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How To Disable HTML Features In Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Help

Features Of Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is an email client program that you can find with Microsoft’s Windows Essentials. This email application allows you to configure email accounts that will in turn help users avoid launching browsers each time and logging into the internet account whenever you want to access emails. By configuring emails in the program, you simply need to launch it and the emails would automatically be received in the program. Another advantage of this program is that you can acquire the best visual experience with each email due to the program’s support for HTML.

Now, there is a danger of enabling HTML and hyperlinks in the program. One of the easiest and simplest forms by which viruses spread is through some links in the emails. If the emails you receive from a malicious source do have virus links, they would remain active when the hyperlinks are enabled in the program. The major threat is that if you click these links unknowingly, the hyperlink would take you to a malicious website from where your computer could be easily infected with viruses. Therefore, if you receive large number of similar emails, it is advisable to disable hyperlinks and HTML features so that you could reduce virus threats to minimum.

In this post, we will find out how to disable these features. Let us go through the steps involved in this process below.

Steps Involved

According to Windows Live help center, you can disable HTML features and hyperlinks with a few steps.

  • Open the Start menu of the operating system and click the option All Programs.
  • Locate and select Windows Live Essentials from the list of programs.
  • Once you place the cursor over Windows Live Essentials, you will find a new menu opened that includes Windows Live Essentials programs.
  • Click Windows Live Mail from this list.

    Email Accounts

    Windows Live Essentials

  • When the Windows Live Essentials program comes up, choose the menu button in the program. Another alternative is to use the shortcut keys Alt and M together.
  • From the different sections available, click Options.
  • Go to the tab Read.
  • Under the heading Reading Messages, mark the option Read all messages in plain text.
  • Choose the option OK.

You may also edit the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\mail\Message Read HTML. Set this value to 0 for plain text. However, according to Windows Live help center, it should be carried out only if you are an expert user.

Dark Souls Lives On Even As Games For Windows Live Goes Extinct

Windows live support

Dark soul still live

Microsoft earlier announced the closure of GameSpy service, which was popular, and still in use. GameSpy is set to shut down at the end of this month and now Microsoft has announced the closure of the unpopular Games for Windows Live service.

As Microsoft is about to pull the plug on Games for Windows Live services in July, Bandai Namco title Dark Souls plans to live on. This new update is contrary to the earlier statement, which suggested that Dark Souls would remain fully functioning on GFWL forever.

Dark Souls 2, a sequel to Dark Souls was released on March of this year and became an instant hit. The role-playing PC game found many fans who still stick on to playing the long released Dark Souls. When Games for Windows Live service termination was announced, there was a huge outcry among Dark Souls’ hard-core fans. Windows Live support team was contacted and asked for confirmation repeatedly.

According to Bandai Namco’s Tumblr page, services will not be disturbed with the closure of Games for Windows Live. The statement reads, “Dark Souls will remain fully functional on GFWL for the foreseeable future. BANDAI NAMCO Games is currently seeking avenues to continue support and ensure the functionality of Dark Soulson other services. We will have more news and updates to share on this in the coming months.”


Games for Live extinct

Fans can choose to seek solace about their effort or fume about continued service in the highly unpopular Games for Windows Live. What will their decision be? How will they continue the service? Only time can tell what action the company will take. One of the ways to survive is to move to SteamWorks to continue distribution and services. But, unfortunately there is no rumor floating about it yet.

Although the game was much liked by gamers, there were few complaints about their choice of sticking to Games for Windows Live for two years. Earlier reason for pairing up with GFWL was the “ongoing partnership” it had with Microsoft through the Xbox 360 version of the game.

With some major policy changes being made by Microsoft, it can never be predicted what their next move would be. Unlike GameSpy, Games for Windows Live was very unpopular to begin with, so its end did not evoke much reaction. Contact Windows Live Support for details on any other recent changes in Windows Live.

Media Center Installation In Windows 8.1

Windows Live Technical Support

Windows Media Center

If you are one among the people who upgraded your operating system to Windows 8 or have recently bought a computer with this latest operating system, then you are fortunate enough to install and use the Media Center Pack with the operating system. This has been made possible with a promotional program by Microsoft. According to Windows Live technical support, the software giant has decided to give away licenses for the program and a user could acquire upto five licenses.

Now, before you go for the installation, it is important to find out whether you have the program already present on your operating system. This is because you may or may not find the program in the operating system, based on whether you performed a clean installation or an upgrade installation. Simply type Media Center when you are in the Start screen and if the program is present in the operating system, you will find it among the search results.

