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Steps To Add Hotmail Account To iPhone Mail

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If you are using iPhone and has a Hotmail account, then you can automatically move the emails from the Hotmail account to your iPhone email program with a few simple steps. With this, you can make sure that you receive all the newly arrived emails on your iPhone without any delay. This will help you to view all the important emails as and when they arrive. In this post, we will find out the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

According to Windows Live Support, you can easily push Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone. The steps involved are mentioned below.

  • Switch on your iPhone and choose the option Settings.
  • Go to the option Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select the option Add Account. You will find this link under the option Accounts.
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange.
  • In the field for Email, type in the Hotmail address. Keep in mind that you should enter the complete address and not just the username.
  • You again need to type the complete email address in the field for Username. It is advised that you copy the email address from the field for Email so that you could save the time taken for typing the address.
  • Under the option for Password, enter the password corresponding to your Hotmail account.
  • Under the option Description, enter Windows Live Hotmail. This will help you to identify your Hotmail account easily if you have two or more emails added in the program. Another option is to give the description as Work, Personal etc.
  • Select the option Next.

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  • With the above step, the program verifies your email address. Next, the fields for servers appear in the window.
  • Type the server address, in the field for Servers. Next, tap the button for Next.
  • Check if the option next to Mail is ON.
  • Turn on other features for the email like Calendar, Contacts etc. This will automatically synchronize the contacts in the Hotmail program to the iPhone. This will also push the Hotmail calendar to iPhone.
  • Choose the button Save.

With the above steps, you can add your Hotmail account to the iPhones email program. You will start receiving all Hotmail emails in the newly created hotmail account in your iPhone mail. If you have any queries regarding the steps mentioned above, you may contact Windows Live support or our technical support team for assistance.

Disabling Automatic Addition Of New Email IDs To A Windows Live Account

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Windows Live Mail is a popular email client released by Microsoft. In fact, this application is employed by millions of people to chat with their friends and families all over the world. This application has a clean and easy interface and the separate column message list makes it popular among both business and home users. A recent version of it has been released by Microsoft, which features a ribbon user interface and bigger fonts. However, these features were not well accepted by the users who were familiar with the traditional interface.

In addition, like other applications, Windows Live Mail may also show some issues, which may be very difficult for some users to solve. Sometimes, you will find some new email IDs automatically added to your Live account. To help resolve the situation, there are many online blogs and forums available, where you can search for your issues and find solutions. Well, given below are some easy instructions provided by the Windows Live help team to disable the automatic addition of new email IDs to the Windows Live Mail account.


The following steps should be performed if you are a person who uses Windows Live Mail application and want to add the email IDs of people who you know manually. This will prevent Windows Live Mail from adding new email IDs without your permission.

  • Start the process by starting Windows Live Mail application in your system. When it opens, you need to click Options. After
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    that, you need to navigate to the tab called Send and you need to disable the option that is labeled Automatically put people I reply to in my address book after the third reply.

  • For Windows Live Mail to stop adding new email IDs to your contact list without any pop up asking for the confirmation of your approval, you need to click the option called Save followed by clicking Apply. This is done to bring into effect the changes that you have made.

These instructions from the Windows Live help team will help you to stop adding new and unknown email IDs to your list of contacts. If you have any further doubts regarding this, contact our Windows support team. The Windows support team will be able to help you in solving all your doubts and queries regarding the Windows Live Mail application.

Nationwide Remote Support For Microsoft CRM In Us

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Technical Support For CRM

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management and it is a system that is used for managing the interactions of a company, business or an organization with its customers including the current and potential customers. It is very helpful in the present business world and helps a business to get the maximum profit by understanding the values of the customers. Now, let’s look into the details of the need for CRM remote support, customization, reporting, implementation and integration of Microsoft CRM.

The need for Microsoft CRM support

In respected local markets, the MS CRM consulting companies do not have enough clients and the market niche of Microsoft CRM is very low. This we can see in the markets in the Chicago, New York, Houston and Los Angeles. Therefore, in order to have a foot in the market, Microsoft CRM was extended nationwide and also to other countries to get more clients and increase its revenue.

Consulting companies that are driven by technology

By nature, Microsoft CRM is a web-based application. However, it has both web and Microsoft Outlook clients. You do not need to take care of the location of the hosting company when you consider hosting your website. The only thing that you need to take care of is the quality and price. By using .NET hosting companies and implementation, you can host your website and by using the web-based training, you will be able to do it remotely.


Precision programming is required due to the high complexity of tasks that are involved and the requirement to outsource it to development centers all over the country (messaging through Lotus Notes Domino, generic MAPI, advanced MS CRM – Exchange connector.) This has to be done even though Microsoft Business Solutions has open technology Microsoft CRM SDK. Nowadays, clients are looking for high expertise and they do not want generic developers who offer cheap prices.

