How To Reset The Xbox Live Password?

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Xbox Live is an online gaming console developed by Microsoft, which provides multiplayer experience to the users. The users need to have an Xbox LIVE account to access the services of this gaming console. The user can sign into Xbox LIVE without entering the LIVE password. However, to add the Microsoft points or buy the popular games in the console, you need to enter your Xbox LIVE account information. Sometimes, you may forget your Windows Live email and password. In such cases, you can simply reset your password, and not the email ID. This is because every Xbox LIVE account is attached to the particular user’s Microsoft Windows Live account. The user must have used a genuine email address, to register and sign up for the Xbox Live network.

You can follow the below-mentioned instructions to reset your Xbox LIVE password, before seeking assistance from the Windows Live help.

  • In the first step, visit the Windows Live login page. Once you are on the Windows login page, click the Sign in option. Here, you would have seen a Forgot your password? link. Now, click on this.
  • After selecting this link, select the I forgot my password and Reset your password option to change the password.
  • Now, enter the email address you think you have used for your Xbox LIVE account. Make sure you continue entering email addresses that you have used in the past.
  • Once you enter the correct one, a new page would appear. You do not have to worry about the login attempts, as you can guess your email as many times as you want. You can also get more information about the recovery of the LIVE password by contacting Windows Live help.

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  • Now, select the Email me a reset link option, followed by hitting Next. You can open the email account you’re sent the password to. However, if you forgot your password to that email, use the email client’s password recovery tool.
  • Now, open the Xbox LIVE email, and click on the provided link, which would redirect you to the password reset page. Here, enter your new password twice and click Next.
  • Now, turn on your Xbox 360 and sign into your Xbox LIVE profile.

Using these steps, you would be able to enter your new information to log on to your account, and access the features of Xbox LIVE. For more information, you can also contact the Microsoft helpline.