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Choosing Between Windows 7 Home Basic & Home Premium

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Windows 7 is one of the latest and most popular operating systems from Microsoft. It has been lately reported that most users who want to make an upgrade from Windows XP prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8 owing to many of its user-friendly features and extensive Windows 7 help options.

Windows 7 has six different editions namely Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Among these editions, Home Basic and Home Premium are the most popular ones. As the name indicates, Windows 7 Home Basic is the simplest edition with fundamental features. Microsoft has restricted the availability of this edition in selected regions in the world where the market for Windows operating systems is in the process of emergence. India, Brazil, and China are some of the countries that belong to these selected regions.

In this article, let us have a closer look at the features of Home Basic and Home Premium editions and try to figure out their major differences.

Home Group

Home Group is an added feature in Windows 7 that helps you form a network with multiple Windows 7 computers. Computers that are connected via Home Group network are capable of sharing files and internet connection. Data transferring between computers on the network is rather faster. While Windows 7 Home Basic allows you to connect to only an existing Home Group, Windows 7 Home Premium does not bear this limitation. Users are free to set up or manage an entirely new Home Group Network in their Windows 7 Home Premium running machine.

Windows Media Centre

Windows 7 is featured with an advanced software entertainment system called Windows Media Centre. Using this feature, users can stream movies or music files, or watch internet television channels from other systems connected together via Home Group. Microsoft has incorporated Windows Media Centre feature with Windows 7 operating systems starting from Windows Home Premium. Obviously, you cannot expect this feature on Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic.

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Other major advantages that Windows 7 Home Premium enjoys over Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic include Windows Touch and Multiple-Monitor support. However, both these editions enjoy equal right of accessibility to Windows 7 help.

Apparently, if you are looking forward to enjoy features like Windows Touch and Windows Media Centre, you should go for Windows 7 Home Premium rather than Home Basic. If you have further questions regarding the differences between Home Basic and Home Premium, contact Windows 7 help centre.

Steps To Obtain Valuable Help From Tech Support

Windows live technical support

     Windows live technical support

You would get extremely angry when some issue pops up that keeps you from continuing or sometimes even accessing your work. If your computer crashes when you were transferring money online or sending mail or something likewise important, these are some of the things you should consider doing.

  • Initially, before you choose to contact tech Windows live technical support or any tech support, try to soothe yourself with a cup of coffee, or take a little walk. You would find yourself much more calm and reasonable.
  • Before calling, you can yourself try some trouble shooting techniques. Then, you can also gather certain information such as the account number, software version, serial number, computer model, warranty information, and then error information – the first things that your tech support executive would probably ask.
  • Then, you need to find the best number to call. Whenever you search on a company’s website or materials, you are bound to find a general number. When you call this number, you will probably be required to press in many choices on an automated menu.
  • It is very important that you have quite enough time to spend on the conversation, because, many calls to tech support can take up to an hour or even more, with hold times, and the actual fixing of the issue.
  • You need to set up Windows live technical support or any other tech support appointment, if you can possibly do so. For avoiding wait times, many companies schedule an appointment time convenient for both parties.
  • It is available and possible for you to use automated message shortcuts to get to a tech support representative more quickly.

    trouble shooting techniques

             How to get valuable tech support

  • You can ask for a call back number as well as a case number. In case you get through to a tech support executive, you can ensure that there will be notes on your conversation.
  • Now, the important thing is that you be reasonable. You should be mentally prepared to work with the representative to find the answer. We would have the urge to say, “Please fix it soon”, but this is obviously not a reasonable thing to expect every time.

It is better if you are specific and you coherently articulate the problem that you need get fixed.

Remove Ask Toolbar From Your Internet Browsers And Computer

Remove Ask toolbar

     Uninstall Ask Toolbar

Most of you might be familiar with toolbars. A toolbar can be very helpful in accessing different services without the troubles of entering the website address or opening the search engines. However, you may not be as annoyed with the Ask toolbar as you might be with many other toolbars. This is because it has comparatively less number of features than other toolbars, which are installed without your knowledge.

Steps Involved

So, how can you remove Ask toolbar, if needed? In this post, we will help you remove this toolbar from your computer and from the various browsers.

From Windows XP

  • Go to the option Start and select Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel window, choose the option Add or Remove Programs.
  • In the window for Add or Remove Programs, you will see the Ask Toolbar listed. Select it and choose the option Remove. This will uninstall Ask toolbar from your computer.

From Windows Vista

  • Navigate to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • In the Control Panel, choose the option Programs and then Uninstall a Program. Select Ask Toolbar from the list and click the Uninstall button. This will remove the toolbar from your computer.

