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New Features That Make Windows 10 More Convenient For Easy Use

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Windows 10, the new operating system that Microsoft is planning to release by the end of this year, is going to be integrated with a slew of exciting new features. According to sources close to Microsoft’s help desk, the Windows new operating system will have advanced authentication features. While using Windows 10, users are given the option to sign into both Microsoft digital services and hardware. Another brand new Windows 10 feature is the integration of Windows Hello, a biometric authentication feature.

Windows Hello

According to experts at Windows Live chat support desk, Windows Hello is a brand new security feature installed in Windows 10. It is capable of allowing the users of the OS to login to their computer by using their fingertips, face, or eyes, for authentication. However, the user has to ensure that his PC has got the required hardware features in order to use these features.

The usual computers that you get in the shops do not have the support for taking fingerprints. So this will be an exceptional feature. However, facial detection is possible with all computers that have been integrated with a webcam. Microsoft said that it is currently collaborating with Intel technology to roll out computing devices that meets the requirements for a complete biometric authentication.

Hello features enterprise grade security

Sources close to the Windows Live chat support desk said that the Windows Hello feature is associated with Enterprise-grade security. Consequently, you will be able to sign into your machine without much headache. You can let the PC give you access to the system even by a quick selfie.

Windows 10 programming tools

Another highlight of the Windows New operating system is the integration of Passport. The integration of this new feature enables users to authenticate digital services. With this new set of tools, users of the OS can access any of their desired applications with ease of use.

Requires fewer passwords

Windows New Operating System

Windows 10 Support Desk

When you turn on your Windows 10 OS, it automatically let you access quite a number of Microsoft services. In fact, with a single account, you can decide to manage multiple Microsoft services. It means that you do not have to remember all your passwords to access a service.

Some of the Windows 10 features have already been rolled out. Many other features are yet to unveiled. Microsoft says that it will release brand new features like Cortana and Continuum with the upcoming Windows 10 Consumer Preview.

How To Uninstall Windows Live Messenger From Windows 7

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Windows Live Messenger is no longer continued by Microsoft. Earlier known as MSN messenger, the popular instant message service Windows Live Messenger has officially retired and given way to the newer and more powerful Microsoft Skype. Founded in 2003, Skype was formally acquired by Microsoft Corporation very recently in 2011.

Skype provides Instant messaging services but it gained popularity for providing video chat and voice calls over the internet. Apart from that, Skype can also be used for exchanging files and images and even conference calls between multiple users. Skype has a large user base because of it is compatible in all platforms, from mobile phones to tablets and even iOS and Android devices. Calling users over internet using VoIP is considerably cheaper than conventional calls. Recently, Microsoft has revealed its plans to use Skype for Enterprise use as well. In place of Microsoft Lync used for business communication, Microsoft will soon roll out Skype for Business in late 2015.

Since Skype is the only working messaging program, you can uninstall Windows Live Messenger and save valuable space. In order to do this, you can either contact the Windows Live help desk, or make the following changes yourself.

    • Click on the Orb button in the left corner of your screen in order to open the Start menu. From inside the Start menu, click on Control Panel.
    • From the list of options, you will find Uninstall a program option under Programs. Click on it to view the list of programs installed in your computer.
indows Live Essentials

Troubleshooting Windows Live

  • From the list, click on Windows Live Essentials, and select Uninstall/change. This will bring up the Uninstall Program Wizard. Click on Uninstall and then hit Continue.
  • You will be displayed the list of programs under the Windows Live suite. Select Windows Live Messenger and then click on Remove.

Follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the program. Every trace of the program will be deleted once the Wizard uninstalls the program.The same set of instructions can be used to uninstall every other Windows Live Essential components. Windows Live Messenger opens up on startup, wasting a lot of computer resources. Hence, uninstalling the program will save a lot of space and will appreciably speed up your computer. If you have followed the instructions stated above, you will see that the program has been uninstalled from your computer. If you require further assistance, contact the Windows Live help and support desk for further details.

Skype For Windows Desktop Released

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Skype For Windows Desktop is now out of the beta tag in their recent version. Users were waiting for long to have the full version of Skype for Windows. Those users who just cannot wait to get the latest version will be able to download it from the official website. Microsoft released the preview version of Skype for Windows and Mac to the public before sometime and in the latest version, a new user interface was introduced and this is not much different from that of the Skype mobile version.

