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Ask Toolbar Removal

Remove ask toolbar

     Removing ask toolbar

The ASK Toolbar is an add-on that is provided and powered by the IAC/ The Ask Partner Network. The toolbar is available for download on their website. It is not a virus but is a genuine browser add-on. But sometimes it is attached to other freeware and people may not realize that they have installed the ask toolbar on their systems. Many users like a browser experience that is void of such browser extensions. The add-on may sometimes decrease the speed of your browser if your system is considerably slow.

The add-on is a helpful browser extension. It has some great features that are designed to make your browsing experience easy and fast. For some reasons like less memory on your computer and other problems with the computer you may not want to use the ask toolbar. And you would want to remove it from your system. We can help you remove ask toolbar rather easily, than relying on third party programs to do it for you.

Remove the ask toolbar from internet explorer

  • Press Alt +X to Manage Add-ons.
  • Go to toolbars and Extension and click on remove Ask Toolbar.
  • Click Search Providers on the left.
  • Remove the search engine of the site and select another one.
  • Save changes and close the window. Press Alt + X again.
  • Go to Internet Option under the General tab, replace the current home page address with your preferred home address, and click OK.

Removal from Mozilla Firefox

  • Hold the keys Ctrl + Shift + A to open the Add-ons Manager.
  • If you are on the Extensions menu, click the Remove button next to the ASK Toolbar and close the tab.
  • Press Alt + T and go to Options.
  • Under the General tab replace the home address with your preferred one.
  • Click OK and close the menu.
  • Click the icon in the Search box at the top right corner of the Firefox window.
  • Click Manage Search Engines and remove the unwanted search engine, and select your preferred search engine.
  • Press OK.
Internet explorer

       Help with removal

  • Press Alt +F and scroll to Tools.
  • Go to Extensions and remove the Ask toolbar by clicking the trash can icon.
  • Click Settings on the left, and under On Startup, select Open a page or set of pages.
  • Click Set pages, remove the current home page address, and enter your desired one. Click OK.
  • Under Search, click on Manage your search engines.
  • Set any search engine that you like as the default search engine.
  • Click Done.
  • Restart your browser.

I hope you were successful in your attempts to remove the Ask toolbar. If you are still struggling with removing it, please download a third party tool which would remove it for you.

Boosting Windows Startup Time

Windows support

     Cleaning Windows Registry

Many Windows users get annoyed with slow computer startup. However, by altering some simple settings in the system BIOS, you can easily boost the startup performance of your Windows computer. Here are the steps as provided by the Windows support center to make changes in the system BIOS and enhance computer startup speed.


  • Start the computer and press DEL or F2 key before the Windows operating system loads to enter the BIOS mode.
  • Locate Boot option using arrow keys, TAB and press Enter to select the option.
  • Look for Quick Boot option in the following screen, and Enable it.
  • Change the first boot device as the hard drive in the Boot Device Priority segment.
  • Exit the screen, and opt for Yes to save the changes in the pop-up box. Your computer will reboot with the altered settings.

Removing unwanted startup programs can also speed up the process significantly. Follow the below given set of instructions to delete unnecessary startup programs.

Steps to follow

  • Go to the desktop screen on your computer and access the Start menu. Click on the Run link from the list, and enter msconfig in the dialog box.
  • Select Startup tab in the resulting window to explore the list of programs that automatically launch when your computer loads.
  • Uncheck the boxes against the programs that you do not want to launch with the system startup. It is advised to remove those applications that you seldom use, or run ideally in the background.
  • Click Apply and opt for OK to confirm your action.

    Quick Boot

          Windows startup time

  • Return to the Start menu, and click Turn Off Computer link. Select Restart option and reboot your computer to finish the procedure.

The above procedures would boost your computer startup speed noticeably. It is also advised to clean the Windows Registry for further performance improvement. Many a times, registry errors cause Windows computers to crash, and pop-up error messages on the screen. Cleaning Windows Registry removes all the entries left behind after uninstallation as well as improper software removal, and missing or corrupt hardware drivers.

There are many third party registry cleaners, which may help you in the concern. Apart from that, many IT firms offer remote assistance in cleaning the Windows Registry as well. Contact Windows support center to learn more on optimizing Windows Startup, and clear memory space by boosting the startup time and performance.

