New Features That Make Windows 10 More Convenient For Easy Use

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Windows 10, the new operating system that Microsoft is planning to release by the end of this year, is going to be integrated with a slew of exciting new features. According to sources close to Microsoft’s help desk, the Windows new operating system will have advanced authentication features. While using Windows 10, users are given the option to sign into both Microsoft digital services and hardware. Another brand new Windows 10 feature is the integration of Windows Hello, a biometric authentication feature.

Windows Hello

According to experts at Windows Live chat support desk, Windows Hello is a brand new security feature installed in Windows 10. It is capable of allowing the users of the OS to login to their computer by using their fingertips, face, or eyes, for authentication. However, the user has to ensure that his PC has got the required hardware features in order to use these features.

The usual computers that you get in the shops do not have the support for taking fingerprints. So this will be an exceptional feature. However, facial detection is possible with all computers that have been integrated with a webcam. Microsoft said that it is currently collaborating with Intel technology to roll out computing devices that meets the requirements for a complete biometric authentication.

Hello features enterprise grade security

Sources close to the Windows Live chat support desk said that the Windows Hello feature is associated with Enterprise-grade security. Consequently, you will be able to sign into your machine without much headache. You can let the PC give you access to the system even by a quick selfie.

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Another highlight of the Windows New operating system is the integration of Passport. The integration of this new feature enables users to authenticate digital services. With this new set of tools, users of the OS can access any of their desired applications with ease of use.

Requires fewer passwords

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When you turn on your Windows 10 OS, it automatically let you access quite a number of Microsoft services. In fact, with a single account, you can decide to manage multiple Microsoft services. It means that you do not have to remember all your passwords to access a service.

Some of the Windows 10 features have already been rolled out. Many other features are yet to unveiled. Microsoft says that it will release brand new features like Cortana and Continuum with the upcoming Windows 10 Consumer Preview.