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Accessing Xbox Live Through Windows Live Games

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It is a well known fact that PC gamers are still in abundance in the world, which is the reason why Microsoft, Sony and other console developers are releasing more and more consoles in the market. Usually gamers who own both a PC gaming machine and an Xbox console had to play the games in both devices separately. However if you have an account with Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live, you will be able to play the games on PC with the Xbox too, provided the games have been released for Xbox too. Here we discuss how you can create an account with Games for Windows Live.


  • Navigate to the Windows Live website and move to the account creation page. Create a Live ID by entering appropriate information such as email address, password and date of birth in the respective fields shown in the page. Verify the details entered in the page and click on the Next button to create a gamertag for Xbox Live.
  • Enter the gamertag in the text field and check for availability, if the tag is not available, Windows Live help will provide you with some alternatives based on the tag you have entered. After selecting a gamertag of your choice, select a profile picture and a gamer zone. Now click on the Next button to continue with the setup.
  • To finish the creation of your account, click on the I Accept button found at the bottom of the page.
  • Navigate to the Games for Windows homepage and click on the Download button found in the page to download Games for Windows Live software. You can easily locate the Download button as it of large size and blue in color.

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  • When the download completes, launch the setup to install the downloaded program to your system. Click on the Next button to continue with the installation procedure.
  • Windows live help center advises that you click on the Next button until you see a progress bar on the screen showing the progress of installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, open Games for Window Live application by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop and login to your account using your Live ID and gamertag.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to create a Windows Live ID and access Xbox games through Windows Live.

Microsoft Stops The Free Custom Domain Email Service

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Windows Custom Domain Email Service

Recently, Microsoft made an announcement through one of their Windows Live technical support pages, which went largely unnoticed. Microsoft has now officially stopped their free custom domain email service. This is largely because of Google’s decision to stop this free service. It seems that now that their main competitor is out of the way, they can afford to stop this service without worrying about these users switching to Gmail.

What is free custom domain email service?

These days, most companies and many average users have their own websites. And one of the cool things about owning a website is having an email address with your website domain. For example, your email address will look something like This requires you to set the email accounts in your webhosting service and then link it to an email client for accessing them.

Both Google and Microsoft used to allow small business owners to setup such custom domain email accounts in their email services. This means that you could use the reliable Outlook or Gmail service to send and receive email services to and from your web domain email accounts. This service was absolutely free and the users were allowed to register a limited number of such email accounts for their domain name in their email service.

Google Apps For Business

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However, with the advent of the cloud technology, both Google’s and Microsoft’s strategy has changed. Microsoft has introduced their Office 365 cloud service, while Google has their own online service called Google Apps for Business. Now, both these tech giants are trying to lure in the corporate customers to subscribe to these cloud-based office services.

They have started this by stopping many of the free services they used to provide to the small business organisations. Google was the first to stop the free custom domain email service to the small business organisations. They now want these users to subscribe to the Google Apps for Business cloud service. Similarly, now Microsoft has stopped their custom domain email service and these customers are asked to subscribe to the Office 365 cloud service to continue using their custom domain email accounts in the Outlook email network.

According to the Windows Live technical support page, all these current users will get an Outlook account in place of their original custom domain accounts, which will have the domain name. For more information, read the full announcement posted on the Microsoft support page online.

Disabling Windows Messenger From Startup

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Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a program that enables the users to communicate with their contacts through text and video chats. By default, the Windows Live Messenger program launches automatically on startup of the PC, even if the user does not intend to use the program. This can be annoying and the computer may take some time to start up. The users can always disable the Windows Live Messenger program very easily. The Windows live technical support tips that are shared below will help you know more about the steps to disable the program from startup.

Disabling Automatic Messenger Startup From The Program

  • Turn on the PC, click on Windows Start button and then select All Programs (Windows XP), or Programs (Windows Vista or 7). From the list of all programs, select Windows Live Messenger. This will launch the application.
  • Log into your Windows Live Messenger account by typing in your username and password. If you are unable to see the menu bar, you can press on the ALT key to make it visible.
  • On the menu, click on the Tools button and then select Options. Click on the General tab. Now you can uncheck the Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows option. Click on the Ok button to save the changes that you have made. Windows Live Messenger program will no longer launch when you turn on your computer.

Disabling Automatic Messenger Startup With Msconfig

  • Click on the Start button and select Run (Windows XP) or Start Search (Windows Vista and 7). Type in msconfig and hit the Enter key to reach the System Configuration Utility.

