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The latest Windows 10 build, 10036, – also a beta – has somehow made its way out of the Redmond campus. WZOR brought it to people’s attention first, as they do a lot of the time; right now, many are having a go at using all the interesting new features in this edition.

What is unusual is that Windows 10 apparently lets you Choose how you download updates, and under this is an option that says Download apps and OS updates from multiple sources to get them more quickly. If you enable this, you get have the further provision to Download apps from Microsoft and: PCs on my local network; PCs on my local network, and PCs on the Internet.

Neither the leak nor the screenshot have been confirmed as real as yet, but if P2P has been brought in, the appeal of it cannot be denied. If all you needed were for the PC to connect to the neighbor’s computer, instead of the Update services each time, the process speeds would go through the roof. A local area network would be all that has needed as long as there is someone in the area who already updated their PC. Home users could benefit from fast and uninterrupted update rendering on their machines.

Hackers are probably remembering Stuxnet, which Microsoft allowed to creep in five years back. This is reason enough to doubt their attempt at peer-to-peer patching. You see plenty of misgivings voiced about this on Windows Live mail support forums.

The other features found include one to bring up the size of the Start Menu, getting it to full screen. That brings in the old Windows 8 TIFKAM feel. You also have a more consistent UI, which looks a lot like a bolstered Windows Defender.

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All of this probably has something to do with the piles of feedback the company got out of users around the world. Remember this OS has already gathered over to a million different user suggestions. Peer-to-peer patching is not something that many are in need of, but then there are other features of which the same could be said. Most new features are topics of heavy discussion on Windows Live mail support forums.

The Update provisions aside, this new build brings in many other features, most as a result if the feedback taken in over the Insider Program.