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Expiry Date For Windows Games

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Microsoft Windows have always introduced so many awesome computer games into the market. And most of them were such huge hits and admired by millions of players. It’s not surprising that Microsoft games are fully loaded with amazing gaming features. This is one major reason why Windows games always stand a class apart from the rest of the lot. Over the years Microsoft have built up a great reputation in the field of computer gaming. Most of the games were highly successful and later were made into Hollywood blockbusters. The best part is that many Microsoft games can be played online. If at all, you face issues while playing games you can use Windows Live help.

Windows calls back free version of Age of Empires

Recently a Microsoft official announced the expiry date of ‘Age of Empires’ free version.  He very clearly mentioned that July 1, 2014 would be the last date till the game is freely available on the net. Furthermore, he said Microsoft would always strive to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy an ultimate Windows/PC gaming experience. The company will do all necessary things to make sure it’s happening.

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        Windows PC gaming experience

The news is quite disappointing for people who really loved playing the online free game. The main reason was they could play it free rather than buying the game from gaming stores. But there is still time till the expiry date and the adherent game fans can continue to play their favorite game till July 1, 2014. This means they still have a time frame of ten and half months.  However there is absolutely nothing to worry since the gaming corporate giant clearly said that it would extend all the support required for the games that are available on Windows Live portal. Gamers can search and play other free online games too.

Henceforth gaming fans of ‘Age of Empires’ will have to buy the original version of the game. They can also switch to other games like ‘Dark Souls’ which is heavily loaded with fun and adventure. It’s also a great game, which is becoming so popular among hardcore computer gamers. Microsoft is always updating its online gaming interface to make the gamers get an offbeat gaming experience. This is one major reason why millions of people love to play Windows games by Microsoft. And Windows Live help is always there to provide a top notch gaming feel that you can enjoy.

How To View The Timeline In Windows Live Movie Maker

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              Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is used to create movies on Windows Operating Systems. It provides tools for video capture, editing and sharing. You can use your own photos, videos and music files, and add them as effects to your movie projects. The Windows Live Movie Maker timeline is different than its predecessor. It takes you only a few minutes to learn and get adjusted to the new timeline. Windows Live help provides step-by-step instructions on the various other features of the app.


  • Open Windows Live Movie Maker.
  • Click the Movie Maker icon on the top left side of the screen.
  • Click Import from Device top import from a Digital Camera or any other device.
  • Add files from your hard drive by clicking on the white space to the right of the main window and selecting Add Videos and Photos.
  • Repeat the previous step until you have added each film segment that you require on the timeline, for editing.
  • The right side of the screen is used as the timeline. Drag and drop the video stills you want to add to the timeline, to the right.
  • The timeline is visual-based as opposed to the one that came before, which was ordered and number-based.
  • Move the video stills around in the timeline to reorganize them.
  • Right clicking on a video element will allow you to edit the video element further.


                          Windows 7

  • Select Set Start Point or Set End Point to cut off pieces for easier use in the timeline. You can also use split to cut a segment at your cursor, to select each timeline piece individually.

The above are the various steps for creating a movie by using the Windows Live Movie Maker. The Windows Live help teams have got a plethora of information about various other effects and awesome tricks you can use, on the Windows Live Movie Maker application. To get more familiarized with the timeline I would suggest exploring it by clicking on the different video elements, and editing them. If you’ve used those, you will realize that this timeline is a great improvement over the ones that were there in the earlier versions. If you have any more problems with the Windows Live Movie Maker do not hesitate to visit this site. Also, you can contact Microsoft support for more information regarding your issues.

Microsoft Announces POP3 Support For Hotmail Users

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Most of the email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo allow their users to configure their emails on various Email clients. However, Microsoft has not enabled this feature for its Windows Live Hotmail account users. By configuring your emails on any of the email clients, you can download your emails to your desktop or mobile phone. This feature helped users to check their downloaded emails even when they did not have a connection to the internet. Now, if you have a Hotmail account, you could not configure it on any of your email clients. Many users found the lack of this feature as a drawback for Hotmail accounts. Many others even migrated to other email service providers due to the lack of this facility.

