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New Features Introduced In Office Web Apps

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Microsoft has released an improvised version of their Office Web Apps incorporated with the SkyDrive file hosting service. With this new feature incorporated to the SkyDrive cloud storage service, users of SkyDrive will be able to use the popular Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote from their SkyDrive web app. This feature removes the problems involved earlier in downloading the document and then editing the document in offline mode, which you had to upload again for keeping the edited version on the drive. However, with the web apps in place, now you can edit the documents right from your web browser.

Microsoft has pointed out in their Windows Live help website that when a user now clicks on a word document, it will open in an editor like interface in the website, so that you can edit and save the changes right from the website. We can say that at last Microsoft started following the path shown by Google as Google has been providing this feature with their Google Docs service for a long time now. However, the strong point of Microsoft is that their interface looks just like that of Microsoft Office so that Office users will be able to work easily with new web apps.

Microsoft has introduced both desktop and tablet versions of the Web apps program for Windows 8 and RT tablets. However, with new update done last week, the web apps will now support Android devices too. This will give Microsoft entry to a larger segment of users as Android has the largest number of devices in the market now. However, for accessing web apps from the Android device, you need to use the Google Chrome web browser. As of now, it is the only web browser in Android tablets that supports working with web apps.

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One of the most notable features added to the web apps is that it now features co-authoring. This means that all the users will be able to see the changes made to the document as they are made. This releases the users from the trouble of reloading the website at regular intervals for seeing the current changes made to the document. However, Microsoft states that only PowerPoint documents will support this feature for now and support for other applications will be added later. Contact our Windows Live help desk for further details.

Using Webcam With Windows Live Messenger

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Windows Live Messenger was the instant messaging client of Microsoft before they acquired Skype. Even now, some of the users are still using Windows Live messenger program in their computers. Here we discuss simple instructions from Windows Live chat support for using webcams in the Live Messenger program.


  • The first thing that you need to do is to launch the Microsoft Live Messenger by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop or you can alternately launch the program by clicking on its tab found in the All Programs section in the Start menu. When the program appears on the screen, log in to the account by providing the login credentials.
  • When the Live Messenger program appears on the screen, look for the contact of the person with whom that you would like to chat with and then double click on the contact for starting the chat window.
  • When the window appears on the screen, Windows Live chat support team advices you to click on the Tools tab found at the top of the IM window and then click on the option labeled a Set up audio and video devices found in the drop down menu.
  • The program will now show you all the Microphones installed with your system. Select the microphone that you are about to use from the Microphones section and then click on the Next button to continue with the configuration. Similarly, from the Webcam drop down list, select your web camera and click on the Finish button.

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  • Now you have successfully added web camera and microphone to the Windows Live messenger program. You can now make video calls to the contact easily. For making a video all, click on the Video Call button found at the top side of the window. If the people with whom you have tried to start a conversation accept your invitation, you will be able to see their webcam feed at the right side of the chat window.
  • In the upper right corner of the chat window, you will be able to see an option labeled as Full Screen, click on it for making the video call in full screen mode. You can exit from the full screen mode by clicking on the Exit Full screen option or by pressing the Esc key in the keyboard.
  • Once the call is over, click on the button labeled as End Call for ending the conversation.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to use a webcam in the Windows Live Messenger with ease.

Making A Worldwide Windows Live Community

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Windows Live Messenger 9 is an instant messenger client that is the latest update to an already popular service from Microsoft. This service makes use of text to facilitate communication between the users, electronically. The users of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 can download the Windows Live Messenger 9 program to take advantage of all the basic functionalities and the recently updated features. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows Live support team.

The recently updated version is also compatible with Windows Mobile. This program was originally named MSN Messenger and was released on July 22, 1999. Owing to the increased features and updates, it was renamed on December 13 2005 as Windows Live Messenger. This program also connects to the .NET Messenger Service from Microsoft. This program can be used by Microsoft products as well as third party client software. Making use of the proprietary instant messaging protocols, this program can be used by anyone who is having an active Windows Live ID. This allows the users to sign in and communicate with the other users who are already active in the network instantly.

