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Troubleshooting Windows Live Messenger Error 80072

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Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging service from Microsoft, a part of Windows Live Essentials released by the same. Although it is useful, at times you might encounter errors while working on the messenger. Most of the errors encountered are accompanied by an error message that gives you more information on the type of error. Out of the errors that Windows Live Messenger encounters, Error 80072 is one of the most common one. If you look into the description of this error message, you will come to know that it is related with system’s internet connectivity.

You might have to check with the internet settings in the computer as a part of troubleshooting the issue, which might take few minutes. Here are some Windows live technical support tips to help you resolve such issues.


  • Start by checking if the Internet is connected. Check the same with the help of a browser. In case, you are unable to browse, the issue must be with the Modem you have or there might be some issues at the Internet Service Provider’s end.
  • Try to Reset the modem, wait for some time and then check for the connectivity. If this does not change, call the internet service provider and lodge a complaint on this issue.
  • On the other hand, you can go to the Windows Update page and check with the updates. Check if you have installed all the latest updates for Internet Explorer. If you find any recommended updates, Download and install them.

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  • Restart the computer after you install all the updates. Now try logging into Windows Live Messenger once again.
  • Check the Firewall Settings. Make sure none of the settings is blocking Windows Live Messenger. Navigate to the Windows Live Messenger Firewall Page. Get more information on the different settings with which you will be able to let Windows Live Messenger work properly through some of the common firewalls.
  • Click on the Start button, click on the Run option from the Start menu and then type Cmd and hit Enter on the keyboard. Type Ipconfig /Flushdns in the command prompt and hit Enter. To exit the window, type Exit and then hit on Enter. Make sure to clear the DNS Cache.
  • Remove all the Proxy settings and try to Re-Register Security Files that might be conflicting with the Windows Live Messenger.

In case these simple troubleshooting steps do not solve the issue, opt for advance Windows live technical support by visiting the Windows help site.

Get Over Your Fear Of Flawed Windows Updates

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You may have come across the message that says Windows Update has failed many a times while trying to download and install Windows updates. Situations like these can prove to be very much frustrating, but there are many solutions to get over these irritating issues. The Windows live support tips that are shared below can be used to fix these Windows Update issues.

First Solution

The solution to the Windows Update issues is based on the error message that is being displayed. If you are getting the error message,

“The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view,” the first thing that you should do is to refresh the page. If the issue is not resolved even after refreshing, you can try deleting the temporary Internet files that are stored in your computer. This can be done by navigating to the Tools menu and then selecting Internet Options.

If the issue persists, you can try closing and reopening the Internet Explorer web browser. Another thing that can lead to Windows Update problems is that the Registry values may be disabled. To fix this problem, you will have to seek technical help.

Second Solution

Windows Update Issues

Support For Windows Update

The second solution is to check the Firewall settings and you will need to close the firewall before trying to download and install the Windows Update again. While you were downloading Windows Update on your Windows XP computer, you may have shut down the PC or may have closed down the computer unknowingly. When you try to download the update again after turning on the PC, it will display the message that the Windows Patch has already been downloaded and you will not be able to complete the process of Windows Update.

While trying to download Windows Update, the OS will store the provisional files in the folder C:/WUTemp. You will have to go to this folder and then try to install the patch manually, and then try to download the necessary Windows Update again. If the problem persists even after doing this step, you can delete the WUTemp folder and then try to download the update again.

These are the steps to get rid of the Windows Update errors. If you have any confusion or would like to know more on any of the solutions that are discussed above, you can contact the Windows live support team. They will be able to help you more with the steps.

Mass Petitions Against Dark Souls Game Through Games For Windows Live

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Games are loved by people of all ages. Games are played according to one’s interest and attitude and hence the same can be classified in to many like adventure, racing, strategy and others. Due to the increasing demand for online games, thousands of game developers develop different games keeping in mind the interests of the increasing gamers. Companies like Microsoft had introduced gaming consoles with the sole objective to offer assistance for game lovers. Using these consoles you can play games in a much interactive and entertaining way.

Dark Soul is a game that was introduced three years ago and it was Action based. The game was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles by the manufacturers. However, the successor for the same was released and that was named the “Prepare to Die” edition.

Now over 13000 signatures have been collected in a petition against Microsoft’s DRM service and the same is a cry for the Steamworks version for PC port. The petition is an online one and had been signed by 13000 gamers and it has asked Namco Bandai who had taken the decision to introduce Games for Windows Live in the new Dark Souls edition – Prepare to Die. The new decision has started protests in the gaming world.

The new petition raised has been posted in and when it was posted, about 13000 signatures were present. It is likely to increase with time. As per the petitioners, Games for Windows Live is quite unpopular. It is difficult to use and inconvenient as well. This is something important because the opinion of 13000 gamers cannot be untrue as they are the experienced ones in the field.

