeting dialog box opens. Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 has been successfully installed appears on the screen when the installation is finished. It only takes a few minutes to install this program.
  • Click Close to close the dialog box. Microsoft Office Live Meeting is now installed on your computer.
  • Verify the Microsoft Live Meeting installation was successful. Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 and then click Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 to open the program. If the program opens it was successfully installed.

If you want to know more tips on how to use Office Live Meeting, you may visit Windows Live Help menu or visit Microsoft Support Center and make the maximum out of it.

Setting Up Windows Live Or Hotmail Account In Your iPhone

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IPhone helps you to configure your email accounts in it and now, if you have a Hotmail account, we will give you tips on how to configure it on your iPhone. In normal cases, all you need is your email address and password of your email account. IPhone would automatically go online, obtain the settings, and configure your email. However, in some cases this might not work and you may require to verify the settings manually. Before you contact Windows Live chat support to fix the issue, follow the guidelines below and fix the issue for yourself.

Steps Involved

  • Start your iPhone. Find the Mail icon, which is found at the bottom. In the next window, you will find the list of service providers.
  • Next, hit the Other option, then Add Account and this will help you to set up the email on your iPhone. All you need to do is follow the simple commands on screen and add your email address and password.

Now, if you have added your email account and then you are unable to connect to your account, then follow the steps below.

  • Hit Settings. On the Settings window, choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Choose the option Add Account and then select Add Mail Account.
  • Select the Name option and enter your name. Enter the email address carefully near the space Address.
  • Select Next. This step will enable iPhone to go online and verify the settings.
email accounts

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The below steps will help you to verify the settings and correct them if you find them wrong.

  • Choose the Email account setting and then the option Windows Live account.
  • Select Host Name, and then enter
  • Choose SMTP, and enter
  • Select Advanced.
  • Choose On in the Use SSL field.
  • Select Authentication and then the option Password. Enter the password for your email address carefully.
  • Choose Server Port, and enter 995. This is the incoming port number for your email address.
  • Select SMTP and then choose the option SMTP Live. Select Server Port and enter 587. This is the outgoing port number of your email address.

Once you finish the above steps, try to send a test mail and verify if it is successful. However, if the above steps did not help you to fix the troubles with your email, then contact Windows Live chat support to troubleshoot the issue.

Push IO Support For Windows 8 OS

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Windows Live Help

You would have heard of Push IO, which is one among the best push notification providers. “Push notifications for Windows Store apps give apps a powerful way to stay fresh and engage users”, opines Mr. John Richards, the senior director of Microsoft Corp., for Windows app marketing. You can get more help from Windows Live Help about the operating system and the services offered.

All about Push IO

Push IO was founded in the year 2009 and it was based in the city of Boulder in Colorado, United States of America. This amazing push notification service presently powers many of the widely used apps in the following fields:

  • Sports
  • Broadcast
  • Entertainment publishers

This push notification provider has successfully delivered over nine billion push notifications already.

Push IO serves a wider audience with the SaaS offered; this better class of Push IO includes:

  • Game publishers
  • Independent developers

This Microsoft venture provides users a great tool to take advantage of features such as live tiles. The other features are the listed ones:

  • Toasts
  • Advanced segmentation along with query logic
  • App analytics
  • Location
  • Real-time engagement tracking

Push IO officially supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, which again makes it open for a wider section of audience.

Looking into the price and availability aspects of Push IO

In the official website, you could avail a free one-month trial package of Push IO easily. Did you know Push IO offers two simple models with flexible prices? You could choose the best suiting your requirements; they seem to have a great flexible selection process. The models available are the following:

  1. Per user- This is for those who need unlimited push services.
  2. Per push- This is mainly focused for those who want to make the payment as they go.

    Windows Phone 8

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You could easily download the necessary items like

  • Push IO manager SDK for Windows 8
  • Documentation required
  • Integration APIs

This is available on the Push IO support site for you to download.

