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Windows Build 10036 Leak From WZor

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Windows 10 Release

Buffs await the release of Windows 10, while many others are trying to get their hands on whatever new they can find about the latest build. One of the newer leak videos on YouTube shows what is being called version number 10036. Put up on March 12, this video showcases a leak whose supposed screenshots also came up on the Russian blog

The video itself focuses on some of the new features in the new OS, such as the Task View, and the provision to drag-and-drop applications to launch desktops. This is useful for those users who wish to move around more freely between app and desktop milieus.

In another screenshot of the 10036 build, you see a new Wi-Fi selection window. The current builds need you to hit the “Wi-Fi” option inside the Action Center if you want to be making any changes. Version 10036 is able to speed the process up by letting the user make their changes inside a separately opened window.

Another newbie is the half-transparent Start Menu. Apparently, this only changes the look of the thing, and not the usability. But that seems incongruent with the whole Metro feel that Microsoft was supposedly going for; this fits in better with the style that Windows 7 and Vista espoused.

Release Of Windows 10

Windows 10 Leak

There has been no new build announced from Microsoft of late, and people are desperate to get their next peek at what is happening with the product. Since this is in beta, they do not have any hope of Windows live support at this time. From what has known so far, there are apparently two public release channels for Windows 10. The one for regular updates let you access the features sooner, though this is only available to Microsoft testers. The other one, slower updates, lets you enjoy a longer tested and more refined model of the OS. Gabe Aul tweeted this month that the fast channel was looking to speed up sometime soon.

Another thing he said on Windows blog was that the unset date for the release is a good way to keep work going along at its fastest, with teams able to finish their projects in less time than otherwise. The January build apparently was a case in point. “It paid off,” he wrote in a post. “We got a much fresher build out, with more features and fixes, and we were able to ship on 1/23 as we’d aspired.” And of course with less unfixed issues, it would bring down the need for many customers to call up Windows Live support.

Windows Live Is Now Better With Essentials

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Windows Live Program

Windows Live is the collective collaboration and communication tool from Microsoft that needs no introduction. This program is much popular among the users and has basic web-based features like instant messenger and mail. Some of these features were revamped and the program was given a new name, Windows Live Essentials. This program includes features like SkyDrive, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, Family Safety, Office Live Add-in, Writer, Outlook Connector Pack and many other useful tools.

Now the program is empowered with Silverlight that allows the users to do more from the program interface. With this, the users will be able to make use of their creativity to design and develop mobile and web applications. With the help of SkyDrive, users will be able to work from anywhere. They will be able to share videos, pictures and other files from anywhere around the world. The only thing that the user needs is a working Internet connection to log into the Windows Live ID.

It is mandatory that with time, more and more new features should be added to a program to be in business and of course, expansion is associated with responsibility. There can be a number of issues that are associated with the Windows Live services like blocked account, email send-receive issues, and security and spamming issues. But SkyDrive is in the Microsoft server and there are not many issues that are related to the accessibility and the availability of the data, when SkyDrive is considered.

Windows Live ID

Windows Live Essentials

It will be always good if the user is able to follow the safety norms and this will help the users get the right stuff from Windows Live Essentials and will offer an edge to the communication and sharing skills. To get the most out of the program, you will need to use the updated Windows, Internet security and web browsers. If you find any issues with your PC, you need not hesitate to take the necessary steps to get rid of the issue. You should not procrastinate as this can lead to bigger losses to you or your business firm.

Also, you can perform a full system scan making use of the programs like Microsoft Security Essentials to get rid of the viruses and other spyware programs. Some of this information was obtained from the Windows Live help desk. For more details, you may contact the Windows Live help team.

Deleting Your Chat History In Skype

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Windows Chat Service Options

Microsoft has discontinued all their old chat service networks like MSN Messenger and made Skype their only Microsoft chat service network for all platforms including the Xbox gaming consoles. The transition was initiated in April 2013 and they provided Windows Live chat support to all users, who were migrating their contacts and other account data to Skype.

Skype is very different from the old Windows Messenger apps and is much easier to use. However, some of the Windows Messenger users might find it difficult to figure out the new settings and features provided in the Skype Messenger. This article will show you how to delete the chat history in Skype Messenger.

How to delete the chat history in Skype Messenger

This is one of the options many Skype users are not satisfied with. In Skype Messenger, there is no option for deleting your chat history with a single Contact. However, there is an option for deleting your chat history stored in the Skype account. But, deleting the chat history only for a single contact is not possible.