You can also purchase the license for the program at $9.99. However, it is necessary that your operating system is Windows 8.1 Pro and not simply the base version. Those who are using the base version can upgrade to the professional version at an additional price of $99.99. Once you upgrade the operating system, you can start installing the program on the computer.

In order to install Media Center on the computer, enter Features at the Start screen of the operating system. Choose the option

VLC Media Player

Windows Media Programs

Add features to Windows 8.1 from the search results. If you have the license key for the program, choose the option I already have a product key. If you wish to have a key, then choose the option I want to buy a product key online and go through the on-screen commands to make the purchase. Type the product key carefully in the space provided and the program will validate it. After this, the computer restarts and you can start using the program.

Keep in mind that the Windows Media Center does not support Blue Ray discs. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase the program for playing your Blue Ray discs, then it could be of no use. The program however, supports DVDs. Now, if you just have DVD discs to play, you may go for other programs like VLC media player, which is available free of cost for download. For further help on Windows Media Center in Windows 8.1 OS, you may contact Windows Live technical support.

Resolve A Windows Update Issue In Vista

Windows Tech Support

Windows Tech Support Help

Everybody wants their PC to run safer and smoothly. There is an free and easy way to make this happen. It is called Windows Update. You can easily start receiving the updates automatically. For that, all you need to do is turn it on, and then you will receive the latest security and other important updates from Microsoft automatically.

You receive security or other important updates even in Windows Vista. Operating System softwares are huge involving lot of codes. So, in a program as huge as Windows Vista, you can expect to have a variety of problems that can occur when trying to install an update. When you install system updates through Microsoft’s Windows Update program, it in turn helps maintain the integrity and security of your copy of Windows Vista. Also, many Window updates are specifically aimed at addressing security related issues, while others upgrade Windows Vista functions. For most users, automatic updates provide the desired security and mitigate the unnecessary hassle of manually approving updates. As with any software, there are chances of occasional issues with Windows Updates, and then you may have to resolve these errors by troubleshooting it. Here are the Windows tech support instructions to help you fix a Windows Update in Vista.

Windows tech support instructions

  • At first, you need to click on the Start button. You will be able to locate it in the lower left corner of your screen. Then, you can enter windows update in the Start Search field. Then you need to press the Enter key.
  • After that, you need to click on the View update history in the left column.
  • You need to check the Status column of Windows Updates for Unsuccessful updates. Then, you need to right-click on the Unsuccessful update, and left-click on View Details.

    Windows Update Program

    Windows Tech Support Instructions

  • Next, you need to write down any error message code and the value following KB.
  • Then, you need to open your web browser and point it to the Microsoft: Windows Support link listed below.
  • Type the error code number, if applicable, or the KB value. Then choose Windows Update in the Product drop-down list.
  • After that, go through the search results, and find the applicable troubleshooting articles. You can follow all directions to resolve a Windows Update in Windows Vista.

The above Windows tech support instructions should help you resolve your Windows Vista update problems.

What Is My POP3 And SMTP Server Details For Live Mail

Windows Live help

Windows help

You may have heard of POP3 and SMTP many a times and may have wondered what it means. The Windows Live help tips that are shared below explain POP3 and SMTP in detail. You can read ahead to know more on the POP3 and SMTP protocols.


POP stands for post office protocol and this is the most common standard that the email clients use to retrieve email messages from the remote servers over the Internet. The version of POP the Windows Live Mail currently uses is POP3. The Windows Live Hotmail POP3 server is and it operates using the TCP port 995. The user will have to configure the email client to require POP3 SSL. The POP3 username is your email address. You will have to give the complete email address with either or The password will be the same password that you use to log into Windows Live Hotmail online. If you use any other email service, you will have to acquire the specific POP3 server settings and name.


SMTP is the abbreviation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is the protocol that is used for outgoing mail transport. SMTP makes use of the TCP port 25 and also supports SSL encryption. This protocol communicates with the receiving server and gives the instructions to handle the message. An SMTP transmission contains a MAIL command that gives the return address, an RCPT command that establishes the recipient and a DATA command that has the header and the message contents. The SMTP server for the Windows Live Hotmail is and the TCP port is 25. The users will also have to select the settings in their email client for SSL required and Authentication Required.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Windows support

The username and the password are the same as you use for POP3 settings. For any other email provider, you will need to enter the specific SMTP server and the correct settings.


Open the Windows Live Mail program and then click on the Accounts menu. You can now click on the Email option. In the window, type in your email, password and a display name for the account. If you are using email services like Gmail or Hotmail, you can click on the Next button. Windows Live Mail program will automatically configure the SMTP and POP3 settings.

Now you may have understood what POP3 and SMTP are. If you wish to know more on this, you can contact the Windows Live help team.