It is great news to the users that Skype for Windows desktop is now available in full version. The latest version of the program follows the modern design language of Microsoft in a closer way when compared to the older versions of the program. The latest version of the program is now ready for download. As said earlier, the preview version of Skype for Windows and Mac was released only recently and this preview was welcomed wholeheartedly by the users. As per the reports and reviews on the latest version, it is designed to offer a much easier way to chat, check the pictures and to share them.

Windows Desktop

Windows Help And Support

With the latest changes to the Skype program, users will be able to message and do video calls side by side. Also the group video conversations in the program are also deemed free now. Another change in the program is that the emoticons that are used in regular instant messaging with the Skype program have also undergone an enlargement process. This will increase the visibility of the emoticons and make them much easy to see. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows Live chat support team.

The latest update has brought voice and video call to the web browser of the users. This means that the user will be able to do a voice or video call right from the web browser. This is obviously a great feature and many of the users have up voted for this feature in blogs and forums. The recent features to the programs from Microsoft prove that they are heeding to the complaints and needs of the users.

If you wish to know more on the features and updates to the Skype program, you can contact the Windows Live chat support team. They will be able to let you know more on the latest news and updates.

Microsoft Releases New Version Of Skype With Many Advanced Features

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Microsoft has released version 6 of Skype and it adds numerous features to the tool. The new version of Skype is available for Windows as well as Mac users. With the new version, Microsoft has added some cool features to the program like sign-on with Microsoft credentials, Facebook account etc. With this feature, users no longer have to sign up for Skype itself as they just need to log in to their Facebook account or Microsoft account and Skype would use these credentials to login to the account.

According to Windows Live chat support, the new version will bring in Retina display compatibility for Mac users. It will also support multi-window chats. The new version of Skype is going to be more attractive to the Mac users. The earlier versions of the program were cluttered with many unnecessary items and this made it difficult to work with the program and find some of the features and tools in it. However, there have been many improvements with the new version and it offers a cleaner interface to the users. It is hoped that users of Apple’s 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro and those who intend to buy the new 13 inch version of the device would be more benefited with the new version of Skype.

The new Skype app will help the users to chat with other Microsoft programs like Hotmail, Live Messenger and Outlook contacts just as you do with your Facebook contacts. Microsoft does not plan to end the enhancement activities and it is expected that the company would be releasing voice and video call capabilities for Microsoft network contacts for the program in the coming weeks.

Windows Live Messenger

Window Chat Programs

Microsoft acquired Skype on May 2011. Along with the purchase of the company, Microsoft had acquired all the technologies of the company. After taking over Skype, Microsoft has phased out Windows Live Messenger, which was the major chat tool of the company.

There have been many other developments in Skype after the software giant took over the company. Skype had reached an agreement with Comcast, which allows the Skype users to make video chats through HDTV sets. The program has also released a free video messaging service, which works on all the major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, iOS, Android etc. Users can expect many more features in the coming months as the company has already announced the release of a new chat, which will help the users to communicate with their colleagues over the same document.

For additional information on the new Skype version, you may contact Windows live chat support.

Games For Windows Live Will Continue To Live On

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Windows Live Support

In a plot twist, it appears Microsoft will continue to run and support Games for Windows Live despite all the recent rumors about its apparent demise. The rumors had both been widespread and rampant since August of last year and Microsoft had not officially released a word about it until now. The huge delay had meanwhile caused a lot of implications, with most developers abandoning the servers and migrating to Steamworks.

Gamers were upset for months; unhappy about the indecision from Microsoft and the confusion due to the migration of some games while other games stayed put. When Microsoft’s own game Studio Twisted Pixel released information about the migration to Steamworks, most gamers had believed it to be official confirmation for the long believed rumour. However, Microsoft recently decided to bash the rumor by saying, “We are continuing to support the Games for Widows Live service. We remain committed to investing in PC gaming in the years ahead, and look forward to sharing more in the future.” This dialog not only denies any news about the end of support of GFWL but also informed users about the fact that Microsoft will not stop this service any time in the near future. To get more information about the same, you may contact our Windows Live Chat Support.

