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As we all know, Xbox Live services allow gamers to connect their gaming consoles to the internet in order to connect and play games together on Internet Xbox servers. Gaming scenario has changed over the years, from indie-style arcane games to N64 gaming consoles. However, the gaming scenario entirely changed when online gaming started, bringing together gamers from states apart to compete on the same platform.

Over the years, online gaming has changed as well, bringing together tons of people from around the world, creating a new community that unites people of all ages. In order to increase the social aspect even further, Microsoft has made a few revolutionary changes into the Windows Live servers. Now, if you connect your Xbox Live GamerTag account to your Windows Live user ID, you will be able to connect with your gamer friends in the MSN messenger program. This means, you will be able to view the status of your fellow gamers, view which of them are online and even check on which games the friend is currently playing.

In order to enable this feature, you can either contact the Windows Live Support, or make the following changes yourself.

  • From inside the Xbox Gaming console’s dashboard, click on Account Management. You will be able to view all your account related information. This information will be later needed to connect your account information to the gamer tag. This includes all your information such as name, phone number, ZIP code, and the last four digits of your account’s credit card number.
  • Once you have checked and amended all these details, go back to your Windows Live user ID website and then
    Windows Live User ID

    Linking MSN And Xbox Live

    sign up for Windows Live ID if you do not use one. In case you are wondering, yes, you can use your existing MSN Hotmail email account or sign up using your email address. The Windows Live ID will automatically link together all your accounts in the same place.

  • Go To Xbox Live website and login using the Windows Live ID. You might come across a few prompts, to which you have to give appropriate replies. Once you fill in the required fields, the Gamertag will be linked to your Windows Live ID.
  • Now, proceed to sign in to your MSN messenger program on your computer. You will see that your account has now been synced and you will be able to view the status of all your Xbox Live friends.

If you face any issues while linking the accounts, you can immediately contact our Windows Live Support team to get further troubleshooting details.

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Chatting With Video Kinect On Xbox 360

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The users of the Xbox 360 will be able to chat with their Messenger friends making use of the Video Kinect on Xbox 360. The Windows live chat support tips that are shared below will help you to know more on making use of the video Kinect feature.


Video Kinect feature offers the users the ability to engage in video chat with their Xbox 360 gaming console. Chatting through the Video Kinect on Xbox Live offers the users the same full screen experience as they used to get using the Windows Live Messenger on the computer. The ingenious Windows Live Messenger hookups mean that the Kinect feature allows users to talk to all their friends and family members who are not necessarily on Xbox Live.

Video Kinect makes use of the Kinect’s camera and inbuilt microphone meaning that there is no need for additional controllers or headsets. Any of the Kinect enabled Xbox device with Xbox Live Gold membership can take advantage of the video chat feature. Apart from talking with your friends on Windows Live Messenger, you will also be able to chat with the other Video Kinect users.

Video Kinect works the best when you have very good room lighting. If you find that the video is not smooth, you can increase the room lighting to make the video smoother. Additionally, this feature works best if you and your friend have a high-speed Internet connection, 700 Kbps being the optimal speed that is recommended by Xbox team.

By default, the built-in Family Settings feature of the Xbox 360 console makes sure that your chats are always secure and safe. If you wish to have further tweaking, you can adjust and choose settings to add things like safe chat friend lists, time limits and many more.

Xbox Live Gold Members

Windows Live

Video Kinect is available for Xbox Live Gold members and can be found on the dashboard. To reach here,

  • Go to My Community and then choose Video Kinect.
  • Select to Download Vide Kinect.
  • After the download has been finished successfully, you can start Video Kinect from the Kinect Hub or My Community.

These are the steps to make use of the Video Kinect feature in Xbox 360 gaming console. If you wish to know more on making use of the Video Kinect feature, you can contact our Windows live chat support team.

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Steps To View And Edit Gamer Profile In Games For Windows Live

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Windows Live Support

Games for Windows Live makes use of the Xbox profile and gamertag that is associated with the Microsoft account of the user, just like the Xbox 360 and Xbox apps and games for Windows 8. The user will be able to manage some aspects of the profile through any Games for Windows Live game. The Windows Live help tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to view and edit the gamer profile in Games for Windows Live.

Changing Gamertag

A gamertag will be assigned to you when you make your Xbox profile, even if you are not using an Xbox 360 gaming console. To change the gamertag, you can follow the steps that are discussed below.

  • Start any game from Games for Windows Live.
  • Sign into Games for Windows Live by using the gamertag that you wish to change.
  • You can now press on the Guide button on the controller or the Home key on the keyboard to open the Games for Windows Live Guide.
  • Choose Gamertag, select Edit Profile, choose Gamertag again, and then select Change Gamertag. Follow the steps to make your new gamertag.