There is no point in contacting the Windows Live chat support desk on this one. Microsoft has so far not introduced this option in any of the latest Skype versions either. If you have used the MSN Messenger service before, you would remember that the option for deleting the chat history for individual contacts was indeed provided.

There is an option for deleting a particular text message you have sent to the recipient. But, you have to do this within a few minutes after you have sent that message. Just right-click on that particular message and select the option Remove Message. This will remove that text message alone from your chat history. But, this option will disappear after a few minutes and the message you sent will now be part of the chat history stored in your account.

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Then, you will have to delete the entire chat history in your account to delete any message or your chat history with just one contact. For this, sign in to the Skype Messenger and click on the button labelled Skype in the menu bar. Next, select the option Privacy.

There, go to the section Keep History For. Click on the button Clear History to remove all the chat history stored in your Skype account. Remember that this will remove all your IM messages, video call history, the files you sent or received, voice call history and so on. So, think twice before you use this option.

Running The Windows Diagnostic Tool In Your Computer

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Windows 8 is the most advanced operating system developed by Microsoft that comprises of a set of advanced options. Some of these interesting features include the Charm bar, Metro UI interface, live tiles etc. There’s also a technical support team available by the name Windows live technical support team that troubleshoots and fixes all the issues related to the operating system.

At times, certain issues do pop up in the operating system that forces the users to call up a technician. In cases where you encounter issues related to the running of Windows in the computer, using Windows Diagnostic tool is considered to be the ideal option. Using this tool, you’ll be able to diagnose if the issue caused is due to any failed hardware, which could be your RAM or the memory system of the motherboard.

Before opting to restart your computer and running the tool, you need to ensure that the work you were doing is saved and you’ve closed all the programs running in your computer. Once you restart the computer, the Memory Diagnostics tool will automatically start to run. If the tool has detected errors in your computer, you can contact your computer manufacturer at the earliest in order to get information on fixing the issues.

You can use the following instructions provided by the Windows live technical support to run the diagnostic tool in the computer:

  • In the first step, you need to click on Start to open the Windows 8 Metro UI screen and then click on the Control Panel option.

    Windows 8 Metro UI

    Windows Live Support

  • Once you’ve opened the Control Panel, click on the System and Security in it and then the Administrator Tool option, which you can find as the last option under System and Security.
  • Next, you need to click on the list of options and check for the Windows memory diagnostic option in it. Once you find it, click on the option.
  • Now, you need to check the option to diagnose the memory errors and then click on the Restart now and check for problem option. However, before this, you can save all the unsaved work running in your PC.
  • You can opt to restart the system to allow the diagnostic tool to start checking the errors and displaying the results.

By following these steps, you can successfully run the Windows diagnostic tool in your computer, To get more assistance on the same, you can also contact our tech support team.

GFWL Apparently Headed Down The Drain

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GFWL Support Dwindling

Games for Windows Live is fast nearing the time when people won’t be using it anymore. This is a social platform and DRM system from Microsoft, and has been a coding platform for many popular games over the past decade or so. And it’s dying an undignified death.

In the list of developers dropping gaming support for the client, we now have Codemasters, who’ve made their separation plans known on a Twitter feed. What they now have is a free version of the Dirt 3 rally racing game, which will be the last release from them to use GfW:Live.

Subsequent games from this developer, including the F1 2012 and 2013, Grid 2 and Dirt: Showdown, are all set for Steamworks. Where these guys are concerned, the only thing left undecided is whether Dirt 2 will have Games for Windows Live support. Some popular developers like Bioshock 2 and the Arkham games, and Capcom have already moved on. Some title like Red Faction: Guerrilla multiplayer have released without support for, or requirement of, the GfW:Live client.

Shut down plans for the Games for Windows Live platform were announced on the AOE online page some time back, and at the time many thought Microsoft was making a joke of some sort. They even removed the closure confirmation after that, which lent a certain suggestibility to that notion. But seeing so many departures in Steamworks’ direction, there’s only one conclusion to draw: GfW:Live is headed for the scrap yard. At least this is what everyone else seems to think at this point.

Gaming Support

Dropped GFWL Support

The post-apocalyptic RPG title, Fallout 3, is another game for which Games for Windows Live support is being dropped. This is in response to the steady fall everyone’s been seeing from the platform. A patch was put out recently for the Steam version of this tile, which scraps some of the registry functions for the Windows platform. But apparently, Fallout 3 still installs on GfW:Live, removing which makes the game inoperable.