New Dark Souls Edition

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The gamers had been waiting eagerly for the Dark Soul new edition and the new move to use Dark Souls with Games for Windows Live is like a slap on the face. It is sure that the gamers would have enquired about the same with Windows live technical support team. However, contacting Windows live technical support desk cannot offer a resolution for this problem.

The petition that has been raised has asked Namco Bandai to use Valve’s Steamworks instead. They are found to have digital rights management and it is quite easier, reliable and most accepted one. Since the new edition of Dark Souls is equipped with more features, the gamers will have to wait patiently for good news from Microsoft.

Using Xbox 360 Wireless Headset With Windows Live Messenger

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Using Windows Live Messenger

Though Microsoft has an excellent support network in place to take care of any issues, when you face issues with one of their products, you really need not call up Windows live chat support for minor things like for using the Xbox 360 wireless headset with Windows Live Messenger. Xbox 360 headset is just like any other headset you normally use in your instant messenger client and you can set it up easily. Just follow the instructions given below.

Setting up the Xbox 360 wireless headset with Windows Live Messenger

You can use Xbox 360 headset for your regular Windows Live Messenger chat sessions. The Xbox 360 wireless headset is not just designed for gaming; you can use it for chatting on the Xbox Live chat network. The same applies to Windows Live Messenger or any other installed IM client application you have on the console that enjoys Windows live chat support.

First, you have to set up the Windows Live Messenger application in your Xbox 360 properly. From the Guide menu in your console, go to Chat and then, IM. This should launch the Windows Live Messenger application on your screen. If you are a Windows user, you might already have a Windows Live Messenger ID. If so, login using that same username and password here as well. If not, you can easily sign up for a new ID by clicking on the Sign Up option you see there.

Now, switch on the Xbox 360 wireless headset you want to use with Windows Messenger. Power button is located right at the centre of the headphone. Now, connect the headset to the Xbox 360 console. For this, you need to press the button right next to the power button on the console.

Xbox Live Chat Network

Xbox Chat Support

The console will now detect the wireless headset and try to establish the connection. You need to press the Connect button now located on the headset. Press down on this button until you see the light flashing indicating that a connection has indeed been established. This normally will not take more than a second.

The wireless headset is now properly connected to the console. You can now start using it with Windows Live Messenger. Invite someone from your contacts and start a live chat session. Press the Call button on the messenger to start the chat.

You may contact our tech support personnel if you are having any issues with setting this up.

Dark Souls PC Finally Makes The Jump To Steam

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Steam Support For Dark Souls

Just when people thought no other games will migrate from the outdated Games for Windows Live platform, the Windows PC version of Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco Games have announced their intentions to migrate their games along with game progress to Steam server. This means, starting from next month, players of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition will be able to experience the superior gaming experience that Steam has to offer.

Since the gaming publisher Bandai Namco Games kept mum about any mention of transition dates, Dark Souls gamers believed the game would die along with the Windows Live Games comatose condition. Umpteen gamers contact our Windows Live Support in order to inquire about the same. Much to their amazement, the gamers will be able to play, making use of the existing Games for Windows Live tokens on Steam to get a copy of the game at no additional cost. Moreover, the players will be allotted a limited time in order to transfer their characters, save data and achievements.

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die edition has become one of the games to finally make the shift from GFWL to Steamworks. Other notable inclusions to the list include Resident Evil and Dead Rising. Bandai Namco stated earlier this year that the PC version of the game would not make the shift to Steam Works and will instead remain fully functional in GFWL itself. Instead, the company said it was “seeking avenues to continue support and ensure the functionality of Dark Souls on other services.”

Games For Windows Live

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Microsoft had issued a statement well in advance, informing the public that Games for Windows Live will be discontinued after July 1, 2014. Way before Microsoft officially plugged GFWL, the servers were in comatose condition with defunct technical support, to the frustration of several users. Moreover, once discontinued, gamers will stand to lose a server to play online games as well as all the saved achievements that the user was able to accumulate over time, adding to the frustration of the gamers even further. Ever since the announcement, several game producers have announced transitioning to the services provided by the rival gaming service, Steam works.

If you want to know the latest information about any game and whether they will make the jump to Steam, you can contact our Windows Live Support to know more about the same. The support staff is kept updated with the latest information about the developments in the gaming industry.

How To Disable Windows Live Messenger

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Chats have turned out to be the most effective interactive mediums that enable casual communication over the internet. They send our chat messages instantly, which help us to communicate as if we are communicating to the person at the other end in real. Since Microsoft has already released utilities for different purposes, they have created in built chat clients that give users the opportunity to communicate with peers, colleagues and dear ones. Windows Live Messenger is the latest name given for the chat client and the former name was just MSN Messenger.

The different features offered by Windows Live Messenger are as follows.