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When the users download the Windows Live Messenger 9, they not only get the capability of instant messaging, but also they get access to many of its other new features. One of the features that add to the functionality of the program is sharing folders. This method of transfer can be used instead of a direct transfer method to deliver files to other users in the network. Users will be able to place the files into a sharing folder for a specific user to access. Computer to phone calls are also supported by Verizon. For those users who need to download Windows Live Messenger 9, it is called as Verizon Web Calling. This program allows a call to be placed from a computer to a telephone.

To make the Windows Live Messenger program more flexible, they have partnered with Yahoo to allow interoperability between the two messenger programs. The combined user base of these programs grew instantly to encompass 40% of the users worldwide. If the user wishes to take advantage of this flexibility, he must download MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger 9. Even when the user is signed off, messages will still come to the account of the user and will be available when they come back online. If you wish to know more on the Windows Live Messenger 9 program, you may contact the Windows Live support team.

Adding Your Windows Live Mail Account To Mozilla Thunderbird

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Using Windows Live Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird is a very useful email client application released by the Mozilla Foundation. You can use it with almost all standard web mail services that use the standard mail transfer protocols like POP3, like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.

According to the Windows Live support website, the Windows Live Mail service has POP3 support. This means that it is indeed very easy for you to add your Windows Live Mail account to Mozilla Thunderbird. Here is how to do it.

Setting up your Windows Live Mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird

When you are running the Mozilla Thunderbird application for the first time, you will see that the Account Setup wizard is launched automatically on the screen. If not, you can launch it manually by going to the Tools menu, selecting the Account Settings option, and then pressing the Add Account button.

Here, you need to click on the Email Account button and then, press Next. This will launch the Mozilla Thunderbird account setup wizard. In the first step, you need to type in your name as well as Windows Live Mail account address, in the text fields provided and then, press Next.

In the next step, you need to select the type of the Incoming Server used in the email service. You need to select this as POP3. Now, you need to enter the Incoming and Outgoing Server address information as and respectively. Press Next to go to the next step.

Here, you will see text fields for entering the Incoming and Outgoing user names. You need to type in your full Windows Live Mail username, including the domain name. Press Next.

Server Address Details

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In the step, you need to provide a name for the Windows Live Mail account you are adding to Mozilla Thunderbird in the text field for Account Name. Press Next and then, Finish. Now, go to the Tools menu and click on the Account Settings option. There click on the Server Settings option, and go to the Security Settings options. There, select the SSL option. Leave the Use Secure Authentication option unchecked. The Port should be set at 995. After settings all these settings, press the OK button.

Now, press the Get Mail button. Here, you will be asked to type in your password. You can use the password manager option for storing the password in the mail client.

If you have any doubts regarding the server address details or port numbers for Widows Live Mail, visit the Windows Live support website online.

Setting Up Windows Live Mail As Your Email Client

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MS Outlook is not a freeware email client application. But, Windows Live Mail is. And, you still get tech support services for this freeware like the Windows Live chat support services, Microsoft tech support, etc just as in MS Outlook. So, if you do not have Windows Live Mail in your system – it comes preinstalled in Windows 7 – then go to the Windows support website and download it for free.

How to set up the Windows Live Mail client?

Windows Live Mail gives you pretty much the same basic options as in MS Outlook. But, since it is a freeware mail client, you will not get all the cool features and options present in the MS Outlook mail client. But, for most of the average users this freeware mail client will be more than enough to take care of their email correspondence.

Setting up the Windows Live Mail client is very similar to the procedure for Outlook email setup. When you start the Windows Live Mail client for the first time, the email account setup wizard will pop up automatically prompting you to add your email account to start using it.

You just need to follow these prompts and provide the email account information for each step of the email account setup wizard to add your email account to Windows Live Mail. This will include the full email address including the @domain address part of your email address. And, also the password for email account.

Email Service Provider

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You can select the Remember This Password to store your password in the Windows Live Mail client. This will make it possible for you to automatically log in to the application without typing the password every time you use the system. Remember that this option will also allow anyone using your system access to the Windows Live Mail files.

Then, you need to provide a display name for your email messages. This will be the user name displayed on all your sent messages. This will be enough for setting up email accounts in most of the popular email services like Yahoo Mail and Gmail. But, for certain third party email services, you need to provide more information using the Manual Configuration settings.

Here, you need to provide the Incoming and Outgoing server address information, port numbers, the encryption security settings for the mail transaction, etc.