Uninstall Windows Live Mail In Simple Steps

Windows Live Support

Windows Support

Windows update is a free online service offered to the holders of licensed Windows operating systems. Microsoft helps users address security issues and security loopholes in their Windows OSs via the free Windows update. In addition to the security fixes, Windows update offers other services like Windows Live Mail.

About Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free service offered by Microsoft. It allows genuine Windows users to manage their email accounts effectively. However, the service is not used by many as there are effective alternative services like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Explorer and third party email client applications. If you decide that Windows Live mail is no longer useful to you, it is better to uninstall it from your computer, which will not only free up the hard disc space in your PC but also improve your computer performance. Below are the steps on removing Windows Live Mail from your PC. If you think that you should need real time assistance from experts to perform the removal of Windows Live Mail from your PC, you can get in touch with Windows Live support for the same.


  • Navigate to the Start button which is located at the bottom left corner of your PC and select Control Panel from the resulting menu.
  • In the Control Panel screen, locate Add/Remove Programs icon and double-click it to open.
  • There is an alternative method to launch Add/remove Programs window via Run command. Open Run Command by pressing Windows + R key combination on the keyboard. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run command window, and press the OK button to proceed.

    Free Up The Hard Disc Space

    Windows Help Line

  • When the Add/Remove Programs screen is opened with the list of all the installed Programs and applications, browse through the list till you can see Windows Live Mail application in it. Highlight it and press the Remove button which you can see at the right end of the blue selection bar.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your decision to remove the application. Press Yes to continue.
  • After the removal of the program, you will be alerted with message saying the Windows Live Mail has been successfully uninstalled. Press the OK button of the dialogue box to continue.

You have successfully uninstalled Windows Live Mail application from your computer. Get in touch with Windows Live support if you have any more concerns in this regard.

Get Rid Of Ask Toolbar From Windows XP

Remove Ask Toolbar

Try To Remove Ask Toolbar

A toolbar is something that is released with an intention to help the users to simplify their search on a web browser. If you are a regular user of internet, then you would definitely have found toolbars that come along with web browsers. There are toolbars, which users would download and install on their web browsers, so that they could avoid the hassle of searching online. But most of the time, toolbars get attached automatically to your web browser without your consent. They may intrude into your web browser while browsing online and get attached to your browser. is a website that people normally use to search different things online. Ask toolbar is a toolbar from and it gets installed on your browser unintentionally. They normally come as a package and installs on the browser without the consent of the user. When the toolbar attaches with the web browser, they would utilize more of the system space and create difficulty for the user to view the web page. If you find such difficulties while browsing, it would be better to remove Ask toolbar from your web browser.

Let us check the different instructions that you need to follow to remove ask toolbar from your Internet Explorer.


  • If Internet Explorer is already open, you can close it.
  • Now click on the Start button on your desktop and click on Control Panel. When Control Panel opens up, you can double click and open Add or Remove Programs.
  • This will open a new window that will list the programs that are installed on your system. You may have to wait, as it will take a few seconds to load.

    Attached Automatically

    Get Ask Toolbar Removed

  • The programs will be sorted in ascending order of their names and you can scroll down and choose Ask Toolbar. You can also locate the same by looking for the logo of Ask.
  • You can select Ask Toolbar and select Change/Remove. This will help you to uninstall Ask toolbar from your computer.
  • You can restart your computer after uninstalling the toolbar.

Remove Ask toolbar from Firefox

  • Click Start and then Programs and choose Tools. Now select Add-ons.
  • Select the top Add-ons window and choose Extensions and select Ask Toolbar for Firefox.
  • You can now click Uninstall and restart Firefox to remove the toolbar from your web browser.

The above steps will definitely help you to uninstall Ask Toolbar from your web browser. For further assistance, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

Contacting Windows Live Mail Support

Windows live support

Windows live

When the users run into problems with the Windows Live Mail program, it is always good to inform the developers about the issue. Possibly, the Windows live support team can help you right away. The steps to contact the Windows live support team are explained below in this article.

Contact Windows Live Mail Support To Report A Bug

  • Navigate to the Windows Live Mail forum on the Microsoft Answers.
  • Click on the Sign In button that is located at the top right corner of the page, if you are not yet signed into Microsoft Answers.
  • If you are not logged into the Windows Live account, Type in the Windows Live Hotmail address under Windows Live ID, then type in the Windows Live Hotmail password under the Password field and then click on the Sign In button.
  • If you are not able to sign in to you account, you can try to recover your password, or you may make a new Windows Live account.
  • If you do not have a Microsoft Answers profile yet, you can make a new one. To do this, type in the name that you wish to go with the posts in the Windows Live Mail under Display Name and type the email address where you wish to receive the optional notifications of replies under the Email address heading. Ensure that I accept the Answers Code of Conduct is checked after you have read the code.
  • After doing the above steps, you may click on the Sign Up button. Type in a one-line summary of your issue under the section Post your question to the community. Now you may click on the Ask button.
  • You can look under Before you post your question for the potentially helpful answers to your query. You can type in your query under Details.