Many other titles have up and left from the GfW:Live scene, presumably because there seems to be no sense in sticking around when it’s clear Microsoft no longer cares what happens here. Dark Souls and Grand Theft Auto 4 are among those titles which still need the game client to run, and these are some of the best titles of the year.

New System Monitor App Released For Windows OS

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Features Of Windows OS

You can find numerous applications for Windows operating systems and MultiMon is one of them. This newly developed application is intended to monitor the various programs on the operating system. There is both the free version and the paid version of the program. Some of the items monitored by the program are system registry, keyboard, clipboard, user and the system.

According to Windows help blogs, once you finish installing the program, you may choose the different areas, which you want the program to monitor. For this, you need to have the administrator rights or the program will not open. When you are in the main interface of the program, you can choose different applications individually. It is advised that you choose only the important programs because when you choose more programs, the memory usage goes up and this could create problems when you try to run other programs if your computer has a low memory installed. In a test carried out with the program, it was found that the program used 270MB of memory when all the items were chosen to be monitored.

The results of the monitoring process are found under different tabs. You may switch the tabs as you wish. There is a separate tab in the program called All, which will display all the new events from the monitored programs in a separate table.

The program separates the entries by date according to Windows help blogs. Therefore, it becomes easier to look or search into the activities on a program at a particular date. The table contains entries in the order of date and time, action, process that triggered the action, registry keys, values changed etc. It will also contain other details associated with the operation.

System Registry

Windows OS Installation

There are other features like system monitors and file system. However, they may not be useful for the end users and may help only the system administrators. For instance, you will find thread creations and system display processes when various functions open. Even though it will not help the end users, they can be a big assistance for system administrators or developers for reviewing and monitoring processes.

The program creates a detailed record of various activities like the use of keys Alt and Tab to switch programs, viewing of activities that are initiated by other users, resizing windows etc. If you purchase the premium version of the program, you can store various key strokes and other data that are copied to the clipboard by a user. You may find more details about the app on Windows help blogs.

New Features Introduced In Office Web Apps

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Get Live Help

Microsoft has released an improvised version of their Office Web Apps incorporated with the SkyDrive file hosting service. With this new feature incorporated to the SkyDrive cloud storage service, users of SkyDrive will be able to use the popular Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote from their SkyDrive web app. This feature removes the problems involved earlier in downloading the document and then editing the document in offline mode, which you had to upload again for keeping the edited version on the drive. However, with the web apps in place, now you can edit the documents right from your web browser.

Microsoft has pointed out in their Windows Live help website that when a user now clicks on a word document, it will open in an editor like interface in the website, so that you can edit and save the changes right from the website. We can say that at last Microsoft started following the path shown by Google as Google has been providing this feature with their Google Docs service for a long time now. However, the strong point of Microsoft is that their interface looks just like that of Microsoft Office so that Office users will be able to work easily with new web apps.

Microsoft has introduced both desktop and tablet versions of the Web apps program for Windows 8 and RT tablets. However, with new update done last week, the web apps will now support Android devices too. This will give Microsoft entry to a larger segment of users as Android has the largest number of devices in the market now. However, for accessing web apps from the Android device, you need to use the Google Chrome web browser. As of now, it is the only web browser in Android tablets that supports working with web apps.

Office Web Apps

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One of the most notable features added to the web apps is that it now features co-authoring. This means that all the users will be able to see the changes made to the document as they are made. This releases the users from the trouble of reloading the website at regular intervals for seeing the current changes made to the document. However, Microsoft states that only PowerPoint documents will support this feature for now and support for other applications will be added later. Contact our Windows Live help desk for further details.

Making A Worldwide Windows Live Community

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Windows Live

Windows Live Messenger 9 is an instant messenger client that is the latest update to an already popular service from Microsoft. This service makes use of text to facilitate communication between the users, electronically. The users of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 can download the Windows Live Messenger 9 program to take advantage of all the basic functionalities and the recently updated features. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows Live support team.

The recently updated version is also compatible with Windows Mobile. This program was originally named MSN Messenger and was released on July 22, 1999. Owing to the increased features and updates, it was renamed on December 13 2005 as Windows Live Messenger. This program also connects to the .NET Messenger Service from Microsoft. This program can be used by Microsoft products as well as third party client software. Making use of the proprietary instant messaging protocols, this program can be used by anyone who is having an active Windows Live ID. This allows the users to sign in and communicate with the other users who are already active in the network instantly.