From Mozilla Firefox Version 1.5

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox and choose the option Tools.
  • Choose the option Extensions.
  • The above step will give you the list of toolbars in your computer.
  • Choose Ask toolbar from the list and then select Uninstall.
  • Close the browser and then launch it again. You will find that the Ask Toolbar has been removed from the browser.

From Mozilla Firefox Version 2.0

  • Launch the browser and select Tools.
  • Choose the option Add-ons and this will show you the toolbars in the browser.
  • Locate Ask toolbar and choose Uninstall.
  • Restart the browser and you will no longer find the toolbar in it.

From Internet Explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer browser and select Tools.

    technical support

             Delete Ask Toolbar

  • Locate and select the option Manage Add-ons.
  • The above step will open Manage Add-ons window.
  • Click the first option Toolbars and Extensions in the left pane and this will take you to the list of toolbars in the browser.
  • Choose Ask Toolbar and click the option Disable.
  • Restart Internet Explorer.

We hope that the above mentioned steps have helped you to remove Ask toolbar from your computer. For further assistance on toolbar issues, you may contact our technical support team.

Finding Out If Someone Has Blocked You On MSN


Windows Live messenger

With the advent of the internet and messenger services, chatting has become much easier nowadays. A lot of messenger services flourish the market and they are designed to help people communicate with one another by means of text, voice and video chat. In the earlier days, chatting was confined only via text. But as time progressed, voice and video chat emerged.

One such chatting service that provides the service of efficient chatting is the Windows Live messenger. By signing up for the free account and downloading the messenger, you can add your contacts and start the wonderful task of chatting. In the Windows Live messenger, there is a provision for blocking people. Someone can easily block you using the various features available. By following the below provided Windows Live chat support guidelines, you can check if someone has blocked you in MSN.


  • One way of checking whether a person has blocked you is by confirming from another Live user who has the same person as a contact. This will let you see if the person who you think has blocked you is signed in. Now when you have signed in, if the Live user says that the other person has also signed in and if you are not able to see the person in your contacts list, then the most probable answer for not being able to see the person in the contacts list is because the person has blocked you.
  • In another Windows Live account, add the person as a contact. After signing in to the new account, check whether the person is online and if the person is, sign in to your original account and in your contacts list, check if the person is present. If the person is not found in the contacts list, then that person has blocked you in the original account.
  • The Windows Live groups to which both of you belong has to be checked. The online status of the users will be shown in the user list unless one has not set the status as invisible. If you think that the person has blocked you is having an online status and you are not able to view the person in your contacts list, it means that the person has blocked you.


    Windows Live groups

By following these Windows Live chat support guidelines, you can know whether someone has blocked you on messenger. If you have any doubts regarding the guidelines, you can contact our customer support center.

Microsoft Reached $300bn Valuation With The Release Of Surface And Xbox

Upgrade to Windows 8

     Windows 8

With the release of the new Surface tablets and the Xbox gaming center, Microsoft crossed the $300 billion barrier, shattering reviews of industry analysts. According to the latest reports from Microsoft, the company’s earnings per share now stands at a whopping $0.62 and the annual revenue stands at $18.5 billion for the first quarter of the fiscal year. These figures are more than what the business analysts had predicted. To be precise, the ESP is 15 percent more and revenue is 4.1 percent more than the industry consensus.

Even though one could say that this is a great milestone for the software development company, the company is still behind its archrivals Google and Apple in case of total valuation. Majority of computer users upgrade to Windows 8 these days, making it one of the most popular operating system available now. The rapid increase in the shares and revenue of Microsoft is mainly due to the fact that many want to get a piece of the Windows 8 OS through the Surface tablets. This increased sale also increases the revenue of the company, making the market share price of the company to increase by more than 7%.

Windows 8 OS

        upgrade to Windows 8.1

The company also holds cash reserves of about $80 billion that is more than both Apple’s and Google’s combined. The company is absolutely in a safe position and there is nothing to be worried about Steve Ballmer leaving the company. One could say that the share traders are not at all worried about Ballmer leaving the firm as share trades boosted in the past quarter greatly. This was mainly possible by the acquisition of Nokia Devices and Business division from the Finland based mobile phone maker, the release of the Xbox One, second generation Surface tablets and upgrade to Windows 8 operating system by many consumers.