    Automatic Messenger Startup

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  • In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, select the Start-up tab. You will be able to see a list of all the applications that launch automatically when the PC starts up. Scroll through the list and uncheck Windows Live Messenger. Click on the OK button to save the changes that you have made.
  • When prompted, restart the PC.

These are the two methods to disable the Windows Live Messenger program from startup. If you wish to have further assistance on disabling the Windows Live Messenger program from startup, you can always contact the Windows live technical support team. The Windows live tech support technicians will be able to help you finish the steps successfully without encountering any errors.

New System Monitor App Released For Windows OS

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Features Of Windows OS

You can find numerous applications for Windows operating systems and MultiMon is one of them. This newly developed application is intended to monitor the various programs on the operating system. There is both the free version and the paid version of the program. Some of the items monitored by the program are system registry, keyboard, clipboard, user and the system.

According to Windows help blogs, once you finish installing the program, you may choose the different areas, which you want the program to monitor. For this, you need to have the administrator rights or the program will not open. When you are in the main interface of the program, you can choose different applications individually. It is advised that you choose only the important programs because when you choose more programs, the memory usage goes up and this could create problems when you try to run other programs if your computer has a low memory installed. In a test carried out with the program, it was found that the program used 270MB of memory when all the items were chosen to be monitored.

The results of the monitoring process are found under different tabs. You may switch the tabs as you wish. There is a separate tab in the program called All, which will display all the new events from the monitored programs in a separate table.

The program separates the entries by date according to Windows help blogs. Therefore, it becomes easier to look or search into the activities on a program at a particular date. The table contains entries in the order of date and time, action, process that triggered the action, registry keys, values changed etc. It will also contain other details associated with the operation.

System Registry

Windows OS Installation

There are other features like system monitors and file system. However, they may not be useful for the end users and may help only the system administrators. For instance, you will find thread creations and system display processes when various functions open. Even though it will not help the end users, they can be a big assistance for system administrators or developers for reviewing and monitoring processes.

The program creates a detailed record of various activities like the use of keys Alt and Tab to switch programs, viewing of activities that are initiated by other users, resizing windows etc. If you purchase the premium version of the program, you can store various key strokes and other data that are copied to the clipboard by a user. You may find more details about the app on Windows help blogs.

Recovering Windows With Linux

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Everyone knows that Windows is the most user-friendly operating system. However, since Microsoft concentrated on making a user-friendly operating system, it might have made the operating system little less secure and this makes Windows one of the most attacked platforms. Hackers also prefer attacking Windows operating systems rather than attacking Linux, as the user base of Windows is much higher than that of Windows, so they would be able to get maximum profit from a single virus or malicious software. One of the major issues that a Windows user has to face is the loss of data due to attack from a malicious user or code.

Recovering data from an attacked Windows computer is a hard thing. Even though Windows Live help centre could help you to recover data and the operating system in some cases, in extreme cases, they are worthless. In these situations, you would need to look for alternative methods for recovering your data. One of the easiest ways that you can try for recovering your data is to use the Safe mode option in the operating system.

Windows Live help site advises you to try booting your system in safe mode before you search for other methods for troubleshooting and recovering your data. If you are not able to open the system in safe mode, it is better that you try to recover the data using a Linux operating system. There are mainly two versions of Linux that are now popularly used for recovering data on the system, Ubuntu or Knoppix. Knoppix can only be booted from a CD, whereas Ubuntu can be booted from CD or installed to the hard disc. One of the greatest advantages of Ubuntu is that you can download Ubuntu from their website free of cost.

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After installing Ubuntu on your system, you would be able to access the Windows partitions under the section named as Places. Now you can move all the critical data from the Windows partition to a flash drive or external hard disk. You may even burn the data on a CD or DVD if you do not have a flash drive or external hard drive. If the system got corrupted due to a virus attack or malware attack, then we advise that you boot the system from the CD drive so that the new operating system is unaffected by the attacking software.

If you have a working internet connection, it is recommended that you install an up to date antivirus program for removing the virus or malware from the system before making a copy of the data.

Chatting With Your Contacts In Yahoo Mail

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If you are using Yahoo mail to communicate with your contacts, you can send an email message, wait for the reply in two and half minutes, and confirm everything in another email message. All this will take about five minutes to finish. If you do not wish to waste your time in composing email messages, you can chat with the contact if the contact is online. You can initiate a quick chat session in the Yahoo! Mail program. Usually, you will only do that if the matter is important and pressing or if you have time to spare. Luckily, instant messaging is not much different from sending email messages in the Yahoo! Mail program.

The Windows live chat support tips that are shared below will help you to chat with a contact in the Yahoo! Mail program.