Microsoft Outlook

Windows Support For Microsoft CRM


A standard integration tool is available with Microsoft Great Plains for the Microsoft CRM. However, they are on the verge of developing an integration tool for Navision and Axapta. Moreover, it is also possible to integrate CRM with various other databases like Sybase, Lotus Notes Domino, Oracle, Pervasive SQL, Oracle and Ctree/Faircomm.

Skype training and web sessions

Remote web training is necessary these days and the web-based seminars are more common. These training or seminars will help you to get thorough information regarding the best CRM solution available with affordable prices.

For more news and updates regarding this, contact our Windows live technical support centre. The Windows live technical support team will be able to help you on all the queries and doubts related to Microsoft CRM.

Procedure To Get Rid Of Ask Toolbar From Browser

Remove Ask Toolbar

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Web browser toolbars are normally undesirable. Not because they’re useless, but for what they get up to without your knowledge. When the toolbar is installed unwittingly or automatically, it changes the browser settings (like home page settings, default search engine settings, etc). Most likely such add-on toolbars come bundled with some third party software. So, when the software is installed, the toolbar is installed automatically (or your overlook the check sign on the toolbar installation option). Ask toolbar is one such toolbar. Here is how you can remove Ask toolbar.

Disable Ask toolbar from IE

  • You need to open Internet Explorer browser and then click on the Tools option.
  • Then you need to choose the Manage Add-ons option from the sub menu.
  • Then from the Manage Add-ons window, you need to find Ask toolbar and then you need to remove the check mark in the box labeled Enabled.
  • You need to select Search Providers. Firstly, you need to choose your preferred search engine (Google, yahoo or Bing).
  • Then, you need to select Ask Search and click Remove button to uninstall.
  • Reboot the Internet Explorer.

De-activate Ask toolbar from Firefox

  • You need to open Mozilla Firefox and then go to Extensions.
  • Thereafter, you need to find Ask Toolbar from the list of add-ons. The browser gives two options for you: you can either remove Ask toolbar or disable it. You can click any of the options.
  • Then, you can go to Firefox an choose Help and the troubleshooting info and reset Firefox.

Disabling Ask toolbar from Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and then click on the icon on the top right corner of the browser window.
  • Then, select the Settings option in the sub menu.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on Extensions located in the left pane, just above Settings.

    Add-On Toolbars

    Remove Ask Toolbar Instructions

  • You can Disable the toolbar by un-checking the Enabled option. In case you want to remove the toolbar, you need to click on the Recycle Bin icon located next to Enabled. You need to click on the chrome menu button once again, and then select Settings.
  • Subsequently, you need to click on the Manager Search Engines… button beneath Search.
  • Then you can choose any search engine you want from the list and make it your default search engine.

This way you can get rid of or at least disable this annoying toolbar. The same procedure holds for the removal of many other toolbars besides.

How To Remove Ask Toolbar Search

Remove Ask Toolbar

Ways To Remove Ask Toolbar

Ask is a famous search engine and its add-on helps to integrate the Ask search engine on your browsers, helping you to access Ask search engine whenever required. This will be of great help but sometimes, you will find Ask toolbar very irritating and it may need to be removed from your system or browser. This is because these toolbars eat plenty of system resources, making your system run sluggish. Therefore, removing the Ask toolbar will improve the efficiency. Well, given below are some instructions that will help you to remove Ask toolbar within no time.


  • Start the process of removing Ask Toolbar Search by launching a web browser by either double clicking on it from the desktop shortcut or by accessing it from the Windows Start menu. Now, next to Options, you will see a down facing arrow on the right part of your toolbar.
  • Next, you need to click the option called Uninstall. Now a window named Windows Installer will appear on your screen and a message named Are you sure you want to uninstall this product? will be displayed.
  • To confirm it, you need to click the button named Yes. Clicking this will pop up a new window where you will be asked to close the currently open web browser.
  • Now, you need to close it and click the button called OK. Now, Windows will start deleting toolbar from your system and once it is completed, you will be guided back to the desktop.
  • Finally, before using the web browser again, you need to restart the computer. This is done to bring in to effect the changes that you have made.

Now, let’s look at the instructions needed for removing Ask toolbar from your system.

Ask Toolbar Removal

Tips To Remove Ask Toolbar

  • Click the Windows Start button seen at the lower left side of the Windows taskbar and click the option labeled Control Panel.
  • From the Control Panel window, you need to click the option called Add or remove programs. Now a window will open up showing the list of programs stored in your computer.
  • From the list, find out Ask toolbar and click it to select it. Now, you need to click the button called Remove. Now, a pop up will open up once the un-installation of Ask toolbar is completed.

The above instructions will help you to remove Ask toolbar from your computer. For more assistance on Ask toolbar removal, contact our tech support team.