It is assuring to hear that the push notification provider is made compatible with the latest Windows 8 OS.  Hope you don’t mess up by trying out new updates launched by Microsoft Windows; any doubts could easily be cleared off with 24/7 support offered from Windows Live Help.

Fix Issues With Live Messenger Menu Bar

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Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging client from Microsoft that allows users to have real-time conversation with people who are online. This messenger service come default with Windows operating system, using which users can instantly send and receive instant messages. Besides the chat messages, you can also have free live voice and video calls. If Live Messenger is not available on your computer, you can download the application free from the Microsoft Official website.

Your Live Messenger comes with default and easy access to its settings through the Menu bar to fix any problem that may arise. The Menu bar also allows you to access advanced settings in the program and fix and issues with the program display. Sometimes, problems may occur with the Live Messenger Menu bar itself and you need to install the latest version of the program to fix the issue.

Sometimes you might be required to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the program to fix the issue. Follow the below mentioned Windows Live Chat support instructions to troubleshoot the problem.

Instructions to fix issues with Live Messenger Menu bar

  • Go to the Start menu or directly hit the Windows button on your keyboard and click on the Programs icon in the Start menu. The Programs window will open up on the screen and click on the option marked as Programs and Features.
  • In the Programs and Features window, a list of programs that are already installed on the computer will be displayed. Navigate through the program list and click on the program icon labeled as Windows Live Messenger.
  • Once the selected program is highlighted by a single click, move to the top of the screen and click on the button marked as Uninstall. Click on the OK button to confirm the selection.

    Live Messenger Menu Bar

       Live Messenger Menu Bar Settings

  • Open your web browser and go to the Windows Live Messenger homepage. Click on the download link to download and install the Windows Live Chat program on your computer. This will fix the existing problem with the program menu bar.

If you face with further problem while executing the steps shared above, you can contact the Windows Live Chat support team for more help. The support executives will ensure fast and effective solutions to any problem that may exist.

Fix Error Code 8004882e In Windows Live Messenger

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Today we have different chat services that allow you to instantly communicate with your dear and near ones. As compared to earlier, modern day chat services have come a long way in integrating many new features and tools. One such service is the Windows Live Messenger service, which incorporates many useful features like video and audio chat, photo sharing, etc, along with the basic text chat. Windows Live Messenger comes as a part of Windows Live Essentials suite. In order to use the Live Messenger service, you need to have a Windows Live ID that will help you login to the Windows Live account.

Though Windows Live Messenger is a very easy-to-use messenger service, sometimes you might encounter some issues like unexpected error codes and messages. This can result in login failures and application instability, preventing you from using the messenger service.

Here we will discuss about a common error code that you might encounter while using Windows Live Messenger service and its fix. Following are the Windows Live chat support instructions that will help you solve the problem.

Troubleshooting Error Code 8004882E

  • When Windows Live Messenger has issues within the service, it reports error using cryptic number references. One such common error that you will come across is Error code 8004882E. As a normal user, one might be perplexed to see such an error code as it doesn’t directly convey any hint to what exactly the problem is.
  • Don’t get confused when you see such an error code on your computer screen. Usually Live Messenger shows this error code when a user tries to sign in using an incorrect username or password. The user might have accidentally typed in a wrong password or have forgotten the login credentials. This is when live messenger displays such an error code.

    Error Code 8004882E

           Windows Live Messenger

  • Users who use fingerprint readers may also get this error code when the device they use has some issues.
  • When Live Messenger reports this error code, indicating about the wrong password, you can try to retrieve the password by answering the security question asked at the time of login. If this doesn’t work, Microsoft will attempt to send you the lost information to the alternate email address which you had provided. If you are so sure that the password information you provided is correct, Windows will help to download an updated version of the Live messenger program to fix the issue. If you are using the fingerprint reader, try to manually login and see if it fixes the issue.

If nothing works, get Windows Live chat support from Microsoft Support Center and get your problem fixed quickly.