If you have any doubts regarding this, you may contact your email service provider or the Windows Live chat support personnel online.

Fixing Windows Installer Problems

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Windows Installer updates

According to the Windows Live help and support team, several users contact them often to seek assistance on persisting problems related to the Windows Installer utility. Most of these users experience issues due to a broken Windows installer file that make the process fail and never start again.

If you are facing any such problems, you do not have to worry though. Follow the methods mentioned below provided by the Windows Live help and support team to get over the errors.

1. Upgrade the Windows installer

  • At first, launch the Internet Explorer application on your computer and enter in the address bar to go to the Microsoft’s download site.
  • Now, check out the menu on the left side and click on Setup, followed by System Administration. Now, click on Setup once again.
  • Next, click on the Windows Installer option and choose the link that matches with the version of your Windows operating system.
  • Once you have selected the appropriate link, click on the Download button to install the latest version of Windows Installer in your system.

2. Clean Temporary Folders

  • Sometimes, the leftover temporary folders from broken installations can also block future installations. To check if such temporary folders are causing the errors, you can start deleting all files from certain locations.
  • Start with replacing your system drive for %systemdrive%, your Windows installation directory for %windir% and your username for %username%. The locations are:



%systemdrive%Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsTemp

Clean Windows Registry

Sometimes, registry errors can also lead to Windows Installer issues. If you know how to clean the registry, it is always better to do it manually. While doing the process, ensure that you remove the data from the following registry keys:

automated applications

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  • HKEY_LocalMachine>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Installer>InProgress
  • HKEY_LocalMachine>System>CurrentControlSet>Control>SessionManager>Pending>FileRenameOperations

If you experience any error while attempting to clean the data from these registry keys, you can always call up the Windows Live help number to get assistance. This is because repairing the registry is an error-prone process. You can also opt for several automated applications that can help you in clearing the registry efficiently.The best part about these programs is that they can usually identify broken keys or those, which are no longer necessary, and help in removing them.

So, next time you experience Windows installer problems, you can try using these methods. For more information regarding Windows installer, feel free to dial our 24/7 technical support number.

More Gaming Titles Pulling Out Before The Games For Windows Live Shutdown

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About Games For Windows Live Service

We have been hearing rumours about the unofficial July 1, 2014 shutdown date for Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live service for some time. That’s right. No official date for the shutdown of the service has been posted on any of the Windows Live support websites. Microsoft has neither denied nor confirmed these rumours.

Games for Widows Live was launched as an online gaming network service for Windows PC gamers. PC gamers purchasing original Windows PC games can use this service to play multi-player games online and chat with other gamers. Some game tiles allowed cross platform multiplayer options between the PC gamers and the Xbox 360 players on the Xbox Live service.

More game titles pulling out of Games for Windows Live

However, ever since these rumours started spreading online, many game makers have removed their titles from the Games for Windows Live network. These actions have indirectly confirmed that Microsoft might indeed be considering ending the Games for Windows Live network for good.

Age of Empires Online is one of the big titles to pull out of this PC gaming network. The last date for Age of Empires Online on this platform is July 1, 2014 – which is also the unofficial last date for the Games for Windows Live platform.

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It was reported that Microsoft inadvertently mentioned the last date for their service while announcing the Age of Empires Online discontinuation on their platform. But, this blog post has since been removed. This has only led to more confusion and speculation and Microsoft has not issued any clarification so far.

It is clear from the number of game titles discontinued from the service that the end is indeed near for the Games for Windows Live service. However, July 1 2014 might not be the last date for this – mainly because Microsoft has not yet warned those gamers, who have purchased Games for Windows Live titles. When some tech magazines asked Microsoft to give clarification, they provided a cryptic reply stating that they will continue to provide game titles and services for Windows PCs for years to come. Perhaps, this means that Microsoft is planning to launch an alternative service for Windows PC gamers.

There is also the possibility that Xbox Live network will be converted into a common gaming service platform for all Microsoft devices – Windows PCs, tablets, Xbox gaming consoles, etc. For now, you need to keep an eye on the Windows Live support webpage for the official announcement from Microsoft.

How To Chat With Windows Live Messenger ID Users In Yahoo Chat

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Chatting with Windows live ID

Unlike most other Chat servers, Yahoo! chat lets you communicate with users in your contact list who have Windows Live Messenger ID. This, of course, is in addition to your usual Yahoo Messenger contacts. Feel free to contact our Windows Live chat support team to know why Yahoo is the best Chat messenger for you.