However, in the most recent announcement, Microsoft has made it clear that it has enabled POP3 support for all its Windows Live users. Until now, users with Windows Live Hotmail account could not configure their emails on various email clients. However, with Windows Live support of POP3, you can now configure your emails on your Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email client and download the emails from the web server to your computer or mobile phone.


The settings on your email client to add your Windows Live account is similar to other webmail services. The POP3 server address is ‘’ The incoming port number is 995. Be sure to check mark the option ‘SSL required’. The username is your Windows Live email address. An example is ‘’. Type the password for your hotmail account in the next field for ‘Password’. The outgoing server address is You can choose either 25 or 587 as the outgoing port number. Do not forget to check the option ‘Authentication Required’ for improved security features.

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With the POP3 support in offer, more and more users have started to configure their Windows Live accounts in their email clients. Microsoft began the Windows Live support for POP3 during February in the year 2008. Later, Microsoft announced that they would offer this support to all Hotmail users. Now, with the new announcement, Microsoft has allowed all Hotmail users to configure their emails on various email clients.

However, many believe that Microsoft could have offered IMAP support in place of POP3. Even though POP3 is quite famous among the users, IMAP has a lot more features while comparing both the protocols.

The Many Things You Can Do With Windows Live Messenger

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    About the Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Messenger is a very popular application that allows the users to chat with other users online. It is very easy to start an account with the Windows Live network. Once you have an account set up, you can use it for initiating a chat or a call with anyone online, who is using Windows Live Messenger application. Microsoft also provides excellent Windows Live help services to solve any of the technical problems the users might be experiencing when dealing with any of the Microsoft Software applications.

About the different features in the Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Messenger can be used mainly for messaging and chatting. But, there are many other features and functions available in the Windows Live Messenger that the account holders can make use of.

Using a Web cam

One of the main functions in the Windows Live Messenger is the option to make a video call. It is very easy to attach a web cam and use it to make a video call using the Windows Live Messenger function. Once you have successfully attached the device, the web cam icon would appear on the application. You could use this option to launch the web cam function in the Windows Live Messenger application.

You also need to use a microphone to record the audio of the conversation. In order to actually have a video call, the other person should also have a web cam and microphone installed and ready. If this is so, then your invitation for the video call can be successfully reciprocated with a video message from the other person.

The Windows Live Messenger now supports even HD video calls depending upon the speed of your internet connection. For any problems with setting up a video call in the Windows Live Messenger application, you can contact the Windows Live help services.

Record the audio

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Another interesting feature in the Windows Live Messenger application is the option to play an online game with an opponent connected through the Windows Live Messenger. There is a collection of games available in the Windows Live Messenger to choose from. You can select one of these and send an invitation to one of your contacts. Once he accepts the invitation, you can start the game.

These are some of the features available in the Windows Live Messenger. Do check them out.

How To Disable Automatic Starting Up Of Windows Live Messenger

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     Windows Live Messenger

Users of the Windows Operating Systems, such as Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, can avail the utility package called the Windows Live Essential Package. This package consists of a number of web applications from Microsoft, which users can run on the Windows platform.

Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging application which comes packed into the Windows Live Essentials. You can download this application individually from the official website of Microsoft, or get it along with Windows Live Essentials, which is also downloadable from Microsoft’s website. Usually, this application is preinstalled in new machines. When you turn on your machine, Windows Live Messenger starts up automatically. Despite its usefulness, many find it automatic starting up, as annoying. However, Windows live help offers steps to disable the automatic starting up of this application, or to completely remove this application from your PC.

Instructions to disable automatic starting up

  • Launch Windows Live Essentials.
  • Navigate to the Help icon in Windows Live Essentials and press on it.
  • Select the option titled Show the Menu Bar and click on Tools and the Options subsequently.
  • Go to the tab named Sign In and click on it.
  • Uncheck the option that says Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows.
  • Press on the OK button so as to the save the changes you have made in the settings.
  • Restart your machine to check whether Windows Live Messenger is starting up automatically. You are not likely to be bothered from the Windows Live Messenger automatically starting up.
  • In case you want to remove the application completely from the machine, go to the next step.