About The Windows Live Call Feature In Windows Messenger

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About Windows live call feature

Windows Live messenger has been one of the very popular chat applications available for Windows OS users. The Windows Messenger service is the online networking and chat service to which the Windows Live Messenger application can be used to access. For any difficulties with establishing a connection to the Windows Messenger Network, you can contact the Windows Live support online.

The Windows Live Messenger contains many options to help you connect with others online. One of them is the Windows Live Call. This feature allows you to make voice calls to the other person on the Windows Messenger network or to his phone number.

Using the Windows Live Call feature in Windows Messenger

The Windows Live Call option allows you to connect to someone live. Here is how you can use the Windows Live Call function in the Windows Live Messenger.

  • Go to the Windows Live Messenger main window. Go to the ‘Menu’ tab to find the ‘Actions’ option. From the different options given there, select ‘Call’.
  • As already mentioned you can contact someone online or get connected to his phone line. You have to make this choice by selecting the ‘Call a computer’ option for connecting to one of your friends’ computer using the Windows Live Messenger.
  • The Windows Live Call wizard will then ask you to select one of the contacts to which you have send the invitation for a Windows Live Call. Select one of the contacts from the Contacts list and wait for the friend to log on to begin the conversation.

    start the conversation

    Contact Windows Messenger support

  • Alternatively, you can contact the same person on his phone. Instead of the ‘Call a computer’ option, select the ‘Call a Contact’s Phone’ option. Choose the person you want to call from the contact’s list and press ‘OK’. On the other side, the person will receive the call and you can start the conversation as soon as he picks up the phone.
  • It is also possible to contact and start a Windows Live Call with someone whose contact information is not present in the Contacts list. This is possible by selecting the ‘Call a Phone’ option on the Windows Live Call wizard. This will launch the phone dialler menu. Simply type in the phone number of your friend and press ‘Call’.

This very convenient feature can be used to make phone calls as well as online calls with your friends. If you fail to do so, you should contact the Windows Live support for a solution.

Quick Steps To Disable The Windows Live Toolbar

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Although toolbars are designed to help users to do multi-tasks while using browsing online, they can cause browser errors some times and spoil your day. Disabling unnecessary toolbars, you can make your browser experience smoother.

Windows Live Toolbar is one of the commonly used toolbars. Using this toolbar in Bing Search engine, users can look for video contents or images online. However, many users have reported that they are facing browser errors owing to Windows Live Toolbar. At such scenarios, you can disable Windows Live Toolbar and save your browser from further errors and conflicts.

Windows Live Toolbar is an add-on designed for Internet Explorer browser. If you want to disable it, you can do it directly from the built in add-on management tool in Internet Explore. Windows Live Help topics cover all guidelines and instructions related to Windows Live Toolbar. If you do not wish to keep this add-on at all, you have the option to remove it from the browser also.

Follow the below instructions to disable or remove the Windows Live Toolbar from your browser.


  • Navigate to the Start menu and click on Internet Explorer from the drop-down menu.
  • Locate your cursor towards the top of the window and click on Tools menu. Select Manage Add-ons. This will launch the Add-on utility. Locate All Add-ons option below the show and select it. You will be able to see all the add-ons in your Internet Explorer browser.
  • Locate Windows Live Toolbar and highlight it. Click on the Disable button now. Once the add-on is disabled, close the window and browser.

    Commonly used toolbars

            Disabling Windows Toolbar

  • Re-launch the browser and check if the add-on is disabled. In most cases, it will be disabled.

In case you want the add-on removed completely from your browser, you can permanently delete it. Follow the below steps to completely remove it from your browser.


  • Navigate to the Start button and click on it. Click on Control Panel from the drop-down menu. Wait till the window is fully loaded, and displays all programs installed in your PC. Now locate the Windows Live Toolbar from the programs window and highlight it. Select Remove or Uninstall in order to execute the uninstall wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions uninstall Windows Live Toolbar.

The article should have been informative to you in disabling Windows Live Toolbar. For further queries on the same, visit the Windows Live Help topics online.