Microsoft Games For Windows Live To Stay Online For Now


Games For Windows Live Service

Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live online service is very popular among PC gamers. This is an online gaming service much like Xbox Live service, designed for PC gamers. This service includes Windows Live chat support for interacting with other PC gamers, multiplayer gaming options, features for keeping track of achievements, options for checking your friends’ status, and more.

However, in the past few months, there have been rumours about a possible shutdown of the Games for Windows Live service. The deadline mentioned in these rumours was July 1, 2014. Interestingly, that date has come and gone, but Games for Windows Live service is still available online.

It is said that Microsoft started the rumour mill themselves. Back in August 2013, Microsoft or rather someone at Microsoft let it slip on the Age of Empire game’s support page that with Games for Windows Live ending its service in July 1, 2014, Age of Empire’s online version will end. Microsoft was quick to realise the mistake and soon removed the posted blog.

Nevertheless, the damage was already done. The news quickly spread online that Games for Windows Live has only a few more months left to live. Consequently, many gaming experts speculated that Microsoft might be planning to streamline all their online gaming services by merging them all into Xbox Live service.


Games For Windows Live Support

In fact, Microsoft issued an ambiguous statement saying that they did not announce such a date, and would continue supporting online PC gaming in the future. But this only left the question unanswered. Their vague statement gave an impression that they might indeed shut down Games for Windows Live in the near future.

Taking cue from all these rumours and announcements, many popular online gaming titles have already migrated from Games for Windows Live service to rival online gaming service like Valve’s Steam. Many others announced that their online gaming versions would continue as long as Games for Windows Live remained alive. Reports say that Microsoft did not do anything to stop all these announcements from their PC gaming partners.

All this indicates that Microsoft has clear plans for shutting down the service and their PC gaming partners have been informed about this. They might launch a new revamped service with latest gaming titles, advanced Windows Live chat support, high-end display, and multi-player gaming options, but we will have to wait and see what the tech giant has for the gaming community.


How To Fix A Non-Responsive Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live messe

Windows Live Messenger

Programs like Windows Live Messenger fail to load when an associated file gets corrupted by virus infections or other external factors.These associated files could be stored in a folder in the hard drive. These files could get affected so easily and consequently in the program that the files that are associated with them may get paralysed. What to do when Windows Live Messenger stops working due to the corruption of any of its associated files? Is reinstalling the application the only solution to fix this problem?

Most probably, you would consider reinstalling the application. But, it is not the last step. According to Windows Live technical support, it is possible to repair the corrupted files when Windows Live Messenger fails to load due to corruption of its associated files. The application is integrated with an inbuilt tool for this. The following steps explain the process of repairing the corrupted files associated with Windows Live Messenger.


  • Go to the Start button that is located at the bottom left corner of your desktop and choose Control Panel from the resulting menu.
  • If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system on your computer, locate the icon titled Programs and Features and double-click to open it. If your operating system is XP, you are required to locate and double-click the icon titled Add/Remove Programs.
  • Locate Windows Live Essential in the Programs and Features window and right-click it. Choose Uninstall/Change from the dropdown menu. In XP, select Windows Live Essentials from the Add/Remove Programs list and proceed by selecting Change/Remove.


    Windows Live Support

  • You will be prompted now with a radio button labelled Repair. Select it and proceed by clicking the Continue button.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the repair of the corrupted file.
  • You may be requested to restart your PC once the repair is over.

You have successfully repaired the corrupted associated files of your Windows Live Messenger application now. The application should be working fine now. If the problem persists or resurfaces in future, consider working out the above steps again or contact Windows Live technical support centre.

Meanwhile, you can visit some of the Windows help line forums and get familiar with common problems affecting Windows Live Messenger and other Windows applications. Through Windows online help forums, you can get in touch with hundreds of users who have problems with their Windows applications and seek advice on fixing specific problems.

A Tweak To Remove Windows Live Messenger

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Live Messenger

For every problem that we face, technology has a solution to overcome it. So is the same with removing Windows Live Messenger. There is a wizard to uninstall Windows Live Messenger, which can remove the instant messenger along with the Windows Live chat support.

Nevertheless, it is better to get Windows Live Messenger removed manually, to get rid of it completely. One thing that you would need to know while you uninstall the program manually is being aware of how the program was installed. This is the technician’s usual approach while uninstalling a program. If you know how it is done, you can also do it by yourself. Two things that you need to know are the right files and their locations.

Since the files that you are about to delete are the ones which make the program work, when you delete them, you are also deleting the entire program along with the Windows Live chat support.

Start by going to the C: drive in My Computer folder. From here, look for the folder that says Program Files. Here you need to be aware of the files that have to be deleted; the required files would have the name Windows Live in them. In order to delete the files, highlight them and hit Shit+Del to delete the selected files completely.