Instructions to remove messenger

  • Navigate to Add/Remove Programs in your XP or Vista running machine. (Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs). Alternatively, type appwiz.cpl in the search field, and click OK to directly go to Add/Remove Programs.

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                               Microsoft Windows

  • Wait until the list of all applications and programs installed in your machine is displayed.
  • Browse through the list and locate Windows Live Essentials.
  • Select Windows Live Essentials and press on the button titled Uninstall.
  • Press on Continue.
  • A window with a list of programs from Windows Live Essentials will be displayed now.
  • Highlight Messenger from the list and press on Continue. This will uninstall Messenger from your machine.

You have been successful in disabling or removing Windows Live Messenger from your PC. In case of any further concerns pertaining to Windows Live Essentials, contact Windows Live Help.

Setting Up An Exchange Server With Windows Mail

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You might be familiar with the Home and Office products from Microsoft. These include software that’ll let you do anything and everything that can be done sitting at the comfort of your home. But when it comes to products and services that need to cover thousands of computers, only servers can do the job. Microsoft Exchange Server is a server that helps to handle multiple mail services, and is commonly used in offices, companies, and corporate or other organizations, which involve more computers. The administrator sends an email address, a password, and mail server information to the user of Microsoft Exchange. Only entering this information into the email program can a person send and receive emails in Windows Mail. You can contact Windows Live Support for setting up the Exchange server, or follow the instructions given below to send and receive email.


  • Open Windows Mail. Now select the Start button on the desktop, and select All Programs, and then choose the Windows Mail icon.
  • Select Tools, from the top menu bar.
  • Choose Accounts and click New. Now a new window will open, asking the type of service that you prefer. You can click on E-mail Account icon and select Next.
  • You can type in the display name. This would be the name that your recipients would see when they receive your email message. You can provide your first and last name to make it look professional, and click Next.
  • Give your Exchange email address. This would be the email address provided by the ISP, or your employer. Provide the email address and click Next.
  • Choose the type of email server. It will be provided to you by the ISP, and most often the server type will be POP3.

    Mail server information

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  • Provide the Exchange Server’s incoming mail server. This could be the name that was chosen by the administrator who have created your email address, or you can give it as
  • Next to My outgoing server requires authentication, put a check mark. Now click Next and then again click Next.
  • Provide your username for Exchange Server. This would be the same as your email address.
  • Give the password provided to you by the administrator who has created the email address. Put a tick mark near Remember My Password.
  • Click the Finish button and you will be taken to the inbox where you can click the Send/Receive icon to connect to the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Following the above instructions will help you to set up Microsoft Exchange Server with Windows Mail. If you have any concerns, please contact Windows Live Support for assistance.

Resolving Some Of The Windows Live Messenger Errors

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     The Windows Live Messenger features

Windows Live Messenger is a very useful chat application available for the Windows OS users. It uses the Windows Live network service to enable a chat connection between two Windows OS users. Though it works similar to any other chat application when it comes to its functioning and features, it stands out for many reasons. You can use the Windows Live help feature to figure out how to establish a connection between the Windows Live Messenger service and other third party messenger services.

Taking care of some of the Windows Live Messenger errors

Like many other Microsoft applications and programs, the Windows Live Messenger also has its share of problems. Many of the errors and glitches of the Windows Live Messenger application have been corrected with release of the latest versions and other updates. Let us look at some of the common problems associated with Windows Live Messenger and how to go about fixing them.

Getting the web cam set up and going in the Windows Live Messenger

One of the common complaints that I have heard coming from the Windows Live Messenger users is the inability to successfully connect their webcams to the Windows Live Messenger for a live chat. This simple error can be very easily corrected by running a diagnostic test. Here is how.

Run the tests

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First, you have to go to the Tools menu on the Windows Live Messenger main toolbar. There you would find the Audio and Video Setup option. Click on this to launch the wizard. On the wizard, select the ‘Run the Diagnostic tests’ option. The wizard will now run the tests and will let you know if there are any errors.

