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Windows 8 Finally Manages To Charm The Users

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As per the recent market reports, Windows 8 has finally managed to attract a considerable amount of users in the past few months. This trend is certainly going to increase in the coming months because of the end of support for Windows 7 in 2015, the news the software giant has already announced.

When the support for Windows XP was terminated in April, 2014, many users had switched their base to Windows 7 operating system by rejecting the modern touch-centric versions. Such was the increase in the user share of Windows 7 that almost 50 percent of the Windows computers were running on this version. Hence, the strategy of terminating the support for Windows XP in order to bolster the sales of Windows 8 and 8.1 was not successful in the initial months.

However, as per sources close to Microsoft, a large number of users have finally started to relent in and upgrade their Windows XP systems to Windows 8 and 8.1. The announcement of the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 is definitely one of the main reasons for the sudden increase in the number of Windows 8 users.

When Windows 8 was launched for the first time in the market, several users had excitedly opted for the download, considering the amazing features the OS version had. However, a large number of users began dumping the OS and switched back to the XP and 7 because of the lack of basic features in Windows 8. It was mainly because of the unavailability of the Start Menu option that many users started calling the Windows live support to know how to uninstall the OS.

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Microsoft had also launched a tweaked in version of the operating system soon by naming it as Windows 8.1. Still, the company could not make its users move on from the aged operating systems like Windows 7 and XP.

The Windows live support technicians had also been warning the customers to upgrade their XP systems after ending the mainstream support for the OS this year. The customers were warned about the potential security issues that their XP computers would be subjected to from hackers across the globe. This is certainly one of the main reasons that led to the sudden increase in the number of Windows 8 users.

Microsoft is all set to introduce Windows 10 by next year. Evidently, the software giant would want all its users to move to the touch-centric versions before the next OS officially hits the market.

Skype For Windows Desktop Released

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Skype For Windows Desktop is now out of the beta tag in their recent version. Users were waiting for long to have the full version of Skype for Windows. Those users who just cannot wait to get the latest version will be able to download it from the official website. Microsoft released the preview version of Skype for Windows and Mac to the public before sometime and in the latest version, a new user interface was introduced and this is not much different from that of the Skype mobile version.

It is great news to the users that Skype for Windows desktop is now available in full version. The latest version of the program follows the modern design language of Microsoft in a closer way when compared to the older versions of the program. The latest version of the program is now ready for download. As said earlier, the preview version of Skype for Windows and Mac was released only recently and this preview was welcomed wholeheartedly by the users. As per the reports and reviews on the latest version, it is designed to offer a much easier way to chat, check the pictures and to share them.

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With the latest changes to the Skype program, users will be able to message and do video calls side by side. Also the group video conversations in the program are also deemed free now. Another change in the program is that the emoticons that are used in regular instant messaging with the Skype program have also undergone an enlargement process. This will increase the visibility of the emoticons and make them much easy to see. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows Live chat support team.

The latest update has brought voice and video call to the web browser of the users. This means that the user will be able to do a voice or video call right from the web browser. This is obviously a great feature and many of the users have up voted for this feature in blogs and forums. The recent features to the programs from Microsoft prove that they are heeding to the complaints and needs of the users.

If you wish to know more on the features and updates to the Skype program, you can contact the Windows Live chat support team. They will be able to let you know more on the latest news and updates.

Windows Live Is Now Better With Essentials

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Windows Live is the collective collaboration and communication tool from Microsoft that needs no introduction. This program is much popular among the users and has basic web-based features like instant messenger and mail. Some of these features were revamped and the program was given a new name, Windows Live Essentials. This program includes features like SkyDrive, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, Family Safety, Office Live Add-in, Writer, Outlook Connector Pack and many other useful tools.

Now the program is empowered with Silverlight that allows the users to do more from the program interface. With this, the users will be able to make use of their creativity to design and develop mobile and web applications. With the help of SkyDrive, users will be able to work from anywhere. They will be able to share videos, pictures and other files from anywhere around the world. The only thing that the user needs is a working Internet connection to log into the Windows Live ID.

It is mandatory that with time, more and more new features should be added to a program to be in business and of course, expansion is associated with responsibility. There can be a number of issues that are associated with the Windows Live services like blocked account, email send-receive issues, and security and spamming issues. But SkyDrive is in the Microsoft server and there are not many issues that are related to the accessibility and the availability of the data, when SkyDrive is considered.

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It will be always good if the user is able to follow the safety norms and this will help the users get the right stuff from Windows Live Essentials and will offer an edge to the communication and sharing skills. To get the most out of the program, you will need to use the updated Windows, Internet security and web browsers. If you find any issues with your PC, you need not hesitate to take the necessary steps to get rid of the issue. You should not procrastinate as this can lead to bigger losses to you or your business firm.

Also, you can perform a full system scan making use of the programs like Microsoft Security Essentials to get rid of the viruses and other spyware programs. Some of this information was obtained from the Windows Live help desk. For more details, you may contact the Windows Live help team.

Deleting Your Chat History In Skype

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Microsoft has discontinued all their old chat service networks like MSN Messenger and made Skype their only Microsoft chat service network for all platforms including the Xbox gaming consoles. The transition was initiated in April 2013 and they provided Windows Live chat support to all users, who were migrating their contacts and other account data to Skype.