The last but not the least, you would have to get into the registry and delete entries that are related to Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live messenger would not be removed completely, if they were entries remaining in the registry. The Windows Operating System will have links with the program in the form of registry entries. It is the most important part when you are manually removing the Windows Live entries from the registry.

Uninstall The Program

Live Chat Support

These links are the ones that give an identity to the program by telling the keys their name, its type of function, and the program along with its settings. When you remove these links, you are removing the control of the program out of the Configuration with the PC.

To open the Registry editor, click on the Start menu to the lower left corner of the desktop, and click on the option Run. This will open a small dialogue box, with some space to type. Type in Regedit and press Enter. This would open another window called the Registry Editor. You will be able to navigate to the location with the help of the menu on the left pane, use your arrows to move back and forth. Delete the necessary entries to uninstall the program.

Microsoft To Continue Providing Critical Security Updates For XP Embedded OS

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About Windows XP Embedded OS

The end of Windows Live technical support for the XP operating system has put so many Point of Sale systems and ATM machines at risk. According to the some reports, about 90% or more of all such systems are still running on the Windows XP embedded OS. With these systems no longer receiving security updates, they will soon become easy targets for hackers.

Microsoft to provide essential updates for XP Embedded OS until January 2016

One of the main concerns many of the organisations still using the XP Embedded OS have, is about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance. All organisations using the card processing services should adhere to the PCI DSS guidelines, to ensure secure financial transactions when accepting payments from the customers. According to PCI DSS, these organisations must regularly update their POS applications to take care of any security vulnerabilities.

With Microsoft ending the Windows Live technical support for these XP Embedded operating systems, those organisations still using this OS will essentially fail to meet the PCI DSS guidelines. But, they cannot quickly make an upgrade to the latest Windows 8 Embedded operating systems, as this involves upgrading their IT infrastructure.

Failing to comply with these standards would mean that these organisations might have to pay huge fines, and might be held financially liable in the event of a security breach. All major credit card companies and banks like Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc all require the merchant organisations to adhere to these PCI DSS guidelines to ensure secure transactions.

Point Of Sale Systems

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But, despite repeated warnings from Microsoft, not many of them have upgraded from Windows XP Embedded operating to the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 based ones. This puts these ATMs and credit processing POS devices at serious risk of hacking attacks and other security problems.

Microsoft, realising these concerns, have now agreed to provide critical security updates for the Windows XP Embedded operating system until January 2016. This might be enough to make these organisations PCI DSS compliant. Also, this new guideline will give them more time to make a smooth transition from Windows XP Embedded OS, to the latest Windows 8 Embedded.

These firms can also use the services of third party software developers, who specialize in providing tech security services. You can also purchase many Android or iOS based card processing POS applications online.

Windows XP User Base Still Strong After The End Of Microsoft Support

Windows Tech Support

About Windows 8 Upgrade

Did Microsoft expect to see a spike in the Windows 8 sales figures when they ended the Windows tech support for XP? According to many tech experts, the fact that Microsoft released an improved version of the Windows 8 OS, Windows 8.1 before ending tech support for XP, points exactly to that. The tech giant might have hoped that the changes they made in Windows 8.1 will make more XP users upgrade to the new OS.

Why Windows XP is still so popular?

The very-popular Windows 7 OS easily overtook Windows XP after its release. But, the XP user base soon stabilised and it has been hovering around 25% ever since. These users did not want to upgrade to Windows 7, which was the best Windows OS option available at that time, because they were hesitant to upgrade their computer hardware, which meant essentially buying a new PC.

But, apart from the system requirements, the Windows 7 was essentially an improved and upgraded version of the XP OS. It had the same desktop user interface and Start Menu. So, it was clearly the cost concerns that stopped many of these XP users from upgrading to Windows 7.

This situation has not changed. If the Windows XP users have to upgrade to Windows 8, they still have to buy a new system. Also, the majority of these Windows XP users are actually corporate houses and organisations, who use thousands of XP computers for running their business operations. Upgrading all these systems is going to take a lot of investment. But, the end of Windows tech support has indeed forced many of these corporate users to consider making the upgrade to Windows 8.

Microsoft working on reducing the hardware requirements of Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 With Bing

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Perhaps, this is why Microsoft is working on a loss cost version of the Windows 8.1 OS. Clearly, the strong 25% market share Windows XP still enjoys even after the end of Windows tech support points to a very cost-conscious Windows user base, who keep putting off the hardware upgrade to a later date. But, if Microsoft can come up with a Windows 8.1 version that is low on hardware requirements, many of these users might consider making such an upgrade.

Microsoft is still working on this OS, currently titled ‘Windows 8.1 with Bing’. They have not announced any release date so far. This just might be the Windows OS that the XP users have been waiting for.