To exchange instant messages with any Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Instant Messenger user in the Yahoo! Mail program,

  • Ensure that you are not using Yahoo! Mail Basic, but the full version of the program.
  • Now you will have to make sure that you are signed into chat.

If the message Offline appears to Me, under Messenger in your Yahoo! Mail’s left sidebar or if a bolt icon is present near to Messenger.

  • Click on Offline or on the bolt icon.
  • If you are able to find a grey bolt icon near Online Contacts in the left navigation bar of the Yahoo! Mail program, you can click on the bolt icon to make sure that it turns yellow.
  • You can select Invisible, Busy, or Available from the list of options. You will also be able to select Custom Status. This will let you sign in with your account and set a custom message.
  • You will also be able to select Chat from the Compose in the drop-down menu. To do this, you can click on the down arrow first.
  • Press the I key.

    Yahoo! Mail Basic

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  • Type in the desired user’s Yahoo! Messenger ID in Start a conversation with area and press the Enter key.
  • You can then type in your message. Press the Enter key to send the message. If you wish to start a new line, you may press the Alt-Enter key combination.
  • You can also initiate a chat by looking for an online contact.
  • Expand Messenger in the left navigation pane of Yahoo! Mail.
  • Click on the username or the name of the desired contact.
  • You can start typing your message and hit the Enter key to send the message.

These are the steps to chat in Yahoo! Messenger program. For further assistance, contact our Windows live chat support team.

Xbox One With One Year Xbox Live

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Windows Live Support

Similar to their recent offer for two Play Station 4 bundles, Dell is now offering a deal on Xbox One that comes with $100 gift card for just $440. This deal includes the $400 Xbox one PlayStation that comes with Kinect and a year of Xbox Live Gold. This ordinarily costs sixty dollars, but can be availed from time to time for around 40 dollars. Even at the regular prices, this means that the $440 offer saves you only $20, but provided you are willing to shop at Dell again it becomes an enticing offer. Thanks to the $100 gift card.

As per the Windows live chat support page, the free gift card will show up once the user has added the bundle to his or her cart, even though the user will have to wait 10 to 20 days for it to land in the inbox of the user before using it. If you are not a frequent Dell shopper, you will be much happy to know that the website of Dell sells games, including those for Xbox One. You can make use of the gift card while purchasing these games.

Xbox Live Gold is no longer needed to avail some of the features, like Netflix, but it does entitle the user for free games that the user can play for as long as he or she remains a subscriber of the service. Provided, the user gets his hands on the system and Live this month, he will be able to download The Curse of Brotherhood and Guacamelee free.

Enticing Offer

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This is not the cheapest price that we have seen for Xbox One so far. The system was available for 360 dollars not long ago, but considering the gift card, it is a very solid deal. The Xbox membership lets the users connect and play with friends around the globe. If you wish to know more on this offer from Dell, you may contact the Dell support team. They will be able to provide you with more details on the deal.

The Dell support team can also help you in making the purchase. You may also contact the Windows live chat support team to have a better understanding of this deal. More information on this deal is also posted on the official website of Dell. You can visit the website to know further on the deal.

Games For Windows Live Fiasco Finally Addressed By Microsoft!

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Game For Windows Live Finally Ends

Games For Windows Live users have been up in arms ever since Microsoft made announcements saying Games For Windows Live along with Age of Empires Online will be shutting down soon. This announcement made last year also included that Games for Windows Marketplace will shut down shortly. After these announcements, Microsoft was infamously silent when confronted with innumerous queries from concerned users for a long period. Our Windows Live technical support received a lot of calls from frustrated users who were interested to know more details behind such an action.

Soon after, global tech giant Microsoft took back the statement about the shutdown of Games for Windows Live and refused to mention anything more about it. Ever since, users have been privy to many rumors, some of them baseless and some of them having few elements of truth. It was no secret that GFWL had been losing support for many years and it was barely functioning at all, let alone in its previous glory. Moreover, the official technical support for this service was in complete shambles and users had to resort to third party support services to troubleshoot their issues.

It was apparent that GFWL has been cross-marked for execution since many gaming companies have switched from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks after Microsoft’s statement was made public. Notable additions to this list includes BioShock 2 and Batman:Arkham City. While some of these companies voluntarily shifted base, few others were forced to switch because DRM key codes were not properly being produced for some games. Many other games made no announcements about migrating, which lead to further confusion since these games will no longer be accessible by anyone if the switch is not made before GFWL ends.


No Word About Games For Windows Live

All this lead to the speculation that Microsoft has completely abandoned GFWL and along with it, its customers. When Microsoft’s own subsidiary, TwistedPixel moved from GFWL to Steamworks,