Publishing My Movie Online

Windows Live help

  Help with Windows movie maker

If you have made a movie and you would like to share it with your friends and family, you can do it by sharing it online. The web gives you an opportunity to share your data with a lot of people who you may not even know in real life. The web is a great tool to share your content using. You can choose a website in the Sharing group to share your content with others. There are other plugins available in the market for Windows Movie Maker, which allows you to publish your movie directly from Movie Maker, on many popular websites. Windows live help also has extensive tutorials on how to add plugins to Movie Maker.

We can help you in adding a plugin to Movie Maker

  • Launch Movie Maker by clicking the Start button and then typing Movie maker in the Search Box. If you have Movie maker on your desktop, you can launch it by double clicking it on the desktop.
  • On the Home tab, in the Add group click on Add videos and photos.
  • In the Add videos and photos dialog box, open the folder that contains the photos or videos that you want to add, select the video files and photos and click Open.

    Windows Movie Maker

                     Support with sharing movies

  • To select multiple photos and videos you can use the Ctrl key and then select all the photos and videos you want.
  • After you have finished editing your movie click on the Home tab and select the Sharing group. Here you will find a list of websites that you can share your content on. Click on anyone of these websites and follow the instructions.
  • If you follow the instructions correctly, you will have published your movie on the website easily.

The above simple steps would allow you to share a movie easily on any website that you like. Also, sharing a movie is not very difficult these days. You can just point your browser to your favorite video sharing site, and all you have to do is locate a link which is something like Share your video or Upload a video, or something else of the like.

If you continue to have any problems with uploading or sharing your video, contact Windows live help to solve your problems with setting up the necessary plugins. Also if that doesn’t seem to help, you can ask in any of the numerous public forums for help solving your problem.

About The Windows Live Chat Service And Support

Windows Live Chat support

      About the Windows Live network

The Windows Live Chat service is a very popular chat service available online from Microsoft. Normally, the Windows Live chat application would come preinstalled with your Windows OS, and you can log on using your account and initiate a chat. Microsoft provides excellent Windows Live Chat support to take care of the many customer complaints regarding the chat service.

About the Windows Chat networks and Services

Over the years, Microsoft has launched different chat service networks. The Windows users might be familiar with the Windows Messenger, MSN messenger service, Windows Live chat, etc, and might have used them at one time or the other. This indeed did confuse many as to which application or rather which user account to use, to access the chat service network, and that too which network to access.

All these chat networks and services need to be streamlined to make the whole chat service more user-friendly. In Microsoft’s defence, it is indeed possible for Windows users on any Windows OS or platform to initiate a chat with somebody else, on some other Windows Chat application or service, if he has the correct User ID and other contact information of that person.

About the Windows Live Chat

The Windows Live is one of the latest chat application as well as a chat service from Microsoft. It is indeed very similar to the other previous chat applications from Microsoft with support for audio and video chat. It is indeed very easy to set it up and start using it for live chatting.

Microsoft Xbox One

      Contact Windows Live Chat support

Almost all the features present in the application are self-explanatory and I do not think I have to go in to it in detail. If you have any queries about them, refer the Windows Live Chat support webpage for quick solutions.

About the Skype Chat application

It seems Microsoft is indeed aware of the inconvenience caused by the existence of so many different chat applications and services. Microsoft it seems, is planning to use Skype as the main chat application as well as the chat service for all the future Microsoft products and services.

To start with, the new Windows 8 operating system comes with the Skype chat application preinstalled as one of the features of the OS. The soon-to-be released Microsoft Xbox One will also have Skype as the chat application. This does not mean the old chat services have become non-operational. You can continue to use them.

Steps To Remove The Ask Toolbar From Google Chrome

Remove ask toolbar

     Easy Steps to remove ask toolbar

Search toolbar allows you to search for anything you want to know from the search address bar found at the top of the Chrome browser. The toolbar searches for related contents when you enter a keyword from the default search engine of the toolbar. Ask toolbar is one of such toolbar that displays results after searching in the Ask search engine.

Why Remove The Search Toolbar

Most of the users install toolbars without much knowledge in the search engine that the toolbar uses to display results. If you are not comfortable with the search engine that the toolbar uses, it is better to remove Ask toolbar from your system. Some of the search toolbars contain spyware that collects details about your system and browsing activity on the computer. This is a dangerous situation, as you may not have an idea about whom this data is sent to.

Another important problem is Adware. Some of the toolbars contain within them codes for facilitating Ads from specific channels. This is an irritating situation, as you will find many Ads popping up while browsing. This problem is irritating and it will consume your bandwidth, thereby slowing down your connection. Some hackers make use of search toolbars to phish your personal data, so if you suspect phishing, remove your toolbar immediately.