The decision from Twisted Pixel to abandon GFWL and move its matchmaking, sharing user-created content and features to Steamworks, the arch rival of GFWL, came in recently. Moreover, the rumor was started not by third party sources or unknown informants. This action was displayed in Age of Empires Online Support page. Moreover, the support article even mentioned a deadline of July 1, 2014 for the end of service. However, later confirmation from spokesperson from Microsoft was never received.

Games For Windows Live

Windows Live Game Server

The company officials recently said, “Although customers are unable to purchase new games from the marketplace or receive title updates, they can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading them through the Games for Windows Live client as usual.” Moreover it has been hinted that Microsoft will be looking into going to different avenues, ever since Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division informed that Microsoft’s focus has shifted towards, “a renewed focus on Windows and PC gaming.” Moreover, he had even highlighted that Microsoft will not be competing with Valve and will seek to branch out to different venues. Contact our Windows Live Chat Support for more information about the same.

This statement was provided back in March this year and Phil did include that “you will get a clear answer from us very soon.” However, the recent action from Microsoft has confused users as to what the company sought to gain from losing innumerous games from its server.

Using Xbox 360 Wireless Headset With Windows Live Messenger

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Using Windows Live Messenger

Though Microsoft has an excellent support network in place to take care of any issues, when you face issues with one of their products, you really need not call up Windows live chat support for minor things like for using the Xbox 360 wireless headset with Windows Live Messenger. Xbox 360 headset is just like any other headset you normally use in your instant messenger client and you can set it up easily. Just follow the instructions given below.

Setting up the Xbox 360 wireless headset with Windows Live Messenger

You can use Xbox 360 headset for your regular Windows Live Messenger chat sessions. The Xbox 360 wireless headset is not just designed for gaming; you can use it for chatting on the Xbox Live chat network. The same applies to Windows Live Messenger or any other installed IM client application you have on the console that enjoys Windows live chat support.

First, you have to set up the Windows Live Messenger application in your Xbox 360 properly. From the Guide menu in your console, go to Chat and then, IM. This should launch the Windows Live Messenger application on your screen. If you are a Windows user, you might already have a Windows Live Messenger ID. If so, login using that same username and password here as well. If not, you can easily sign up for a new ID by clicking on the Sign Up option you see there.

Now, switch on the Xbox 360 wireless headset you want to use with Windows Messenger. Power button is located right at the centre of the headphone. Now, connect the headset to the Xbox 360 console. For this, you need to press the button right next to the power button on the console.

Xbox Live Chat Network

Xbox Chat Support

The console will now detect the wireless headset and try to establish the connection. You need to press the Connect button now located on the headset. Press down on this button until you see the light flashing indicating that a connection has indeed been established. This normally will not take more than a second.

The wireless headset is now properly connected to the console. You can now start using it with Windows Live Messenger. Invite someone from your contacts and start a live chat session. Press the Call button on the messenger to start the chat.

You may contact our tech support personnel if you are having any issues with setting this up.

Voice Chat Between Xbox One And Xbox 360 Not Possible

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Xbox Live Chat Features

It seems that there will not be any Windows Live chat support for linking Xbox One and Xbox 360. Ever since the release of Xbox One, gaming enthusiasts have been waiting to combine both these popular consoles to establish multiplayer gaming networks online. However, the lack of Windows Live chat support between the two might have spoiled these plans.

Why voice chat between Xbox One and Xbox 360 is not possible?

Microsoft intended to make Xbox One the best gaming console available in the market. Keeping this in mind, they started working on improving the Kinect motion-sensing device, the sound systems, the graphics output, and so on. The result was a gaming console that is technologically much superior to Xbox 360. And, because of this reason, there are a few incompatibility issues between the two consoles.

For example, according to Microsoft, the voice chat system used in Xbox One is much different than that in Xbox 360. The data transfer rate in the new gaming console is higher than that in Xbox 360. All such technological differences have made it impossible to have a live video chat session between the two devices. However, this does not mean they cannot play multiplayer games online.

Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 can be connected to the Xbox Live network and you can enjoy multiplayer games and other entertainment available on the service. Nevertheless, if you want to start a chat session with your friend on the other end, you have to use the text messaging option. The cool party chat options will only work with the same generation consoles.