    Windows Live Mail forum

    Windows support

  • Include as much information you have about the issue. Mention to correct the version of Windows Live Mail program installed in your computer while describing the issue.
  • Ensure that Messenger, Hotmail, and SkyDrive are selected under Forum.
  • Now you should ensure that Mail is selected under Product.
  • You can select the most appropriate category under Topic.
  • Check Notify me when someone responds to this question to get notifications in the email ID that you entered before.
  • Click on the Submit button.

These are the steps to contact the Windows live mail support team.

Live Messenger Access To Embargoed Nations Blocked By Microsoft

windows live support

Support for Windows Live

Microsoft has released several products intended for both business and personal uses. One such instant messaging application released by Microsoft is Windows Live Messenger. It was previously called as MSN messenger. This messenger owned by Microsoft is compatible with Facebook and Yahoo messenger. Moreover, it is also connected to the messenger service of Microsoft, if you are employing Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger is being employed by millions of people for getting in touch with family and friends all over the world. However, recently, Microsoft has come up with a very strange decision to stop giving the access of Windows Live messenger to some of the banned countries. These days, it is common news that many of the services, products and media are being blocked in many countries. Earlier, it was movies, online video services and now it is the turn of Windows Live Messenger. It is being blocked from access in many countries like Cuba.

Even though the popular belief is that internet is free for all, it is not true, as not everyone is getting the same kind of freedom from the web in all countries. In many countries, many websites that were deemed offensive were blocked. In addition, there is a Great Firewall of China, which will block all the websites that are considered not useful to the people or society. Hence, the internet is not free as it contains different priorities for different countries and communities.

Windows Live Messenger, previously called as MSN messenger, is a popular instant messaging client released by Microsoft for free. By using this instant messaging service, a user will be able to perform variety of activities like chatting including both voice and video chat through the internet. Previously it was released separately and now, it is embedded with Microsoft Live services, which includes Live Search, Live Writer and Live Hotmail. It is easy to use the interface and its easy functions make it popular among both children and adults.

Yahoo messenger

Live support for windows

In a support post released by Microsoft, the tech giant has confirmed blocking the access of Windows Live messenger in these embargoed countries. The name of the countries was the first list but later it was removed and was replaced with the label ‘certain countries subject to United States sanctions.’ Microsoft believes that to offer Live messenger services is like offering products to a country. This is considered wrong according to the US government.

For more news regarding this, contact Windows Live support. Windows Live support team will be able to help you in clearing all the doubts associated with Windows Live messenger.

Adding Gmail To Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Chat Support

Windows Live Chat Updates

For accessing the services of Windows Live service, you need to create your personal email address and then sign up for its Hotmail email service. But then if you are looking to use the Windows Live Messenger service, you need not have a Hotmail account. This means that even if you have a Gmail account, you can use the chatting service to communicate with your family and friends. For this, you need to add your Gmail account to the Windows Live Messenger service.

You can use the following instructions provided by the Windows Live Chat support to add Gmail to Windows Live Messenger:

  • First, you need to navigate to the Windows Live sign-in page at Now, you need to click on the Sign Up button. Now, click on the Or use your own email address option, which is available under the Check Availability button. Now, you can enter you personal Gmail email address in the Email Address box.
  • Next, you can enter the required information that would be needed to sign up for a Windows Live ID. This information includes a password, your name as you want others to see it, your birth year and other related information. Now, you can enter the verification letters in the box and then click on the I Accept button to agree to the Microsoft service agreement.
  • In the next step, you can navigate to the sign-in page, and try logging into your account. After signing in, you can open the verification email from Windows Live. A link would be available in the email, which you need to click on to verify your Gmail address. Now, you can click on OK on the Your Email Address is Verified page.

    Microsoft Service Agreement

    Windows Live Chat Issues

  • You can see a Messenger button at the top of the page. Click on this followed by the Add Friends option to add your contacts’ email addresses to your Windows Live Messenger account.
  • In this way, you can try locating your friends who are signed onto Windows Live Messenger by checking the green dot that would be present next to a contact’s name in the Messenger list. Simply click on the contact name and start chatting.

These instructions provided by the Windows Live chat support will help you in adding your personal Gmail account to Windows Live Messenger. To know more, feel free to dial up our technical support number.