Disabling Ask Toolbar in Google Chrome

To disable the toolbar in your Chrome web browser, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go to the wrench shaped button in the top right hand corner of your browser and then click on it to view a drop down menu.
  • Click on the Tools option from the drop down menu.
  • Select the Settings option from the sub menu that appears and then click on the Extensions option.
  • Search for the Ask toolbar under the Extensions menu and then uncheck the check box.

Steps To Uninstall Ask Toolbar From Windows

  • Click on the Start menu icon found at the left bottom corner of your system and then click on the Control Panel option.

    Chrome web browser

                         Remove search toolbar

  • In the Control Panel window, look for the Programs option and then click on the Uninstall a program option.
  • Now a window will appear, showing all the programs installed in your computer. Find the Ask toolbar and then select the Uninstall button to remove Ask toolbar permanently from Windows.

If you follow the simple instructions provided above, you can easily remove search toolbars from your computer. Make use of our tech support feature for any further assistance.

Now Access Windows Live Mail from your iPhone.

Windows Live Support

                How to sync Window Live mail on iPhone

Window Live Mail is a very popular web based email client. Also referred as Windows Live Mail it can accessed from a computer or any other devices that support email service. This service is also available on Apple iPhone. You can activate the service to receive and send mail through Windows Live Mail account.

You can enable this service on your Apple iPhones easily. If you do not know how to enable this service, then here is an easy guide to do so:

Instructions to Access to Window Live Mail:

1.   Select the Settings button by tapping on it. This option will be available on the home screen.

  1. Navigate to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the list and tap on it.
  2. In the section labeled Accounts Section, tap on the Add Account option.
  3. Tap on Microsoft Exchange. This will open up a list of blank fields.
  4. Type your email address in the Email section. Ensure you type your entire Windows Live email address. Do not type anything in the Domain section.
  5. Type your Email address once more into the Username section.
  6. Type the password of your Windows Mail Account into your Password field. Remember that the password is case sensitive.
  7. You could set up the email account as ant description or just a personal reference name. Type this in the Description section. This is just to help you identity on your preferred way to use this account for example like Work Mail or Home Mail.

    Windows Live Mail

    Support for accessing Windows Live on iPhone

  8. Tap on the next section on the upper right corner of the screen. Now you must type in additional information for your account on a new page.
  9. Type in the section labeled Server.
  10. Select the Save option on the screen. This will open another screen with options available like Mail, Contacts and Calendars. This addition is very helpful as you can sync the Windows Mail account on your iPhone.
  11. Select ON option adjacent to services to activate the service you want to be synced on the device. Make sure you make Mail synced on the phone. Tap on Save in the upper right corner of your device’s screen to save all the settings.

If you encounter any problems with the setup, you can contact Windows Live Support. Experts at Windows Live Support will help you solve your issues easily. Now use your Windows Live Mail account directly from your Apple device.

Windows Live Mail – The New Way To Mail

Windows Live support

     Windows Live Mail

An email client is a platform where a user can access and manage their individual emails and messages. These clients can be both locally installed clients and web-based clients. One such client exclusively provided by windows is the Windows Live Mail. It is easy to enable your regular mail with Windows using the instructions outlined below. The first priority is to determine your POP or IMAP Email Server Settings and ports. This information can be found in the Email Setup Center under the Email Server Settings. The steps for the enabling may wary from version to version, but any doubts can be clarified by logging on Windows Live help.

The steps to activate Windows Live Mail with your email are:

  • Select the Start menu and launch Windows Live Mail.
  • Navigate across the Tools menu and select All Accounts.
  • Add your current email account in the navigation column by clicking on Add Email Account. Enter the email address in the Email Address Field.
  • Choose an appropriate password for your account.
  • If you wish, you can opt for the Remember Password option.
  • To select how your name appears to others when you send a mail enter your username in the Display Name field and then click Next.
  • Choose your server type and enter your Incoming POP or IMAP server. This relates to the information you had noted down earlier from your web based email.
  • Incoming server port:
    • §  IMAP without SSL – 143
    • §  IMAP with SSL – 993
    • §  POP without SSL – 110
    • §  POP with SSL – 995
  • Select the option This server requires a secure connection (SSL) if you are using a port with SSL.
  • An authentications process occurs, so select to log on using Clear text authentication.
  • Enter your full email address in the Login ID field.