Voice Chat System

About Xbox Live Audio Chat

According to Microsoft Xbox website, Xbox 360 headsets are set to work with a data transfer rate of 16 KHz for downstream data and 8 KHz, made possible by applying 14-bit compression. However, in Xbox One, the need of data compression is removed and the data transfer takes place at 24 KHz at an uncompressed 16-bit resolution.

So, clearly, there are a lot of differences between the voice data transfer technology used in the two consoles. But, Microsoft needs to reconsider this and come up with some solution to make cross-platform audio chat service available, as their main rival, Sony, has made it possible with PS4 and PS3 without any compatibility issues already.

Chatting With Video Kinect On Xbox 360

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The users of the Xbox 360 will be able to chat with their Messenger friends making use of the Video Kinect on Xbox 360. The Windows live chat support tips that are shared below will help you to know more on making use of the video Kinect feature.


Video Kinect feature offers the users the ability to engage in video chat with their Xbox 360 gaming console. Chatting through the Video Kinect on Xbox Live offers the users the same full screen experience as they used to get using the Windows Live Messenger on the computer. The ingenious Windows Live Messenger hookups mean that the Kinect feature allows users to talk to all their friends and family members who are not necessarily on Xbox Live.

Video Kinect makes use of the Kinect’s camera and inbuilt microphone meaning that there is no need for additional controllers or headsets. Any of the Kinect enabled Xbox device with Xbox Live Gold membership can take advantage of the video chat feature. Apart from talking with your friends on Windows Live Messenger, you will also be able to chat with the other Video Kinect users.

Video Kinect works the best when you have very good room lighting. If you find that the video is not smooth, you can increase the room lighting to make the video smoother. Additionally, this feature works best if you and your friend have a high-speed Internet connection, 700 Kbps being the optimal speed that is recommended by Xbox team.

By default, the built-in Family Settings feature of the Xbox 360 console makes sure that your chats are always secure and safe. If you wish to have further tweaking, you can adjust and choose settings to add things like safe chat friend lists, time limits and many more.

Xbox Live Gold Members

Windows Live

Video Kinect is available for Xbox Live Gold members and can be found on the dashboard. To reach here,

  • Go to My Community and then choose Video Kinect.
  • Select to Download Vide Kinect.
  • After the download has been finished successfully, you can start Video Kinect from the Kinect Hub or My Community.

These are the steps to make use of the Video Kinect feature in Xbox 360 gaming console. If you wish to know more on making use of the Video Kinect feature, you can contact our Windows live chat support team.

Has Skype Managed To Enthrall Windows Live Messenger Users?

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More than a year ago, Microsoft had ditched its popular instant messaging application, Windows Live Messenger and adopted Skype. The announcement was a shock for most Windows Messenger users who flocked over to the Windows live chat support team to know about the authenticity of the news. Eventually, the software giant discarded the services for Windows Live Messenger and started promoting Skype among its users.

Skype is definitely a much more advanced messaging service as compared to Windows Live Messenger. But it does not have certain features that were there in Microsoft’s extinct messaging service. Among these features, the one most missed by users is the option to be notified when the person receives a new mail in his/her messenger account. There’s also no option to change chat font and color font for the personal chats as well as for the chat window. Along with this, the users also don’t have the option to disable camera completely from Skype (some users even want that.)

When Microsoft had first announced the termination of Windows Live Messenger to promote Skype, internet analysis firm Comscore had stated that the instant messenger still had almost double the number of Skype users. Reports also suggested that the percentage of Skype users were increasing every year compared to that of Windows Live Messenger, which was witnessing a fall in the user share. It is probably this scenario that made Microsoft come to such a decision.

Advanced Chat Service

Windows Live Chat Features

At the time when Windows Live Messenger was going to get stopped, Brian Blau from Gartner had stated that “When a company has competing products that can result in cannibalization it’s often better to focus on a single one. Skype’s top-up services offer the chance to monetize its users and Microsoft is also looking towards opportunities in the living room. Messenger doesn’t seem like an appropriate communications platform for TVs or the firm’s Xbox console – but Skype does.” The technicians at Windows Live chat support also insisted the users to move onto Skype to experience the advanced chat service.

Coming back to the missing Windows Live Messenger features in Skype, the application also doesn’t comprise of the option to use animated avatars and also to share pictures among the users.

Well, it is certain that in the near future, Microsoft will definitely add more interesting options to Skype in order to make it the most used messaging application in the world.