Skype is very different from the old Windows Messenger apps and is much easier to use. However, some of the Windows Messenger users might find it difficult to figure out the new settings and features provided in the Skype Messenger. This article will show you how to delete the chat history in Skype Messenger.

How to delete the chat history in Skype Messenger

This is one of the options many Skype users are not satisfied with. In Skype Messenger, there is no option for deleting your chat history with a single Contact. However, there is an option for deleting your chat history stored in the Skype account. But, deleting the chat history only for a single contact is not possible.

There is no point in contacting the Windows Live chat support desk on this one. Microsoft has so far not introduced this option in any of the latest Skype versions either. If you have used the MSN Messenger service before, you would remember that the option for deleting the chat history for individual contacts was indeed provided.

There is an option for deleting a particular text message you have sent to the recipient. But, you have to do this within a few minutes after you have sent that message. Just right-click on that particular message and select the option Remove Message. This will remove that text message alone from your chat history. But, this option will disappear after a few minutes and the message you sent will now be part of the chat history stored in your account.

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Then, you will have to delete the entire chat history in your account to delete any message or your chat history with just one contact. For this, sign in to the Skype Messenger and click on the button labelled Skype in the menu bar. Next, select the option Privacy.

There, go to the section Keep History For. Click on the button Clear History to remove all the chat history stored in your Skype account. Remember that this will remove all your IM messages, video call history, the files you sent or received, voice call history and so on. So, think twice before you use this option.

Fixing Common Windows 8 Problems

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Users of the Windows 8 operating system were constantly complaining about the missing Start button and the confusing Metro interface of the operating system. The Windows 8 operating system was designed with mostly touch screen devices and tablets in mind. Microsoft engineers thought that the users do not need to shutdown and restart frequently and this is the reason these buttons are buried away in the menu.

Users of the Windows 7 operating system know that the shutdown button is displayed prominently in the Start menu and they were unable to accept the abrupt change in the Windows 8 OS. In Windows 8, the suggested method to turn off the device is to pull out the Charms menu, select the Settings charm, choose the Power button and then Shutdown. As you can see, the steps to Shutdown Windows 8 OS are very long and confusing. A basic computer user might feel lost while trying to turn off his or her Windows 8 computer.

There is a solution to this problem. The users will be able to make a shortcut for Shutdown and Restart options. You can just create a new shortcut on the Windows 8 desktop, and then assign the command shutdown /s /t 0 to shutdown the PC and the command shutdown /r /t 0 to restart the PC. The last character in the command, that is, 0 is the time lag in seconds, to shutdown and restart the computer. You can increase its value if you need time to close all the open apps and to save data before restarting or shutting down the computer.

After making the desktop shortcuts, ensure that you pin these shortcuts to the taskbar and the Start screen for easy access.

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Windows Mail Not Supporting POP Accounts

Many of the Internet Service Providers these days offer their users POP email accounts. The problem here is that the built-in mail app of the Windows 8 operating system does not support POP connections. When the users open the Windows Mail program for the first time and if the program does not recognize the email address as Hotmail or Outlook, the program will ask whether the address is IMAP, POP, or Exchange. If you are using a POP account and you select it, the OS will tell you that Mail does not support POP3 accounts. It will also suggest the user to get an Exchange or an IMAP account.

To stick with Windows Mail, setup the Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail account to check POP mail and then add it to Windows mail. These are some of theWindows Live help tips to prevent common Windows 8 problems. For further assistance, contact the Windows Live help and support desk.

Running The Windows Diagnostic Tool In Your Computer

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Windows 8 is the most advanced operating system developed by Microsoft that comprises of a set of advanced options. Some of these interesting features include the Charm bar, Metro UI interface, live tiles etc. There’s also a technical support team available by the name Windows live technical support team that troubleshoots and fixes all the issues related to the operating system.

At times, certain issues do pop up in the operating system that forces the users to call up a technician. In cases where you encounter issues related to the running of Windows in the computer, using Windows Diagnostic tool is considered to be the ideal option. Using this tool, you’ll be able to diagnose if the issue caused is due to any failed hardware, which could be your RAM or the memory system of the motherboard.

Before opting to restart your computer and running the tool, you need to ensure that the work you were doing is saved and you’ve closed all the programs running in your computer. Once you restart the computer, the Memory Diagnostics tool will automatically start to run. If the tool has detected errors in your computer, you can contact your computer manufacturer at the earliest in order to get information on fixing the issues.

You can use the following instructions provided by the Windows live technical support to run the diagnostic tool in the computer:

  • In the first step, you need to click on Start to open the Windows 8 Metro UI screen and then click on the Control Panel option.

    Windows 8 Metro UI

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  • Once you’ve opened the Control Panel, click on the System and Security in it and then the Administrator Tool option, which you can find as the last option under System and Security.
  • Next, you need to click on the list of options and check for the Windows memory diagnostic option in it. Once you find it, click on the option.
  • Now, you need to check the option to diagnose the memory errors and then click on the Restart now and check for problem option. However, before this, you can save all the unsaved work running in your PC.
  • You can opt to restart the system to allow the diagnostic tool to start checking the errors and displaying the results.

By following these steps, you can successfully run the Windows diagnostic tool in your computer, To get more assistance on the same, you can also contact our tech support team.