    Incoming POP or IMAP

          Help to enable Windows mail

  • Input your Outgoing POP or IMAP Server in the Outgoing server field. This also corresponds to the earlier noted information.
  • Outgoing server:
    • §  In case there is no SSL – either 25,80 or 3535
    • §  With SSL – 465
  • If you are using a port with SSL select This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  • Then proceed to select My outgoing server requires authentication, and then click Next.
  • Click Finish.

Windows Live Mail is a very popular and easy way to manage your email and messages. It has regular updates and any problems can be easily diagnosed from Windows Live Help. You can also change the settings and preferences to match your personality. It is also very user friendly and very reliable.

Sign In Assistant For Live ID

Windows Live support

      Windows Live account

The Windows operating system is one of the most advanced operating system available currently in the market. It incorporates tons of features and capabilities that can be experienced by the users. Windows Live ID is used to sign in into almost all of the Microsoft services. The different Microsoft services like Xbox Live, Zune and Hotmail to name a few use Live ID to login. Multiple ID for different Microsoft services proved to be a big headache for users to shuffle between one account to another.

Users are going to get some relief as Microsoft will incorporate a utility called the Windows Live sign-in assistant with their release of Windows Live ID which permits users to handle different Live ID’s across all Windows Live services. The Windows Live sign-in assistant is used to make your signing in experience faster and easier if you have more than one Windows Live account. Windows Live support is available for those users who experience any issues with Windows Live.

What does it do?

In Windows Live messenger or Windows Live toolbar, the sign in assistant comes as a tool that is used to make sure that fast access to different accounts is possible. The purpose of the Windows Live sign in assistant is to let you save multiple Windows Live ID accounts and passwords so that you will not face trouble while logging in.

Windows Live messenger

             Windows Live sign-in assistant

Another important feature is that for easy identification purposes, you will be able to assign different display pictures for your different accounts. Probably the same display picture can be used for all the Windows Live services.

Better convenience

Only Internet Explorer 6 and above will support this feature as it depends on the Active X technology. So users who are non Internet Explorer users will be quite unhappy but it is a big step taken by Microsoft, as with this new feature has helped users with their accounts a lot. For users who have any issues regarding the Windows sign in assistant, they can contact Windows Live support to resolve all their issues.

With the advent of the Windows Live sign in assistant, logging into your Windows account has become easier than ever before. Microsoft is striving to achieve the best convenience for its users and put a smile on customers by providing a variety of services and products.

Windows Live Messenger- Desktop Sharing

Windows Live Support

            Windows Live Support

Did you know about desktop sharing for Windows Live Messenger? With Windows support, this task is going to be simple to start up and use for sure. There are worldwide user’s for Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger, which is an instant messaging program for global users and ensures chatting with people located anywhere in this world. If you are puzzled with the fact that a MSN contact in your list could control your computer from another system and location, try the instructions listed here.

Instructions from Windows Live support

  • You have to open your computer’s Control panel by selecting the Control Panel option, listed in the pop up by clicking the Start menu located on the task bar.
  • Click open Security option available in the Control Panel window that appears now on your screen.
  • You need to click on Windows Firewall option and proceed by clicking on Change settings option for firewall.
  • Select tab named as Exceptions now and scroll down the window to check the tab by the name, Windows Remote Management. In order to save the changes made, hit OK.
  • You may now open WLM-Windows Live Messenger and sign in to your account. Type in email address and password to access your account.

    MSN Contact

                                     Windows Live Messenger

  • When WLM opens up, go to the menu option that gives you a drop down list, when you click on it. Click on Actions option from the list and proceed by selecting Request Remote Assistance option. You would be able to see a list of contacts that are online now, in a pop up box on your screen.
  • Just click and select the desired contact with whom you wish to share your desktop. Press OK after selecting the contact to send him a request for desktop sharing.
  • You would need to wait for the contact to accept your request in WLM and as soon as he approves the requisition, you would see a box on the screen asking you to confirm the desktop sharing action. Now, click Yes to ensure desktop sharing with the selected contact.

Windows Live support would help you with your doubts in using Windows Live messenger or any issues connected with it. You would be assured of 24/7 technical help from the Microsoft support team to solve simple to complex issues with Messenger and many more applications. It would be possible to find solutions to many of your Windows problems, alternatively from reliable tech blogs and forums.