Although you will be notified when a Yahoo ID user in your contact list appears online by automatically appearing in your Online Contact List, you need permission to chat with Windows Live contacts. There are two different ways of requesting permission, which would enable you to chat with your Windows Live contacts.

For New Users

All Windows Live Contacts from your Yahoo! contacts will automatically be added to the messenger by using this Wizard. But, if you wish to chat with somebody who is not added to your Yahoo! Contacts, you can do so by using the New Chat link. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Come online in Yahoo Mail messenger so that you are available to chat with other users.
  • In the Chat & Mobile Text area, click on the New Chat button. A new Chat button will appear on the right corner of the present window.
  • The new window will prompt you to enter the e-mail id. Enter the Windows Live ID you want to chat with and press Enter.
  • This account has to be saved to your calendar first. A pop-up message will notify you of the same.
  • Click on the Add Contact link.
  • A new window will appear where the details of the Windows Live ID will be pre-filled.
  • If you need to fill any more details, click on the appropriate window and type in the information.
  • Click Save button once you have filled in all the required information.
  • Once the details are saved, a chat window of the ID will automatically open with the user labeled as OFFLINE. Also, the user gets a chat permission message which he has to accept to chat with you. Upon accepting, he will be able to chat like usual.

    requesting permission

    Configuring yahoo for Windows Live

For Existing Contacts

If the Windows Live contact is already saved in the contacts of Yahoo!, this ID can be easily added to your online contact list which enables notification when the person is online. Here is what you have to do.

  • Click to open the Contacts tab of Yahoo mail. Find and locate the contact and click on the Edit button.
  • Next to the Messenger ID box of the contact, fill in the Windows Live ID and click on the check box next to Add this person to my Messenger List option.
  • Save the changes you just made. Upon saving, the contact will receive request from you.
  • Once he/she accepts your request, you will be able to chat with the contact like normal.

Upon completing these steps, you will be able to view your friend in the online friends list and chat normally. If you are having any queries, do not hesitate asking our Windows Live chat support team for assistance.

Dolby Digital Plus To Create Immersive Entertainment Experiences For Windows 8 Tabs And PCs

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Windows 8 get Dolby support

Founded in 1965, and global leaders in entertainment experience since then, Dolby laboratories announced that Microsoft chose Dolby Digital Plus to create realistic and immersive audio experience for its Windows 8 tablets and PCS. Our Windows Live technical support team was contacted by users wanting to know more about the information. Dolby saw a jump of 19 percent in their share value a short while after this news was announced.

Dolby Digital Plus, now incorporated in more than 640 million devices, which include smartphones, tablets, PCs, connected TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, and game consoles, is recognized as the standard for high-quality audio playback.

Ramzi Haidamus, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Dolby Laboratories team issued a public statement saying, “Dolby’s goal is to deliver the best possible entertainment experience, wherever content is delivered through broadcast, broadband, or wireless networks. We are pleased to be working with Microsoft to address the growing demand for high-definition content delivered across a broad range of services and devices. Widespread availability of Dolby Digital Plus on Windows 8 will enable more people to enjoy cinematic sound anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

This comes as happy news for users who have associated pure and true audio experience with Dolby technologies over the years.Dolby Digital Plus is an enhanced coding system based on the AC-3 codec, which provides high quality audio with least noise and highest compression rates when compared to any other similar standard.

enhanced coding system

Dolby supports Windows 8 devices

All PCs and tablets licensed to run Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT editions will support Dolby Digital Plus 5.1-channel decoding and Dolby Digital two-channel encoding. According to the Windows Live technical support desk, developers now have the ability to deliver the highest level of audio immersion experience through Windows 8 APIs in desktop and Metro-style apps, in x86 and ARM architecture enabled systems greatly improving the quality of apps available in the App store.

Tami Reller, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Windows and Windows Live also stated, “With the incredible growth of online download and streaming media, particularly for video content, this agreement ensures a great audio experience for those consumers who wish to download or stream TV and movies containing Dolby Digital Plus. Additionally, all of their existing and future home videos recorded with Dolby Digital Plus audio will work great on Windows 8 right out of the box.”