The release of the new advanced Windows 8.1 operating system greatly helped in the number of upgrade to Windows 8 based operating systems. The only area in which Microsoft recorded a slight loss or decline is in the OEM revenue, which decreased by seven percentage. However, we can hope that the OEM revenue will increase in the second quarter as the sales of the new version of the Surface tablets and the Windows 8.1 Pro versions are in great demand in the market.

The company also attained about hundred percent growth in the cloud service sector with its cloud storage service- SkyDrive.

Change The Startup Settings For Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Messenger chat application is designed to help you stay connected to friends and colleagues online. Over the years, Microsoft has provided improved versions and excellent Windows Live technical support for its chat application users.

Windows Live technical support

Ask Windows Live*  Messenger

Some of the users have found the starting up of the Windows Live Messenger during the system start-up as annoying, as this slows it down. However, it is important that the Windows Live Messenger be launched during system start-up, and run in the background so that you remain logged on all the time. Only then would you be able to receive chat invitations from your friends.

How to turn off the start-up function of the Windows Live Messenger

If the Windows Live Messenger running in the background is slowing down your system, you can the close the application. You can also turn off the auto start-up option, without having to contact the Windows Live technical support for it.

It is indeed very to change the start-up option for the chat application. Just follow these instructions.

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel and click on the Administrative Tools option. From the list of Administrative Tools displayed, select the Services option.
  • This would launch the Windows Services Tool wizard that displays all the services that are present in the Windows OS. The wizard would display all the services, their status, their start-up setting and the log-on setting.
  • Click on the Start-up setting and change it to Disabled from Automatic and save these changes.
Skype chat application

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Now, when you restart the system, the Windows Live Messenger would not be launched automatically. You need to realise that the Windows Live Messenger would no longer be running in the background as it did before. This means that you would have to launch the application manually and log on to it.

In other words, you would not receive any chat messages or video call invitations from your friends, since Windows Live Messenger is Disabled, and your status would be displayed to them as offline. If you want to change these settings later, you can go back to the same Windows Services Tool and change the Start-up setting from Disabled to Automatic.

After acquiring the Skype chat application in 2011, Microsoft has started to use it as the default chat application in all its products including the soon-to-be-released Xbox One.

Bluetooth Transfer Setup On Windows

Windows 8 transfer

              Enable Windows 8 Transfer

Nowadays, we use our computers, smart phones and other gadgets to share and save numerous audio files, video files, pictures etc. with our friends and family. This is mainly done with the help of a Bluetooth file transfer device.

Windows 8 is one of the latest and the best operating systems from the house of Microsoft.  Like all previous Microsoft OS versions, Windows 8 operating system is also fully loaded with special tools and features. The best part is that we can update it with new and improved features as well. However, there are people who are not able to perform Windows 8 transfer from their systems.

Bluetooth technology is nothing new and has already taken the world by a storm. Now there is no need to use long and clumsy cables for interconnecting your phones, computers etc for file transfers. This happens to be one of the best advantages. Nowadays, we are able to connect and share files in a very convenient manner. All credit goes to the pathbreaking Bluetooth technology.

Be it for official email communications or just having fun on social networking sites, Bluetooth file transferring enables us to get the job done easily. Gone are the days of sluggish and interrupted file transferring, now you can also do it using Windows 8 transfer.


  • To get started, navigate to the main Start menu and search for the Bluetooth File Transfer option
  • Proceed by right clicking on Bluetooth File transfer tab
  • Click on Properties
  • Now go to File location that you will see on the Properties dialog box that just opened
  • Proceed by creating a shortcut.
  • You can also click on Send to Desktop Button near to the file which was highlighted while Open File location was being searched
  • Proceed by entering ‘’shell:sendto’’
  • This command should be typed in the Start Menu Search box

    Microsoft OS versions

              Windows 8 Operating System

  • Now open the Start Menu Search box
  • Proceed by copying this file which was sent to the Desktop or on the shortcut that was created for it
  • Now paste it inside the Send to Folder
  • Finally, you can see that Windows 8 transfer is activated on your right click menu

The above mentioned steps can help you enable Windows 8 transfer on your smart phones, laptops computers etc. Now you can also start using the special feature and enjoy steadfast and hassle-free file transfers with your colleagues and friends.

Instructions To Support A Cause With MSN I’m Initiative

Windows live chat support

     Windows live chat support

There are many serious and important causes like animal rights, empowering women, educating the youth, rehabilitating for disaster victims, help for refugees, and many more, in this world. Those who are interested in contributing to noble causes can do so just by doing something very simple. You just need to chat and send Hotmail email messages to make a huge difference.

