Microsoft Releases New Version Of Skype With Many Advanced Features

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Microsoft has released version 6 of Skype and it adds numerous features to the tool. The new version of Skype is available for Windows as well as Mac users. With the new version, Microsoft has added some cool features to the program like sign-on with Microsoft credentials, Facebook account etc. With this feature, users no longer have to sign up for Skype itself as they just need to log in to their Facebook account or Microsoft account and Skype would use these credentials to login to the account.

According to Windows Live chat support, the new version will bring in Retina display compatibility for Mac users. It will also support multi-window chats. The new version of Skype is going to be more attractive to the Mac users. The earlier versions of the program were cluttered with many unnecessary items and this made it difficult to work with the program and find some of the features and tools in it. However, there have been many improvements with the new version and it offers a cleaner interface to the users. It is hoped that users of Apple’s 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro and those who intend to buy the new 13 inch version of the device would be more benefited with the new version of Skype.

The new Skype app will help the users to chat with other Microsoft programs like Hotmail, Live Messenger and Outlook contacts just as you do with your Facebook contacts. Microsoft does not plan to end the enhancement activities and it is expected that the company would be releasing voice and video call capabilities for Microsoft network contacts for the program in the coming weeks.

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Microsoft acquired Skype on May 2011. Along with the purchase of the company, Microsoft had acquired all the technologies of the company. After taking over Skype, Microsoft has phased out Windows Live Messenger, which was the major chat tool of the company.

There have been many other developments in Skype after the software giant took over the company. Skype had reached an agreement with Comcast, which allows the Skype users to make video chats through HDTV sets. The program has also released a free video messaging service, which works on all the major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, iOS, Android etc. Users can expect many more features in the coming months as the company has already announced the release of a new chat, which will help the users to communicate with their colleagues over the same document.

For additional information on the new Skype version, you may contact Windows live chat support.