  • Users can easily share their photos, folders and other data to the recipients along with antivirus protection and this prevents the sharing of infected files.
  • For countries like United States and United Kingdom, people can use Windows Live Messenger to communicate from computer to phone and from computer to computer- through calls.
  • It can send messages even to Yahoo and this avoids the hassle of users while creating a Yahoo account for sending messages to people using Yahoo messenger.
  • It also permits messages to offline users. Even if you are online, you can send offline messages to your offline friends. The offline users will be able to view your message as they come online.
  • If you wish to play a game with your chat friend, you can enjoy games over Windows Live Messenger.
  • They were included as a part of Xbox 360 so that users can find out whether their friends are using the game console by viewing “tags”.

If you do not use Windows Live Messenger and want to disable the same, you can try disabling it from the Control Panel. You can also go through Windows Live help options to see the instructions. In addition, you can follow the below given instructions for disabling Windows Live Messenger.

Disable Windows Live Messenger

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  • Open Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, and then choose Services.
  • From Service list, look for Windows Live Messenger or Windows Messenger and open it.
  • Select General tab and find the Startup Type menu. You will find a drop down menu next to it and you need to select Disable option to disable Windows Live Messenger.
  • Select Apply and click OK.
  • Close the Services window.

The above steps will definitely help you to disable Windows Live Messenger. If you have any doubts, go through the instructions once again or contact Windows Live help team for assistance.

Voice Chat Between Xbox One And Xbox 360 Not Possible

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It seems that there will not be any Windows Live chat support for linking Xbox One and Xbox 360. Ever since the release of Xbox One, gaming enthusiasts have been waiting to combine both these popular consoles to establish multiplayer gaming networks online. However, the lack of Windows Live chat support between the two might have spoiled these plans.

Why voice chat between Xbox One and Xbox 360 is not possible?

Microsoft intended to make Xbox One the best gaming console available in the market. Keeping this in mind, they started working on improving the Kinect motion-sensing device, the sound systems, the graphics output, and so on. The result was a gaming console that is technologically much superior to Xbox 360. And, because of this reason, there are a few incompatibility issues between the two consoles.

For example, according to Microsoft, the voice chat system used in Xbox One is much different than that in Xbox 360. The data transfer rate in the new gaming console is higher than that in Xbox 360. All such technological differences have made it impossible to have a live video chat session between the two devices. However, this does not mean they cannot play multiplayer games online.

Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 can be connected to the Xbox Live network and you can enjoy multiplayer games and other entertainment available on the service. Nevertheless, if you want to start a chat session with your friend on the other end, you have to use the text messaging option. The cool party chat options will only work with the same generation consoles.

Voice Chat System

About Xbox Live Audio Chat

According to Microsoft Xbox website, Xbox 360 headsets are set to work with a data transfer rate of 16 KHz for downstream data and 8 KHz, made possible by applying 14-bit compression. However, in Xbox One, the need of data compression is removed and the data transfer takes place at 24 KHz at an uncompressed 16-bit resolution.

So, clearly, there are a lot of differences between the voice data transfer technology used in the two consoles. But, Microsoft needs to reconsider this and come up with some solution to make cross-platform audio chat service available, as their main rival, Sony, has made it possible with PS4 and PS3 without any compatibility issues already.

Steps To Change Your Windows Live Mail Settings For IMAP

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Windows Live Email program helps you to configure your email and thus, helps you to view the internet emails just by launching the computer. The Windows Live Email client comes with the Windows Live Essentials package. You can easily configure this email client with a few simple steps.

According to Windows Live technical support, you can configure the program using IMAP. The advantage of configuring the account with IMAP is that it will keep the messages in the internet server and does not download it to the computer. If you have already configured the program with POP, we will help you to change it to IMAP. In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

  • Double click the shortcut icon for Windows Live Mail to launch the program. You may also launch it from the list of All Programs in the Start menu.
  • Once Windows Live Mail comes up, choose the option Tools. This will open a new sub menu where you will find the option Accounts. Select this option. If you do not find the menu bar of the program, press the Alt key on the keyboard and the menu bar will come up.
  • With the above step, the Accounts window comes up. Here, locate the email account that you want to change. Select the email account and choose the option Properties.
  • The above step launches the window for Properties.
  • As you have all the configurations set up, you just have to change the IMAP section. For this, select the tab IMAP.

    Windows Live Email Client

    Windows Live Configuration

  • In the option for Root folder path, type Inbox.
  • Mark the box for Check for new messages in all folders. If you wish to save drafts, sent messages and deleted messages on the server, mark the option Store special folders on IMAP server.
  • In the option for Sent Items Path, type Sent.
  • In the option for Drafts path, type Drafts.
  • Enter Trash in the field for Deleted Items Path.
  • For Junk path, you may give any folder name according to your wish.
  • Select the button OK and then choose Close. This will close the open windows.
  • Sometimes, you will receive a button that asks you whether you wish to refresh the folder list. Choose Yes.

With the above steps, you can change your Windows Live settings to IMAP. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact Windows Live technical support or our support team.