Viewing And Editing Your Xbox Profile

  • Start any Games for Windows Live game.
  • Press on the Home key on the keyboard or the Guide button to open Games for Windows Live Guide.
  • Select your gamer card from Guide overlay menu.
  • Choose Edit Gamer Profile.
  1. To change the gamer picture that is visible to anyone who views your gamer profile, choose Gamer Picture, select Change Gamer Picture, and then choose a picture.

    Windows Live Game

    Windows Live Team

  2. To change your personal picture that is visible only to your friends, choose Gamer Picture, choose Change Personal Picture, and then choose a picture.
  3. If you wish to change your motto, you can select Motto.
  4. To choose a gamer zone that fits your gaming style, choose Gamer Zone.
  5. To change your Name, Location, or Bio, you can select the appropriate option and then make the necessary changes.
  • You may now press the Home key on your keyboard to return to your game.

These are the steps to view and edit the gamer profile in Games for Windows Live. If you wish to get further assistance in finishing the steps, you can contact our Windows Live help team.

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Associating Your Gamertag With Windows Live

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Windows Live Id

It is possible to play games on Xbox 360 from a disc or using a game that has been downloaded from the Xbox live network. Few of these games need to have an online component, which requires the gamer to have an account on Xbox Live. While you create an account, you also create a unique Gamertag for people to identify yourself among other gamers. Windows live chat support is available for people coming up with queries and concerns about Xbox.

In most of the cases, Microsoft will have to connect to you concerning your account, which is an action done as a part of creating an account through an email message. Hence, it is necessary to associate your Gamertag with the Windows Live ID.


  • Power on Xbox 360 console and turn it on.
  • Scroll to the menu that says My Xbox.
  • Move to the Sign In panel and then press the A button in order to select the Avatar connected with the Gamertag you created.
  • Go back to the My Xbox menu once again, then move to the avatar panel, and press on A to make a selection.
  • Now move to the Account Management panel, press on A to make a selection.
  • Move to the Your Information Panel and then press on A again to make a selection of the Windows Live ID option.
  • To select the option Change Windows Live ID, press A and press on A to click on Yes. Even if you have associated a Windows Live ID earlier with the Gamertag and are only trying to change the same, you will have to provide the Password for the current Windows Live ID.

    Xbox 360

    Windows Live Chat

  • Now type in the space provided for Email ID the Windows Live ID and then the Password in the Password field.
  • Move to the Sign In option and select A to make a selection.
  • You need to press A again in order to select Yes, Change option.

This way, you can associate your Gamertag with the Windows Live ID while playing. This is to make sure that you make the best of these games. Some of the games require that you sign in to use the exclusive features meant for that particular game.

Make use of the Windows live chat support desk to get to know more about new games and developments in the gaming industry.

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Has Skype Managed To Enthrall Windows Live Messenger Users?

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Contact Windows Live Chat Support

More than a year ago, Microsoft had ditched its popular instant messaging application, Windows Live Messenger and adopted Skype. The announcement was a shock for most Windows Messenger users who flocked over to the Windows live chat support team to know about the authenticity of the news. Eventually, the software giant discarded the services for Windows Live Messenger and started promoting Skype among its users.

Skype is definitely a much more advanced messaging service as compared to Windows Live Messenger. But it does not have certain features that were there in Microsoft’s extinct messaging service. Among these features, the one most missed by users is the option to be notified when the person receives a new mail in his/her messenger account. There’s also no option to change chat font and color font for the personal chats as well as for the chat window. Along with this, the users also don’t have the option to disable camera completely from Skype (some users even want that.)

When Microsoft had first announced the termination of Windows Live Messenger to promote Skype, internet analysis firm Comscore had stated that the instant messenger still had almost double the number of Skype users. Reports also suggested that the percentage of Skype users were increasing every year compared to that of Windows Live Messenger, which was witnessing a fall in the user share. It is probably this scenario that made Microsoft come to such a decision.

Advanced Chat Service

Windows Live Chat Features

At the time when Windows Live Messenger was going to get stopped, Brian Blau from Gartner had stated that “When a company has competing products that can result in cannibalization it’s often better to focus on a single one. Skype’s top-up services offer the chance to monetize its users and Microsoft is also looking towards opportunities in the living room. Messenger doesn’t seem like an appropriate communications platform for TVs or the firm’s Xbox console – but Skype does.” The technicians at Windows Live chat support also insisted the users to move onto Skype to experience the advanced chat service.

Coming back to the missing Windows Live Messenger features in Skype, the application also doesn’t comprise of the option to use animated avatars and also to share pictures among the users.

Well, it is certain that in the near future, Microsoft will definitely add more interesting options to Skype in order to make it the most used messaging application in the world.

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