If the test results indicate no errors, close the wizard and go back to the Windows Live Messenger main toolbar. There, again in the Tools menu, select ‘Options’. On the Options wizard, select the Personal options tab. There you would find the Webcam option that says, ‘Allow others to see that I have a webcam’. You should then save these options and exit.

Now, try to initiate a web cam live chat online. It should work without any hitch. However, if you encounter any more troubles with the web cam, I suggest you contact the Windows Live help services online. They might be able to help you with the problem.

Errors That Pop Up In A Voice Chat

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                Windows Live Technical Support

What role does voice chat play in communication process? Communication is defined as a process of passing information from a source to a receiver, through a carrier. We learn about voice chat, which is an advanced gift to communication. This is a cheap and easy way to connect with anyone, anywhere through voice chat with a proper internet connection. Accessories or computer peripherals like Microphone and appropriate software might be needed to ensure voice chatting. If you encounter any errors associated with voice chat in Windows, contact Windows live technical support team to clarify your doubts. There are different chat applications availing voice chat and when a new one comes into market, some new features get added on to it.

Voice chat in other words is an activity that engages two users located close or far away to communicate using microphones, with the help of internet connection. Text chatting wouldn’t complete the desires to stay in touch with your dear ones or for business communications. Voice chat with or without video enabled, suiting the situations is crucial nowadays for an effective communication. Plenty of free programs are available that support voice chat and the widely used ones include Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, GTalk… Windows live technical support can help you solve an issue that pops up with your voice chat, if you have a Windows computer. The following guidelines will fix your voice chat problems to a great extent.


The connections through cables as well as network need to be secured to ensure a break-less voice chatting experience.

Computer peripherals

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  • Microphone should be properly connected to your computer; the cables have to be plugged in intact. The cable running into the computer mic port from the microphone has to be securely plugged in.
  • Make sure by mistake, Mic In input for sound card is not muted. To check this, you should click on the volume icon located on the right side of the Windows toolbar twice. There shouldn’t be check mark on the Mute option box lying next to the column named Microphone.
  • Check to see if the internet connection is proper. Voice chat demands an uninterrupted internet connection to ensure continuous communication. Reset internet modem by plugging out the cable and check for any connectivity related problems.

Hope you have a trouble-less voice chat set now on with the instructions mentioned in this article. Seek further help from Windows live technical support, if the problems persist.

Resetting Password For Windows Live Account

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     Windows Live account

Windows Live suite or Windows Essentials is a pack that offers tools to help users create movies, share pictures, organize mail and many more things. The Windows Essential pack includes Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker, and Family Safety, to help users in almost every sector of computing.

While setting up a Windows Live account, users are required to create a username and password. This information is required to be provided if users with Windows Live accounts want to access their email. However, if the password is lost, it could be easily reset by submitting a request to the Windows Live support center. Windows Live would reset the password once the identity verification process is completed. The process includes three password reset methods, and you can choose either of them to change the password and create a new one. Follow the below given set of instructions to reset your Windows Live account password.

Steps to follow

  • Start your computer and open the internet browser on your computer. Go to the Windows Live Solution Center website and click on the Sign In link.
  • Opt for the Forgot your password present beneath the Password box.
  • Type your Windows Live user ID in the required area, and enter the CAPTCHA security code accurately, as shown in the image. Select Continue button to move on.
  • You will be required to verify your account. Choose one of the options provided for the purpose in the next window. You can answer to the security question and verify your account, or have a verification link sent to your alternate email account as set earlier with the Windows Live account.

    Windows Essential pack

         Windows Essentials

  • After the verification process is successful, you would be directed to a password reset page to change your password.
  • Choose the options available to answer the desired security question. Provide the details of your location and answer the security question to open the password reset page.
  • Provide the option to use an alternate email address and give the required details. A password reset link would be sent to the entered email id.
  • Go to the email account and select the link as received in the mail. You would be then directed to the password reset page.
  • Provide your Windows Live ID and create a new password for the account. Retype the password and select Continue.

You can now use the new password to log into your account in the future. Contact the Windows Live support staff through the ‘Account Password Recovery’ page to retrieve the old password.