Third Party Client Software

Windows Support

When the users download the Windows Live Messenger 9, they not only get the capability of instant messaging, but also they get access to many of its other new features. One of the features that add to the functionality of the program is sharing folders. This method of transfer can be used instead of a direct transfer method to deliver files to other users in the network. Users will be able to place the files into a sharing folder for a specific user to access. Computer to phone calls are also supported by Verizon. For those users who need to download Windows Live Messenger 9, it is called as Verizon Web Calling. This program allows a call to be placed from a computer to a telephone.

To make the Windows Live Messenger program more flexible, they have partnered with Yahoo to allow interoperability between the two messenger programs. The combined user base of these programs grew instantly to encompass 40% of the users worldwide. If the user wishes to take advantage of this flexibility, he must download MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger 9. Even when the user is signed off, messages will still come to the account of the user and will be available when they come back online. If you wish to know more on the Windows Live Messenger 9 program, you may contact the Windows Live support team.

Adding Your Windows Live Mail Account To Mozilla Thunderbird

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Using Windows Live Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird is a very useful email client application released by the Mozilla Foundation. You can use it with almost all standard web mail services that use the standard mail transfer protocols like POP3, like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.

According to the Windows Live support website, the Windows Live Mail service has POP3 support. This means that it is indeed very easy for you to add your Windows Live Mail account to Mozilla Thunderbird. Here is how to do it.

Setting up your Windows Live Mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird

When you are running the Mozilla Thunderbird application for the first time, you will see that the Account Setup wizard is launched automatically on the screen. If not, you can launch it manually by going to the Tools menu, selecting the Account Settings option, and then pressing the Add Account button.

Here, you need to click on the Email Account button and then, press Next. This will launch the Mozilla Thunderbird account setup wizard. In the first step, you need to type in your name as well as Windows Live Mail account address, in the text fields provided and then, press Next.

In the next step, you need to select the type of the Incoming Server used in the email service. You need to select this as POP3. Now, you need to enter the Incoming and Outgoing Server address information as and respectively. Press Next to go to the next step.

Here, you will see text fields for entering the Incoming and Outgoing user names. You need to type in your full Windows Live Mail username, including the domain name. Press Next.

Server Address Details

Contact Windows Support

In the step, you need to provide a name for the Windows Live Mail account you are adding to Mozilla Thunderbird in the text field for Account Name. Press Next and then, Finish. Now, go to the Tools menu and click on the Account Settings option. There click on the Server Settings option, and go to the Security Settings options. There, select the SSL option. Leave the Use Secure Authentication option unchecked. The Port should be set at 995. After settings all these settings, press the OK button.

Now, press the Get Mail button. Here, you will be asked to type in your password. You can use the password manager option for storing the password in the mail client.

If you have any doubts regarding the server address details or port numbers for Widows Live Mail, visit the Windows Live support website online.

Live Messenger For IPhone Hits The App Store

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Windows Live Support Help

In case you were not aware, there is great news for iPhone and Windows Live messenger users: the Windows Live messenger for iPhone now hits the app store.

You can call me crazy, but it has to be said that there is something extremely awesome about, 1: an official app from Microsoft, and 2: Windows branding appearing in Apple’s App Store. Recently, Live Messenger for iPhone has become available for download on your iPhone or iPod touch. This can bring some cheer to users of Windows Live messenger, as well as those iPhone users who needed this app in iPhone but couldn’t have it this long. And like the Bing app which came before it, the Live Messenger for the iPhone is actually quite good.

The great thing here is that through Windows Live Messenger you can also access your Hotmail account, and view updates from your contacts’ Facebook, Flickr and MySpace accounts, and upload photos you’ve taken on your iPhone. So, all this awesomeness is now available in the app store. All you need to do is start using it!

It is also possible for you to launch the app, and then you will see your Live social stream — which is cool, but unfortunately most people don’t use Live that much. Not many have been taken with what they’ve seen Windows live support in the past, but as things stand now, many are missing out on how good this application can really be.

Live Messenger for iPhone

Help For Windows Live Support

Pick a friend and then start chatting. That’s all you need to do to use this application. All your currently active chats are placed comfortably on the chat screen for easy bouncing, back-and-forth, between conversations. Live Messenger also makes it possible for you to upload pictures from your iPhone – and apply one of 36(!) photo effects.

So, check out the new app on the iTunes website, or hit up the App Store on your device and give it a try. So, we hope this Windows live support article was useful. You can definitely research on this new app on the internet. The best thing to do is to go to official Microsoft website for updated news. You can also explore many new things that have come up, and even learn more about other apps.