Supporting a cause is important when you are born American, enjoying benefits just from that reason. You can now choose a way to help the less fortunate people in the world. The software giant Microsoft is joining the battle by offering the i’m Making A Difference initiative. They are doing this through its email service and instant messaging client.

The following windows live chat support steps will help you learn how to support your favorite cause with i’m Initiative from Windows Live Messenger.

Windows live chat Support Instructions

  • You need to go to Windows Live Messenger website and read up about the program to ensure that you’ve understand how the program works, and what all organizations are available to support. They are at the moment offering 10 different organizations, which cover a range of causes.
  • After that, you are required to download MSN Windows live messenger. This is a free program that allows you to chat with friends online, and meet other people through the Windows live or MSN network. You need to follow the download steps on the i’m Initiative site.
  • You can now choose your cause. When you have downloaded the particular software, you will then go through a registration process. This process will then allow you to pick from the 10 organizations that are being currently offered.
  • You can then finish the registration process. This will include choosing a user name, password and other basic registration information. You will be required to go through any other processes required, and then checking out the Help areas to get a basic knowledge of the initiative, and to know how it works.

    I’m Initiative

             Support a cause using I’m initiative

  • All you need to do is to chat often. The more you use Windows Live Messenger, the more you will be raising money. Once you have signed up, you need not do anything more; the everyday ads that you see contribute to the cause you have chosen.

You can spread the word and maximise your results. There are banners, RSS feeds and other great ways for sharing what you are doing on your member pages and websites.

Easy Steps To Block Windows Live Messenger Contacts

Windows live chat support

 Windows live

Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging client from Microsoft released for enabling the users to contact each other with ease. Follow the simple instructions given below from the Windows live chat support team for blocking a Windows Live Messenger contact.


  • Go to the left bottom corner of your desktop and then click on the Start button found there for opening the Start menu and then click on the All Programs option found just above it.
  • Now look for the Program named Windows Live Messenger in the list of programs displayed under the All Programs tab and then click on it when found to launch the program.
  • You can also alternately open the Windows Live Messenger program by double clicking on its shortcut icon found in the desktop or by clicking on its quick launch button.
  • When Windows Live Messenger opens, you will be able to see all the contacts under the Contacts tab. Now browse through your contacts to find the person you would like to block and then select the contact by clicking on his/her name.
  • Now you will be able to see an option named Block Contact in the application window, click on it to block the particular contact from your MSN chat list.
  • When you block a person from the chat list, he or she will not be able to see your online status or be able to contact you through messages or calls.
  • If you wish to delete the contact as well, then select the contact and then right click on it. Now select the option named Delete Contact from the drop down menu.
    messaging client

                        Chat support

    Remember to select the options Also block this contact and Also remove from my Hotmail contacts for blocking the contact and deleting the contact details from your Hotmail email account’s address book too.

  • Now click on the Delete Contact option again for removing the contact from your contact list.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, then you will be able to remove the contact details of a person from your Windows Live Messenger client. If you are not able to delete the contact from your address book, then feel free to contact the Windows Live chat support team for getting further support.

Give Your Customers Live Support

Windows live support

                        Features Of Windows Support

Most of you might have availed Windows Live support. However, have you ever thought of how to offer such form of support to your customers? If you have a website that is intended to sell products or promote any of the services that you offer, then it is advisable that you offer chat support to the customers. With a chat support incorporated in your website, the users will be able to get in touch with your support executive, clarify the doubts about the support or service and then make use of it.

You can make use of a support tool to carry out this function. A support tool will have many features like pre-written responses and these features will help the executives to give immediate responses to the users. This will help you to provide Windows Live support like functions. In this article, we will find out the steps involved in the process of providing support for customers with the help of a support tool.

Steps Involved

  • Many tools in the market are designed to provide support for customers. Some of these tools include Provide Support, Live Support, LivePerson etc. You can either go for the trial versions of any of these programs or go for the full versions. The first step is to sign up and here you need to provide the details about your website.
  • Once you finish the process, you can download the tool from the vendor’s website and install it on your computer. You can install the tool by simply following the on screen instructions.
  • Go through the help section of the program or a training manual if it has one. This will help you or the agent providing the support to find out the various functions available in the tool.
  • Go through the steps in the website and integrate the tool with your website. Adding links for the support is a simple task. All you need to do is choose the option Copy HTML Code and then paste it on your website’s HTML code at places you wish to have this support link.

    support center

                   Provide Best Support

  • Once you complete this process, you may start using your account and provide support.

Remember that you have the trial version of the software and it is important that you upgrade it to the full version before the trial period expires. For any upgrade related queries, you may contact the support center of the software.